Green Festival Speakers

Anne Mosness



Mosness is a passionate wild salmon advocate following nearly three decades as a commercial fisherwoman/captain on the Copper River and Bristol Bay, Alaska. Mosness created the Go Wild Campaign to educate consumers, chefs, media and policy makers about healthenhancing, sustainable fisheries and impacts on coastal communities, ecologies and wild fish from marine feedlots (currently, H. R. 4363, introduced into Congress, would allow open cage fish farms as close as three miles to our coastline). Mosness coproduced the first annual Bluefestival in October, 2009 in Seattle, bringing diverse interests together to focus on 70% of our planet that is aquatic, lifesustaining and increasingly at risk. Mosness has spoken about the value of wild fisheries and policies that would allow open pit mining, offshore oil drilling and ocean aquaculture to audiences at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, UN Forum for Food Sovereignty in Rome, Slow Food/Slow Fish in Genoa and San Francisco, many conferences, schools and universities. As president of the Women's Maritime Association, Anne worked to get a safety law through Congress. Mosness received a Food and Society Policy Fellowship and has worked with US and international scientists and organizations on campaigns about finfish/shellfish farming globally and in our own waters.