Green Festival Speakers

Pernilla Alex von Mettenheim



Pernilla Alex von Mettenheim is an entrepreneur, with a background as reporter in Sweden and USA. Arriving to Sweden as a 29 years old she brought a natural sense of sustainable business development.  Currently the owner of Mrs. Lavender LLC and Vice President of Sage Master Build LLC. Mrs Lavender LLC is a residential and commercial cleaning company that is green, sustainable, pays living wages and teaches ergonomically correct practices.

Ms Alex von Mettenheim has been a  leader in green, holistic and sustainable practices. Her company is a long term member of Green America, USGBC and BBB of Greater Washington Area. Her passion is in helping facilitate change and development in people and organizations. She has developed marketing strategies, materials, web sites and other business development. Another passion is public speaking and leading workshops in green and sustainable business practices. To mention a few recent engagements, she was the opening speaker for the Green Living EXPO, April 2010 for Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment, for the last four years held workshops, been a panelist and spoke publicly at the Green Festival in Washington DC and at Arlington Economic Development for Sustainable business.

Ms Alex von Mettenheim served SACC -USA as a senior advisor for Clean Technology 2009-2010 and worked as Director for Marketing and PR for Neo Niche Strategies. She was also teaching for four years at the Swedish School. She has also been involved in non profit personal development & mentoring for 23 years.