Green Festival Speakers

Colin Miller


Colin is committed to working in harmony with our selves, all beings and the Earth. He believes that the fight for climate justice is a fight for social, economic, racial and environmental justice, and that social inequality is the root cause of the climate crisis.

Colin works with Bay Localize and the Local Clean Energy Alliance. He is coordinating the fourth annual Clean Power, Healthy Communities Conference. He has worked with the Oakland Climate Action Coalition, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Urban Habitat, and The Greenlining Institute. He graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Urban Studies, and a concentration in “Environmental Justice: Race, Poverty and the Environment.”

Colin is also a musician, capoeirista, and educator. He returned this year from studying Solidarity Economics in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Colin is the co-founder of InSolidarity, a two-way international social justice-focused youth exchange program between Brazil, Haiti, and the U.S.