Green Festival Speakers

Eva Otto



Otto is a cofounder at Infiniti Real Estate ; Development and provides real estate services and consulting both domestically and internationally. Otto is a LEED Accredited Professional and an Ecobroker specializing in the green housing market in Seattle. Prior to her work in green building and development, Otto gained over fifteen years of experience working on sustainability issues worldwide. In 2001 Otto worked for the WA State Office of Trade and Economic Development in Energy Policy. In 2002 Otto spent six months working with the United Nations preparing a policy agenda for the World Summit on Sustainable Development. During her undergraduate and graduate education Otto spent seven years studying and working internationally on community and economic development in almost a dozen countries, including Costa Rica, Japan, India and Brazil. Incorporating language skill and cultural understanding Eva has carried out multiple projects in renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and restorative development. Currently, Otto is on the board of directors for the Seattle Institute for Oriental Medicine and the Clean Energy Committee for the Seattle Chamber of Commerce.