Green Festival Speakers

Mark Minor



Since joining the RTA in 2009, Minor has managed many of the Regional Transportation Authority's environmental initiatives, including the development of the Regional Green Transit Plan and the establishment of the RTA Green Team. Minor also works on other regional initiatives including highspeed rail, the CREATE program and goroo.com, the RTA's new multimodal trip planning system. Minor is also currently President of Transport Chicago, the Chicago region's premier oneday transportation research conference, and has served on the Board of the Lakeview Citizen's Council.

In 2003, Minor started his career in public transportation in the Rail Development Department at the Central Ohio Transit Authority. Following two years at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Mark was hired in 2006 by Metra and held the position of Senior Transportation Planner. Minor holds a Bachelor's of Science from The Ohio State University and a Master's of Urban Planning and Policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago.