Green Festival Speakers

Julien Mocine-McQueen



Julian Mocine-McQueen is an Oakland native and a graduate of San Francisco State University whose world was politicized through his work with The League of Young Voters. Julian’s passion for saving our people and our planet finds a vehicle in his work as Green For All’s Field Organizer. Julian works with people around the country who are putting government investment dollars to work on a local level to build the green economy and he trains local leaders to build the green economy from the ground up. By helping other access the tools they need to communicate and engage disadvantaged communities in support of green jobs and climate protection strategies, Julian works to link local partners, celebrate best practices, and leverage the success stories for large-scale change. Julian has been featured in The Nation, Wiretap magazine and The San Francisco Xpress, and has been recognized by the California Labor Archives for excellence in writing.