Green Festival Speakers

Zina Murray



Murray is the proprietor of Logan Square Kitchen, a private event venue and a commercial kitchen available on an hourly basis to food entrepreneurs. Murray sustainably renovated a vacant foreclosure at 2333 N. Milwaukee Ave. Murray oversaw all aspects of design, construction and finance. As of March 2009, the project is in its final stages of LEED Gold certification.

Murray's business allows a sustainable event venue to support development of culinary talent. Known as a contract kitchen, LSK gives budding food entrepreneurs a licensed commercial kitchen long before they could afford it. It serves as an economic engine for our community, giving culinary talent a place to develop.

LSK also presents events that celebrate the local food community, such as pastry markets and sustainable suppers. We hope our space demonstrates that you can save the planet and have a stunning celebration at the same time. Every private event client is supporting a sustainable business dedicated to healing the environment, economy and our food system.

Murray is a jackofalltrades entrepreneur, building projects from the ground up. Throughout her working life, she has focused on creative problemsolving. Logan Square Kitchen is a business aimed at demonstrating that business can solve social problems