Green Festival Speakers

Barbara Miller


The national press has called Barbara the Erin Brockovich of north Idaho because of her work to fight for a cleanup of the Silver Valley Superfund Site in Idaho. Barbara, a life-long Silver Valley resident, is the primary organizer for a small nonprofit group, the Silver Valley Community Resource Center. A century of mining and sheltering has left a pollution legacy bigger than the size of Rhode Island in the Silver Valley. Levels of lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium are above health standards and are found in soils around homes and even in homes. Barbara has been jailed, received death threats, had people sneak into her yard and destroy property. All because she wants the EPA to do the job it's been mandated to do. Currently, Barbara is conducting a grassroots movement to shut down a 20 acre toxic waste site at the Old Mission near Cataldo Idaho, a national historic landmark, native American sacred grounds that sits amidst a vast wetland home to numerous w ildfowl and animals including moose. The movement is the first time in a century that hundreds of individuals in the Silver Valley have been able to speak out regarding the rights and quality of life that many people in the United States take for granted!