Green Festival Speakers

Leslie Nuesca


Leslie Nuesca, a Los Angeles native, has regularly practiced yoga since she was a child.  In January 2004, Leslie experienced her first Kundalini yoga class and it resonated with her so powerfully that she pursued professional yoga studies in April 2006 and earned her IKYTA teaching certificate from Golden Bridge Yoga. In February 2008, Leslie completed the Khalsa Way Pre-Natal Teacher’s Training Course with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. In March of 2009, Leslie taught yoga to the Pre-school children at Agape International Spiritual Center.

Guided by her experience as a children’s photographer, seeing the changes in her son (who began his yoga practice at the age of 4) and the desire to see other children connect with their “breath” motivated Leslie to teach children.

Leslie has been teaching children’s yoga since February 2006 at various schools in Los Angeles, at her home studio and private classes. Leslie’s love for art & yoga inspired her to launch Creative Summer Workshops in 2006: Yoga, Art and Cooking for Children.

Leslie’s children’s classes take children on "wild adventures" through animal and nature based yoga sets, dance and music.  The children develop coordination, balance and flexibility.  Her classes instill self-confidence as the children balance a bit longer and stretch a bit further.  It brings Leslie joy to teach children to use their breath as a healing tool for life.  During the summer Leslie offers a refreshing alternative to traditional day camps by creating unique workshops for children.  Each day include yoga, an art project or cooking and free time for the children to express themselves using their imagination.  The combination of art, games and music with YOGA add to the fun and adventure of this ancient practice.