2 A Bird


Air 2 A Bird, with Gabriel Teodros and Amos Miller are Seattle's own heartcharged hiphop duo.

Flight requires lift, which occurs because wings move air downwards. Lift is created only when air strikes a wing at an angle. When the leading edge of a wing is higher than the trailing edge, the bottom of the wing 'pushes' the air forward and creates an area of high pressure below and ahead of the wing. At the same time, air is deflected downward so, because of Newton's Third Law of Motion (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction), the wing is deflected upward. Both the upper and lower surfaces of the wing deflect the air. The upper surface deflects air down because the airflow sticks to the wing surface and follows the tilted wing (the Coanda effect). Because of inertia, air moving over the top of the wing tends to keep moving in a straight line while, simultaneously, atmospheric pressure tends to force air against the top of the wing. The inertia, however, keeps the air moving over the wing from 'pushing' against the top of the wing with as much force as it would if the wing wasn't moving. This creates an area of lower pressure above the wing. Because air tends to move from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure, air tends to move from the high pressure area below and ahead of the wing to the lower pressure area above and behind the wing. This air moves, therefore, toward the trailing edge of the wing, or the same direction as the airflow created by the wing's motion. As a result, air flows faster over the top of the wing. Because air under the wing is dragged slightly in the direction of travel, it moves slower than does the air moving over the top of the wingd from the airspeed. Thus, air is flowing slower beneath the bottom of the wing than the plane is moving. The fastermoving air going over the top of the wing exerts less pressure than the slowermoving air under the wing and, as a result, the wing is pushed upwards by the difference in pressure between the top and the bottom (the Bernoulli effect). So, both the development of low pressure above the wing (Bernoulli's Principle) and the wing's reaction to the deflected air underneath it (Newton's third Law) contribute to the total lift force generated.



Hailing from New York City, Circa ’95 is an independent Hip-Hop music and media group comprised of Patty Dukes and Reph. Puerto Rican & Dominican by way of The Bronx and Washington Heights, they rhyme seamlessly through English and Spanish. The duo is inspired by groups like Calle 13, The Beatnuts, and The Fugees. They have performed all over the world gracing the stage with artists like KRS-One, Pitbull, NinaSky, Joel Ortiz, Anita Tijoux and Mala Rodriguez. They have been featured on the HBO Latino shows "RoadTrip" and "Habla Ya" and their debut album "FREE LUNCH" is available through their website www.circa95.com. When they are not performing or creating in the studio they teach Hip-Hop, Theater, and Mixed Media Arts to young people through their organization the Rhyme Factory (www.rhymefactory.org). They also recently completed two artistic residencies, first with the Bronx Music Heritage Center curating The Circa '95 Pop-Up Shop, and with Casita Maria facilitating the Rhyme Factory Master class. They are also co-founders of the Ladies Love Project, a seasonal pop-up shop featuring urban independent artisans. Circa ’95 is currently touring and in the studio working on their second musical project. They are next up and poised to make their mark on the world with their classic New York sound.