Green Festival Speakers

Ronald & Vicki Nowicki



Ronald J. Nowicki is a Landscape Architect with a B.A from Universityof Illinois at Champaign/Urbana. He is also a certified PermacultureDesigner. Ron and his wife Vicki own The Land Office, a design/buildlandscape construction firm In Downers Grove, Illinois. His tag line isLandscape Design and Construction With an Ecological Conscience. Inhis 35 years of work with residential clients, his main focus has beento help families reconnect with the natural world through ecologicallysustainable landscape design.

He uses diverse, native and naturalistic plantings which formcommunities that conserve energy and resources. Families have respondedto the beauty, serenity, integrity and security that this kind oflandscape provides. Ron and his wife, Vicki, had the foresight, in1980, to build a passive solar home in Downers Grove and surround itwith a nolawn landscape of vegetables, herbs, fruits, windbreaks,deciduous shade, native plants and more. Once a novelty, CircleGardenFarm is now able to supply an almost yearround bounty oflocal, organic food and the landscape itself a prime example ofSuburban Permaculture. Ron is an author, a teacher and a devotedenvironmentalist.

Victoria Nowicki is degreed in Horticulture, Environmental Studies andEnvironmental Education from Knox College and George Williams College.She also has a Masters Degree in Museum Studies from AuroraUniversity. Her work with The Land Office is focused on HerbaceousGarden Design and installation. She also spends much of her timegrowing, harvesting and preserving the Circle GardenFarm vegetables.She cofounded in 1992 the first chapter of The Wild Ones outside ofWisconsin, a group devoted to using native plants in the home landscapewith an eye toward saving energy and resources. This organization hasnow spread nationwide. Today, she is the president of the Downers GroveOrganic Gardening Club, with a focus on growing vegetables in the homelandscape. She is wellknown for her prolific classes on growingvegetables, herbs, heirlooms and so forth and has done extensivelecturing both at The Morton Arboretum and The Chicago Botanic Garden.Her fondest dream is to see everyone growing some food at home andcooking it with their families! Vicki is an author, a teacher, a leaderand a devoted environmentalist.