Green Festival Speakers

Ron Miller


Ron Miller, Ph.D., has been researching and supporting the educational alternatives movement for nearly thirty years, and is one of the leading theorists in the emerging field of holistic education. Originally trained as a Montessori teacher, he explored the cultural history of education for his graduate work in American studies at Boston University. He has written or edited nine books (most recently The SelfOrganizing Revolution), founded two journals, and is currently editor of Education Revolution magazine. Dr. Miller has taught at Goddard, Champlain, and St. Michael's colleges in Vermont and spoken at conferences and independent schools around the U.S. and in Canada, England, Turkey, and Mexico. He established the Bellwether School near Burlington, Vermont, and has advised numerous teachers, homeschoolers, parents, activists, and graduate students over the years. He offers an online course, History and Theory of Educational Alternatives, through the Alternative Education Resource Organization. Many of his writings are online at www.pathsoflearning.net.