Green Festival Speakers

Jesse Meyer



Throughout his youth, Jesse Meyer was submerged in the family tanning business, Richard E. Meyer & Sons, where, from an early age, he honed an appreciation for the distinctive occupation of the tanner. While completing a fine arts degree in sculpture at SUNY New Paltz, Jesse began to experiment with the unique materials available at his father’s tannery. By the time he graduated, Jesse had developed a robust fascination with parchment. His extensive research unearthed a long history of parchment applications and uses — many that had been forgotten over time — as well as ancient methods of production, long-abandoned. It was enough to build a career on and, in 1999, Pergamena was born. In subsequent years, Jesse and his team have continued to research and experiment, blending ancient practices with modern applications, in an effort to satisfy clients and customers. Curiosity is a tough habit to break, so Jesse is always looking for new ways to make and use parchment.