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TownTroniks Music



Have you ever asked yourself why was music created? Further if radio stations, nightclubs and even turntables could emit the most mathematically precise sound, one that hits your hips and joints perfectly, what would that sound be? I present you Towntroniks, one of Oakland Californias most eclectic array of dynamic urban music.

Comprised of heavy electric slaps by some of the bays most formidable artist, Towntroniks is a life preserver for an otherwise sinking industry. Spearheaded by master producers BigTunes and Key Hudson, Towntronik includes submissions and features by leading Bay Area artists Cava, FIYAWATA, Viveca Hawkins, Rico Pabon, Jallah, Jahi and Kirby Dominate to name a few. This collage of crunk club bangers stands to push musical borders right off the earths surface.

Towntroniks blends the genres of Electro, Soul House, HipHop and Pop into a blender to produce a rush that puts LSD way out of business. Playful but mature, frenzied but seductive, this compilation speedy RPM Songs cannot be compared or measured by any other compilation ever produced for it rips a wide hole into to space time continuum to expose a future centuries away. A celebration of musics next stage, I give you, Towntroniks.