Green Festival Speakers

Farah Obaidullah

Farah Obaidullah holds a M.S. in Environmental Diagnosis and a B.S. in Biology both from Imperial College, London. Farah has over twelve years professional experience in the field of environmental consulting and campaigning. For the past eight years she has been an Oceans Campaigner with Greenpeace working on different campaigns around the world and developing a Greenpeace presence in West Africa. The newly opened office in Senegal is primarily concerned with fisheries issues across the region, exposing in particular the impacts of overfishing on coastal communities. Amongst her achievements in Africa, Farah has successfully lead a campaign to prevent the introduction of hydraulic dredging by a Dutch company to Mauritania. Additionally she is implementing a global campaign highlighting the prominent role of large-scale destructive fishing fleets in the depletion of the world's marine resources and the consequences this has for the very people that depend on healthy oceans the most.