Green Festival Speakers

David Mozer



Mozer is the director of the International Bicycle Fund, a consultant in bicycle transportation engineering and safety, and economic development, and an educator on Africa. Mozer has been active in bicycle transport planning and comprehensive planning programs since the late 1960's. By training Mozer is an economist and has lived and worked in Africa. Mozer first went to Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer in 1975. During the next two years he taught math and science, and traveled on foot hundreds of miles visiting isolated village schools directing an education extension program. After completing a Master's Degree in Applied Economics with a specialty in international economics and area focus on Africa, Mozer returned to Africa on contract with the United States' Department of State. During this time he set up Liberia's largest and most successful credit union, administered a grant program for village development and analyzed economic conditions. In North America Mozer has worked on projects in the United States and Canada for a variety of state, provincial and local agencies. Mozer has appeared on National Public Radio, the Voice of America and the Voice of Kenya discussing Africa.