Green Festival Speakers

Anjani Millet



Millet is the visionary Founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Gross National Happiness World Project, and is devoted to bringing to the West a deeper focus on happiness as envisioned by Bhutan's 4th King in his concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH), in which happiness is the measure of social, personal, and environmental wellbeing and progress rather than gross national product. Millet has assembled a masterful team of thinkers, events planners, social media producers, filmmakers, musicians, photographers and artists to develop an innovative international program designed to reveal and create experiences of happiness worldwide. Millet is also working with local members of the GNH community in Seattle, meeting recently with the Seattle City Council to discuss the possibility of the city formally adopting GNH, and was a planner and keynote speaker, along with Richard Conlin (Seattle City Council President), in the recent GNH forum, Seattle, Sunny Side Up.

Millet's commitment to a deep personal and social happiness builds upon 25 years of leadership in technology, the arts and social services. Having begun as an artist, Millet's work has since included producing web content, providing hospice care, performing standup comedy, managing remote international software teams, shooting landscapes and food as a professional photographer. A dual Australian/US citizen, Millet's broad experience of the world and her love of life and sense of humor are inseparable from her passion for happiness for all living beings, and her own dedication to the discipline of happiness has resulted in her personal promise to live one storyworthy experience every day for a year, and is the basis for her blog A Story a Day.