Green Festival Speakers

Ravi Mikkelsen



Mikkelsen, the CEO and cofounder of CarbonContest.com, combines a deep knowledge of energy technology and conservation with a passion for the development of profitable green businesses. As an energy consultant he delivers outstanding efficiency results and savings to his clients through his audits and recommendations. The company's website is an interactive platform that demonstrates their motto of Green is Gold. The proprietary software lets the user easily and meaningfully interact with a sophisticated energy model, which helps them find where they can save money by protecting the planet. The business reflects his passion for helping others connect how they use energy, the cost of that energy and the environment. Mikkelsen also currently serves as the technical advisor to a renewable energy startup in New Delhi, India.

Mikkelsen holds a BS in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Washington. Mikkelsen is conversant in Spanish and Mandarin and is learning Hindi. Mikkelsen lives in Seattle where he is a member of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild. As part of his love for Nature, he spends as much of his free time sailing, rock climbing and camping in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.