Rev. Andriette Earl, The Freedom Coach, is assistant minister of East Bay Church of Religious Science in Oakland, CA. She is a nationally respected, much indemand, transformational specialist, inspirational speaker, spiritual counselor, life coach and trained mediator. She is also the author of Embracing Wholeness: Living in Spiritual Congruence.

Rev. Andriette is a spiritually committed communicator with a dynamic, engaging edutaining style that captivates audiences attending her presentations, sermons, trainings and workshops. Rev Andriette has hosted the Essence Empowerment Seminars in New Orleans (19992007) and hosted the Essence Leadership Summits in NYC 20042006.



Rev. Andriette Earl is the Founding Minister of Heart and Soul Center of Light, a loving and compassionate worldclass teaching and empowerment ministry in the East Bay. She is known and respected for her exceptional discernment, her captivating inspirational messages and her dynamic, engaging edutaining delivery. She is a gifted and spiritually committed communicator, a prodigious facilitator, transformative author, spiritual counselor, masterful teacher and an extraordinary life coach, she inspires us to be everything we can be and much more than we thought we could be. Rev. Andriette is truly our Freedom Coach. She is also the author of Embracing Wholeness: Living in Spiritual Congruence and contributor to Living Deeply, the Art ; Science of Transformation in Everyday Life.



Michael Eck and Jesse Lee Gray have been in the green cleaning businesssince 2002. They started Housgreening in Denver in 2006 after havingworked at a similar company in Memphis, TN. Housegreening started outusing purchased green products, but very quickly made the transition tomaking them inhouse after doing research and discovering how easy andcosteffective it is to do so. Housegreening currently serves centralDenver.

Eco Fashion Show: Changing Minds Through Design

HiDEF Creations is a company that thrives off of the conservation, creation, and celebration of Mother Nature and the collaboration of art and fashion as it pertains to the beautyindustry. Ecofriendly fashion, like mainstream fashion, is a phenomenon that's attracting more and more attention as we try to make everyday necessities more thoughtful and ecotrendy. With the devastating effects that humankind has
placed on our earth, it is now time to promote, celebrate and recognize the people who work hard to make our clothing and personal styles natural and beautiful while creating the smallest footprint possible. The Ecomovement is evolving fast. Green is everywhere!



April Economides is the principal of http://greenoctopus.net/" target="_blank">Green Octopus Consulting, a sustainability firm that works at the intersection of local economic development and urban planning. April created and manages the City of Long Beach’s http://bikelongbeach.org/Planning/Read.aspx?ArticleId=20" target="_blank">Bike Friendly Business District program and http://bikelongbeach.org/Events/Read.aspx?ArticleId=48" target="_blank">Bike Saturdays program in partnership with four business districts. She educates business leaders on the economic case for bicycling and advises them on placemaking projects, such as parklets. She organized the bike components for Long Beach’s 2011 http://4thstreetlongbeach.com/uncategorized/2011-global-parking-day/" target="_blank">PARK(ing) Day. An M.B.A. in Sustainable Management, she is a member of the Long Beach Chamber’s http://www.lbchamber.com/GBC/index.html" target="_blank">Green Business Council, helped write the City of Claremont’s http://www.ci.claremont.ca.us/ps.quicklinks.cfm?ID=2267" target="_blank">Sustainable City Plan, and wrote http://www.ci.berkeley.ca.us/ContentDisplay.aspx?id=70996" target="_blank">climate action metrics for the City of Berkeley. She authored http://greenoctopus.net/pdf/FromOpenSpacesToVitalPlaces.pdf" target="_blank">From Open Spaces to Vital Places, a paper about successful park management, and two traveling green museum exhibits, http://www.exhibitiq.com/traveling-exhibits/crime-scene-insects" target="_blank">CSI: Crime Scene Insects and http://www.exhibitiq.com/traveling-exhibits/glow-living-lights" target="_blank">Glow: Living Lights. She and her daughter live without a car, commuting everywhere on their “bike limo,” or tag-along.


Edwards is the director of Planeterra (www.planeterra.org), the nonprofit organization started by G.A.P Adventures (www.gapadventures.com). Working in both the development and the online marketing arenas, he employs his experience in sustainability issues related to community development and tourism gained while living in Central America for the much of the past 25 years.

As a member of the G.A.P executive management team, Edwards helps manage the continued double digit growth of the largest independent adventure travel company in the world rates achieved even in the face of the current economic turmoil. The expansion is in no small part due to G.A.Ps longtime dedication to local community involvement and incorporation of triplebottomline strategies, years before these practices, and the related terminology, began to gain momentum.

In key management positions in small adventure companies over the years, each with an overarching commitment to sustainable environmental and socioeconomic issues, Edwards has been responsible for exponential increases in sales and online presence. Conde Nast Traveler magazine has recommended Edwards as the Costa Rica Top Travel Specialist for the past three years for his efforts in combining travelers' growing desire for a relaxed, yet meaningful vacation, with ways to limit their impact on the environment and local cultures and give back in a positive manner.


Andrés Edwards is an educator, author, media designer and sustainability consultant. Heis founder and principal of EduTracks, a firm specializing in developing educationprograms and consulting services on sustainable practices for green building and businessinitiatives. His work includes developing energy management and sustainability plans, aswell as training and awareness programs for municipalities, colleges and propertymanagers. Andrés is author of Thriving Beyond Sustainability: Pathways to a ResilientSociety, The Sustainability Revolution: Portrait of a Paradigm Shift and co-author withRobert Apte of Tibet: Enduring Spirit, Exploited Land. Andrés holds a BA degree inGeography from the University of Colorado; an MPS in Media Studies from NYU'sInteractive Telecommunications Program and an MA in Humanities andLeadership/Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Community from New College ofCalifornia.


A new member of the DC Sustainable Energy Utility Advisory Board, Egger is the founder and president of DC Central Kitchen.



Barbara Ehrenreich's articles, reviews and essays have been widely published. She received the Sydney Hillman Award for Journalism and a Brill's Content Honorable Mention (1999) for a chapter of her book, Nickel and Dimed, (Owl Books, 2002) which appeared in Harper's in January 1999. A second essay entitled Maid to Order, which grew out of her research for this book, was also published in Harper's (2000).

Ms. Ehrenreich is the author of Blood Rites: Origins and History of the Passions of War (Metropolitan, 1997) and a collection of essays entitled The Worst Years of Our Lives: Irreverent Notes from a Decade of Greed (Random House Inc., 1990). She also wrote Fear of Falling: The Inner Life of the Middle Class (Pantheon Books, 1989), which was nominated for a National Book Critics' Award in 1989; The Snarling Citizen (Farrar, Straus ; Giroux, 1995); The Hearts of Men: American Dreams and the Flight from Commitment (Anchor Books/Doubleday, 1983); The American Health Empire: Power, Profits and Politics (Vintage Books, 1971), with John Ehrenreich; Witches, Midwives and Nurses: A History of Women Healers (Feminist Press, 1972); For Her Own Good: 150 Years of the Experts' Advice to Women (Anchor Press, 1978), with Deirdre English; ReMaking Love: The Feminization of Sex (Random House Inc., 1986), with Elizabeth Hess and Gloria Jacobs; The Mean Season: The Attack on Social Welfare (Pantheon Books, 1987), with Frances Fox Piven, Richard Cloward, and Fred Block; and a novel, Kipper's Game (Farrar, Straus ; Giroux, 1993). She has most recently coedited a collection of essays with Arlie Russell Hochschild called Global Woman (Metropolitan, 2002). Her essay in Harper's Welcome to Cancerland was a finalist for a National Magazine Award in 2003.

Ms. Ehrenreich has a Phd in Biology from The Rockefeller University and has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including a Ford Foundation Award for Humanistic Perspectives on Contemporary Society (1982), a Guggenheim Fellowship (198788) and a grant for Research and Writing from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (1995). She shared the National Magazine Award for Excellence in Reporting (1980) and has received honorary degrees from Reed College, the State University of New York at Old Westbury, the College of Wooster in Ohio, John Jay College, UMassLowell and La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. In 1998 and in 2000 she taught essaywriting at the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley.



Adam Eidinger founded the Mintwood Media Collective in April of 2000. Having spent over 15 years working in the public relations field, he draws on a wealth of experience in media strategy and outreach, campaign development, training staff and media spokespeople, video production, event planning, advertising, and much more. Adam has generated press coverage for a range of issues and organizations across the spectrum of mainstream and independent media. He has appeared on national television and radio programs, and has been quoted extensively in national print and online media.

Recently, Adam developed and organized the 300+ mile Right2Know march from New York City to D.C. to promote the labeling of GMO foods. He continues to publicize efforts in support of GMO labeling through a variety of initiatives. A long-time drug-policy activist and proponent of efforts to bring back hemp farming in the United States, Adam is also the co-owner of Capitol Hemp Clothing and Accessories in Washington, D.C. He is on the board of the Fair Trade Resource Network. You can find him on twitter at @aeidinger.


Jack Eidt, Founder and Publisher of WilderUtopia.com, is a literary novelist, urban theorist, and environmental advocate. WilderUtopia is dedicated to the question of Earth sustainability, finding society-level solutions to environmental, community, economic, transportation and energy needs. In 2004, he also co-founded Wild Heritage Planners, an environmental planning organization based in Southern California, proposing solutions to fight urban sprawl and save precious wild habitat. He is an Organizer with both Tar Sands Action SoCal and SoCal Climate Action 350, and writes on energy, sustainability, culture, transportation, and urban planning and design.


Seth Eisen’s work is a hybrid of visual art and live performance. In 1994, he developed the company Eye Zen Art, an umbrella for producing performance, visual art projects and installations featured at The Oakland Museum of California, Theater Artaud, Zeum, Yerba Buena Center, SOMARTS, Theater of Yugen and CounterPulse. Seth performed as a member of Butoh companies Harupin–Ha and Ink Boat from 1994-99. From 2000-10 he performed with Keith Hennessy and circus company Circo Zero in the US and Europe. Seth’s solo show, Blackbird: Honoring a Century of Pansy Divas, sold out two San Francisco runs in 2009/2010. His project Buffet Flats is a dinner-salon series that cross-pollinates local food and farming activists with queer performance: an edible cooking show, wild cabaret acts, engaging visual art and mini expert talks. We are queering the conversation about growing sustainable communities. More info: eyezen.org <http://eyezen.org>" target="_blank">http://eyezen.org">http://eyezen.org> & buffetflats.org <http://buffetflats.org>.

" target="_blank">http://buffetflats.org">http://buffetflats.org>.


Julie (Jiwan Shakti Kaur) started practicing yoga in the mid-1990s as a way to decompress from a stressful job. Over the years, as her practice deepened and evolved, Julie began to understand yoga as a tool of personal transformation and empowerment. She is certified through the Kundalini Resarch Institute (KRI) to teach Kundalini Yoga (as Taught by Yogi Bhajan). She began teaching yoga in early 2008, and by the end of that year, she was working fulltime as a yoga instructor. Until October 2011, Julie was also the Executive Director of Yoga Activist, Inc., a non-profit organization that connects volunteer yoga teachers with underserved populations. She continues to teach yoga to the homeless and low-income Spanish-speaking immigrants in Washington, DC, and thoroughly believes in the transformative power of the practice.



Riane Eisler is an eminent social scientist, attorney, keynote speaker, and social activist best known as author of the international bestseller The Chalice and The Blade: Our History, Our Future, now in 22 languages, including most European languages and Chinese, Russian, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic, and Japanese.
Her newest book, The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics, hailed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu as a template for the better world we have been so urgently seeking, by Peter Senge as desperately needed and by Gloria Steinem as revolutionary, proposes a new approach to economics that gives visibility and value to the most essential human work: the work of caring for people and planet.

Her other books include the awardwinning The Power of Partnership and Tomorrow's Children, as well as Sacred Pleasure, a daring reexamination of sexuality and spirituality, and Women, Men, and the Global Quality of Life, which statistically documents the key role of the status of women in a nation's general quality of life.

Dr. Eisler is president of the Center for Partnership Studies, www.partnershipway.org, dedicated to research and education. She has received many honors, including selection as the only woman among twenty great thinkers including Hegel, Adam Smith, Marx, and Toynbee for inclusion in Macrohistory and Macrohistorians in recognition of the lasting importance of her work as a cultural historian and evolutionary theorist.



Ashara Ekundayo is a cultural worker of the urban landscape and has served as catalyst, arts curator, educator, and producer for more than 23 years. She has worked with organizations to build capacity for increased community engagement through creative placemaking, exhibition, and project management and is a Certified Permaculture Designer, serial entrepreneur, and activist committed to social justice and equity.

She lectures on collaborative leadership, mindfulness, arts activism and interconnectivity while serving as Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Impact Hub Oakland where she is also the curator for Omi Arts Gallery located within its walls.

Ashara’s leadership style and work are driven by her passion for regenerative design and balance where she explores the intersections of personal, spiritual and professional happiness. She is the Community Engagement Strategist for the San Francisco Green Festival and has presented at SXSW, SOCAP, Tedx MileHigh, and the World Social Forum to name a few.



Powering the People with Raw, Organic Juice!

SOS juice is a solar-powered, revenue-generating nonprofit that sells organic juice, smoothies, tonics, and elixers at farmers markets, pop-up locations, bio-fueled food/juice trucks, and via deliveries. SOS Juice promotes health, supports sustainable agriculture, small organic farmers, creates green career paths for youth and the formerly incarcerated. Supporting SOS juice, directly supports juice cleanses, nutrition education, and urban farming in low-income communities.


Eley works for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the Office of Policy, Economics, and Innovation. He serves on the advisory board for the DC chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects, and he assists the Planning and the Black Community Division of the American Planning Association with strategic partnerships.


Elfline is the coowner of Mighty House Construction. Elfline is also a hyperactive volunteer with CoolMom's West Seattle chapter and exChapter Coordinator. Elfline has spent her entire adult life engaging topics of environmental and human health. Elfline relentlessly works to inspire others in making a difference in ecosystem and individual health individual daily lives. Becoming a CoolMom was a perfect fit after giving birth to her identical twin daughters in 2006. Certified as a Master Home Environmentalist by the American Lung Association, Elfline brings indoor air quality and sustainability issues to the forefront of her business and personal life. During extensive volunteer stints, her husband has been known to tell their girls, Mommy's out saving the planet for us. Elfline holds a Bachelors Degree in Multidisciplinary Art. A native of the Seattle area, Elfline now lives in West Seattle, WA with her husband/business partner and two daughters.


Duane Elgin, MBA and MA is an internationally recognized, visionary speaker and author. His books include: Voluntary Simplicity, The Living Universe, Promise Ahead, and Awakening Earth. In 2006, Duane received the international Goi Peace Award in recognition of his contribution to a global vision, consciousness, and lifestyle that fosters a more sustainable and spiritual culture.



Carmen Eliam was born in Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast). From a youngage, she has always been creative, dreaming and outgoing. Shedeveloped her artistic abilities as a Fine Art student in France where,as a teen, she also discovered modeling and theater.

For two decades, Washington D.C. has been her anchor to hone hercraft in jewelry making and the art of healing. Her thirst for cultureand beauty continues to lead her across the globe, nurturing hercreative spirit.

Elizabeth L. Cline

Elizabeth L. Cline is a New York-based journalist author of Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion. Cline is a self-proclaimed former cheap-fashion junkie who traveled the world from Bangladesh to China to South Carolina and beyond to uncover the hidden toll our clothing addiction is taking on the environment, the economy, and even our happiness. Cline has been hailed as the "Michael Pollan of fashion," and the New York Timescalls her a "persuasive advocate" for a slow fashion movement.



Elkins coowns 2 Point Perspective with his wife Lisa. 2 Point Perspective is an architectural firm specializing in ecofriendly residential and commercial architectural projects. As licensed architects and LEED Accredited Professionals, they are passionate about design and the environment. Lisa and Ron share nearly 30 years of architectural experience in Chicago, San Francisco and London.



Lisa Elkins is a licensed architect and LEED Accredited Professional with more than fifteen years of architectural experience in Chicago, San Francisco and London. She is the founder of 2 Point Perspective, an eco-architectural and interiors firm, which works in both the residential and commercial sectors. Lisa has also worked as a furniture designer and an architectural writer, and has taught architectural design at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Lisa received her Master of Architectural Design degree from The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London which was preceded by a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Ball State University.


Pablo Elliott, a graduate of Vassar College, is entering his seventh year as director of the Local Food Project at Airlie, a 4acre demonstration organic garden at the Airlie Center in Warrenton, Virginia. The Local Food Project at Airlie provides yearround vegetables, fruits, and herbs to the Airlie Center kitchen while educating guests and the regional community about sustainable agriculture through garden tours, workshops, and an annual conference. To learn more about the Local Food Project at Airlie, visit www.airlie.com.



Lawrence Ellis is a spiritual activist and complexity-science consultant operating at the intersection of ecological and human rights concerns – with early training in both fields on a Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University. His life-work focuses on assisting individuals, groups, organizations and movements apply concepts of & practices for embodying the interconnectedness of life – drawn largely from contemporary complexity sciences, Buddhism and Indigenous cultures (informed by his African and Native American ancestral backgrounds).

He is Executive Producer & Host of the Indigenous Wisdom & Modern Science Summit on The Shift Network; is featured in the book, Let It Begin with Me: 21 Visionary Leaders Explore the Practice and the Possibility of Peace; leads spiritual and activist workshops and retreats nationally; and, as a consultant, has led the redesign of several nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies, towards greater social and environmental responsibility.


Gabriel Elsner is currently the Campaign Director for the California Student Sustainability Coalition. During the fall 2010 elections, Gabriel helped to mobilize the youth vote and soundly defeat the dirty energy proposition, Prop. 23. Under his leadership, the CSSC reached over 500,000 voters and exposed big oil companies funding the "Yes on 23" campaign through both online and offline strategies. He previously served as a Policy Fellow with 1Sky, and chaired the Clean Energy Works Youth Table while working as the Global Warming Solutions coordinator for the Student Public Interest Research Groups. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with High Honors after writing a Political Science thesis entitled "Energy Security Policy in Brazil and the United States: Lessons from Success and Failure."



Holly Elzinga, owner and founder of http://www.ourfairearth.com" target="_blank">Fair Earthhas been working with artisans in East Africa for the past 7 years. Fair Earth is dedicated to advocating fairness and equity in the consumer market, producing high quality products, and putting people first. Holly also serves on the board for http://www.chicagofairtrade.org" target="_blank">Chicago Fair Trade, a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the fair trade movement and making Chicago an international fair trade city.



A native Seattleite, as a young girl Embleton moved with her family to their Montana farm. She earned a bachelors degree in political economy of natural resources from the University of California, Berkeley, and a masters degree in applied economics from Montana State University, Bozeman.

Embleton taught economics and conducted research at Montana State University prior to moving back to Seattle in 1989, where she got involved in land use, environmental planning and community development. In 1997 she participated in meetings of local food system stakeholders to help create a unified voice for local agriculture. The meetings led to formation of Cascade Harvest Coalition, which was incorporated as a nonprofit in 1999.

As director pf Cascade Harvest Coalition, Embleton operates a number of programs in the areas of local farm product branding and consumer education, farm product marketing, creating new markets, farm transition and farmer education, farmerconsumer linkages, farmerpolicy maker connections, good food policy and community food access.

Emily Fernandez

Emily Fernandez is a key member of Fair Trade Los Angeles (FTLA). She has been with the organization since it's beginning in 2005. In 2007, she chaired the Just Lives Festival, a city-wide festival celebrating the fair trade, buy-local and sweat-free movements. She has been the community organizer for Fair Trade Pasadena (FTP) for the last two years. FTP has been working to make Pasadena the first Fair Trade Town in Southern California, and, as of August 2011, FTP is near completion of the Fair Trade Towns criteria. She is also an adjunct English instructor at Glendale Community College and a mom.


Jay-E Emmingham studied publishing and journalism as an undergraduate, and finished her graduate degree in business with interests in sustainable business management. She worked in retail advertising before spending four years as a marketing coordinator at a well-known energy efficiency firm where she learned about sustainability and energy policy.

In Portland, Jay-E volunteered at the local Junior Achievement chapter teaching high school students about economics and computer applications. At Pratt Center, she is now continuing her career path in the energy efficiency industry, and hopes to help New Yorkers save money and create a healthy environment.



Matthew and Terces Engelhart are coowners of Cafe Gratitude, an organic raw vegan restaurant. The couple also lead workshops in sacred commerce, abundance and relationships. Together they created The Abounding River logbook and boardgame, and are stewards of Laulima Farm.
Matthew Engelharts business ventures always aspire to shake up the existing paradigm. His Flax Clothing line he grew from a one treadle sewing machine to a 28 million dollar a year business. This all C.O.D. company (unheard of in the garment industry) was run out of an old dairy barn in central N.Y.

In the next insurrection, he and his wife Terces took on being restaurateurs. Their fourrestaurant chain, Cafe Gratitude, is an experiment in sacred commerce, as well as an organic raw vegan community center. He and Terces lead workshops in sacred commerce, abundance, and relationship as a path of awakening. They are the creators of The Abounding River logbook and board game and stewards of Laulima Farm, a jewel of tropical permaculture in east Maui.

Growing up, Terces Engelhart's father was a U.S. Navy pilot and her family moved often. She learned to get to know people quickly and develop a deep love for them. Terces read once that 90% of people die having used only 10% of their potential and in that moment chose not to be one of them. She became selfmotivated as a national competitive swimmer, TWA stewardess, Mary Kay Pink Cadillac Director, entrepreneur and business owner, mother of three, wife, grandmother and coowner, with her husband, of Cafe Gratitude. Terces life is about bringing out the best in others.


Sarah Engelhart, bakery manager for over four years, at local Cafe Gratitude, is deeply passionate about the healing qualities of food. A student of life, she brings sweetness and gratitude to all that she does. Café Gratitude is a collection of 100% organic vegan restaurants specializing in gourmet raw and cooked cuisines, whose produce comes from their very own farm in Vacaville, CA (Be Love Farm). Café Gratitude has created a menu that promotes consciousness and sustainability for our well-being and health as well as the planet and all of its inhabitants. Cafe staff practice business through a view of love called Sacred Commerce, where we celebrate mistakes, commit to strong communication, and give gratitude for our lives.



Engleman, author of More: Population, Nature, and What Women Want, is vice president for programs at the Worldwatch Institute, a globally focused environmental research organization in DC.



Jim is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Blue Ridge Produce, an aggregator of Virginia grown fruits and vegetables for sale to wholesale buyers in the Washington, DC metropolitan region, Customers include supermarkets, food service companies and regional distributors.

He is the founder and Chairman of a family investment firm based in Washington D.C. where he has worked for the last 30 years. The firm has a highly diversified investment base in stocks, bonds, real estate, private equity and venture capital. The firm also manages tax and estate planning for the family. He has been involved in every aspect of the business and its investments.

Jim is the developer of Belmont Bay, a mixed-use, pedestrian friendly community on the Occoquan River near Woodbridge, Virginia and is finalizing plans for a village development at the north end of Culpeper County, Virginia.

Jim is a member of the Congress of New Urbanism and Social Venture Network. His wide- ranging interests have led him to serve as Chairman of Dance Place and DC Greenworks, as a Board member at Triskeles Foundation and Pathfinder International.


Sequoia is a bilingual, bicultural, urban dwelling experiential educator committed to bridging the divide between natural and urban spaces. Her passion for discovering the healing power of nature has lead her to pursue a certificate in Herbal Therapeutics at the Ohlone Center for Herbal Studies in Berkeley CA. Sequoia has worked for ten years as an environmental and experiential educator. She has lead groups with large organizations such as the Girl Scouts of Northern California, the East Bay Regional Parks District, The University of California, and Girls Incorporated. In addition to being the founder and lead instructor of Natural Discoveries Bay Area, Sequoia has also worked with many smaller organizations such as Bay Area Wilderness Training, and Trackers Bay Area. Sequoia is a student of the Merritt College Environmental Studies program, and holds a BA in Global Economics and Latin American Studies from UC Santa Cruz.



After years working in an academic setting doing agricultural research, Benny Erez brings knowledge of theoretical and practical farming technology to ECO City Farms. He is passionate about the need to wean ourselves off the gas-guzzling commercial fertilizers and replace them with sustainably produced compost. His experience with composting technology comes from years of managing the University of Maryland Central Maryland Research and Education Center Compost Facility and visits to Austrian compost enterprises. Erez’s first-hand knowledge of the power of community comes from his experiences growing up on a Kibbutz in Israel. He believes that the human race is facing many environmental challenges and that local, sustainable food production is part of the solution

Eric Smith

Since 1986, Smith has been serving sustainability and social responsibility minded investors. Smith is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER practitioner, ACCREDITED INVESTMENT FIDUCIARY, and is Senior Wealth Officer at Goodfunds Wealth Management, a Branch Office of Seattlebased KMS Financial Services, Inc. Smith will serve as the moderator for this panel joined by Leslie Christian, Maura Rendes and Pam Rivers.

Erica Fernandez

When Erica Fernandez found out that a liquefied natural gas facility was proposed for the coast of Oxnard and Malibu with a 36inch pipeline routed through lowincome neighborhoods, she was outraged. She worked in concert with the Sierra Club and Latino No on LNG group to mobilize the youth and Latino voice in protests and public meetings. She organized weekly protests at the BHP Billiton offices in Oxnard, met regularly with community members, marched through neighborhoods that would be most impacted, reached out to the media, and brought more than 250 high school students to a critical rally. Her passionate testimony at the California State Lands Commission meeting was quoted in news articles, and helped convince the Commission to vote to deny the project. Next, she helped convince the California Coastal Commission to vote 120 against the project, and worked on a letter writing and phone call campaign to the Governor asking him to veto the project, just as the commissioners did. Erica's community organizing and dogged determination played a crucial role in helping her community to resist a multinational billiondollar corporation.When Erica Fernandez found out that a liquefied natural gas facility was proposed for the coast of Oxnard and Malibu with a 36inch pipeline routed through lowincome neighborhoods, she was outraged. She worked in concert with the Sierra Club and Latino No on LNG group to mobilize the youth and Latino voice in protests and public meetings. She organized weekly protests at the BHP Billiton offices in Oxnard, met regularly with community members, marched through neighborhoods that would be most impacted, reached out to the media, and brought more than 250 high school students to a critical rally. Her passionate testimony at the California State Lands Commission meeting was quoted in news articles, and helped convince the Commission to vote to deny the project. Next, she helped convince the California Coastal Commission to vote 120 against the project, and worked on a letter writing and phone call campaign to the Governor asking him to veto the project, just as the commissioners did. Erica's community organizing and dogged determination played a crucial role in helping her community to resist a multinational billiondollar corporation.



Yvette Ervin’s green business is sol therepe organics.Her green body care line uses over 90% certified organic ingredients and the packaging is recyclable. She also has a blog were she writes every week about everything related to a green lifestyle especially as it relates to beauty and the environment. As an international model, cosmetics muse and entrepreneur, Yvette Ervin has amassed impressive beauty insider experience. Her beauty career spans over 14 years. You may recognize her from ad campaigns which helped caltipult her success. It was in Africa that Yvette first learned of the amazing moisturizing and healing properties of shea butter. These days, instead of fashion shoots, advertising campaigns and runway shows, you’ll find Yvette creating wonderful & healthy products, looking for women’s causes to support, or advocating global beauty. Yvette chooses to donate proceeds from retail sales from sol therepe to non profit organizations which help empower female entrepreneurs. She recently started “a hand up” business opportunity to support women in creating home based businesses.


David Escobar is a Salvadoran born of the indigenous group called the Lenca-Poton. David grew up in the Mission and Excelsior Districts of San Francisco. His own ethnic heritage provides David with a special understanding of the complex racial and cultural issues that prevail in this community. David is currently organizing efforts to educate and develop cultural competency among the social service agencies in Marin and throughout the Bay Area as it pertains to indigenous people. In this regards David has co-produced several quarterly trilingual shows which aired on KPFA Radio 94.1 FM entitled “Indigenous Radio” in 2007. He is an at large board member of the Environmental Education Council of Marin, an at large Advisory Board member of the North Bay Conservation Corps, and an at large Board member for the Marin Institute. He was a recipient of the San Francisco Foundation Koshland Award in May of 2000. He is a past Board member of the Marin Community Foundation Community Partnership Committee (appointed 2002-2005), a past at large member of the Action Coalition for People of Color, and a past at large board member of the Marin American Indian Alliance (2004-2007). In 2003, David was appointed as a delegate to the California Democratic Party by Assemblyman Joe Nation and was a member of the Native American and Latino Caucus’.

Escutia (Ret.)


Senator Escutia (Retired) is a former member of the California State Assembly and State Senate and is a co-founding member of The Senators (Ret.) Firm, LLP. Her law and consulting practice focuses on government and regulatory matters, with a particular emphasis on telecommunications, education /instructional materials and health-related issues.

Senator Escutia was first elected to the California Legislature in 1992. In 1998 she was elected to the California Senate. In 2000 she was the first Latina appointed as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. As an Assemblywoman, Escutia was the first woman to chair the Assembly Judiciary Committee. During her final two years in the State Legislature, she became the first woman Chair of the 27 member strong California Latino Legislative Caucus and Chair of the Senate Energy, Commerce and Telecommunications Committee.

Senator Escutia's varied accomplishments are highlighted by landmark legislation protecting health and the environment, establishing the strongest school food nutrition and beverage standards in the nation, improving opportunities for education, and protecting the rights of consumers and workers. She established the first-ever, Children’s Environmental Health Protection Act of 1999 to ensure that California’s children are protected from unhealthy levels of air contaminants. Her environmental protection legislation addressed issues such as hazardous liquid pipelines and the state's ever-increasing waste tires.



Rudy Espinoza es Oficial Mayor del Programa para la Iniciativa de Desarrollo de la Economía Local en el Centro de Recursos Financieros para la Comunidad (Community Financial Resource Center - CFRC), una Institución de Desarrollo Financiero para la Comunidad del Sur de Los Ángeles. Rudy maneja una nueva iniciativa en CFRC que provee asistencia en negocios y micro-préstamos a vendedores callejeros que están interesados en vender comidas saludables en “desiertos de comida” de bajo nivel económico. El programa maneja el préstamo-en-grupo de CFRC, “Asociados de Capital,” y trabaja con accionistas para crear un ambiente de apoyo para los vendedores callejeros e implementa una base para el crecimiento económico amplificado de la comunidad.

En el pasado Rudy fue parte de iniciativas en diseño y administración en lugares específicos. En la Fundación AARP de Mercados Emergentes, Inc., Rudy fue responsable en ayudar a las instituciones financieras, fundaciones y organizaciones sin fin de lucro regionales, a concentrar sus recursos hacia las comunidades de bajo nivel económico en Los Ángeles. La clave para este trabajo eran asociaciones de doble objetivo económico y social con organizaciones comunitarias y del sector privado, y estrategias claras que canalizaban los recursos regionales en las comunidades para crear una revitalización. Como parte de sus varias actividades voluntarias en Los Ángeles, Rudy es un miembro fundador de Liderazgo para la Renovación Urbana Ahora, una organización sin fín lucrativo dedicada a diseñar, construir y promover comunidades sustentables.



Through a river of cosmic circumstances rises Love Eternal "Music for an Awakening World." More than just a band, Love Eternal is a collective of Musician/Spiritual Practitioners who have dedicated their lives to healing themselves and the world through music. They live, create music and raise their children together in the Santa Cruz mountains, under a Redwood canopy as a communal family, which lends to their tightly woven musicianship.

Love Eternal's healing sound combines Roots Reggae and Acoustic Rock with a continuous rhythmic stream of beautifully sung lyrics that remind us that Peace, Community and Love are truly possible. At the group's core are lead singer songwriters Jahred and Shawna Namaste', Multi-Instrumentalist ray of sunshine and percussionist Namasya Carpenter.



Jill Ettinger is a Los Angeles based writer, editor and photographer regularly featured on Organic Authority, Reality Sandwich and Sunwarrior News. Her focus on food, herbs, wellness and world culture blends the mystical and modern as she explores what our shifting agricultural landscapes and healing systems will look--and taste--like in the future. She was published in the anthologies "Toward 2012: Perspectives on the Next Age" and "What Do You Believe?" Her work has also appeared in publications including The Village Voice, MTV, and Global Rhythm.

Alongside Baza Novic, Jill is co-director of the Evolver Network's Los Angeles spore, supporting creative transformation through events focused on leading edge art, education and social activism. The two have co-written several articles featured on Reality Sandwich including, "The Last Temptation of Dogma: An Ironic Tale of Fundamentalism" and "The Cosmic Hour: The End of the 5th Sun and the Beginning of Everything." Twitter: @jillettinger


Aleksandra Evanguelidi, LM, CPM, is a California Licensed Midwife and Certified Professional Midwife, since July 2006. Aleksandra co-founded The Sanctuary Birth & Family Wellness Center, a home birth practice and midwifery training program. She has been a nutritionist for the last 10 years, and has spent many moons holding sacred space for women and couples during Blessing way ceremonies and wedding rituals. The work Aleks does as a spiritual counselor is interwoven into her unique style of midwifery. Aleksandra is passionately committed to bringing knowledge of self-care to families so that they experience radiant health and an empowered sense of self. Aleks has seen the possibility of serving the larger community while providing products and services from some of the finest practitioners in the birth & wellness fields. Her vision for the Center is to create a new model of integrated care that meets the complex needs of today’s family.


Evans is a visionary leader, astute strategist, activist and social entrepreneur who has founded three organizations and was recently appointed president and CEO of the Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO), the national voice and trade association for microenterprise in the U.S.



Jodie Evans is a co-founder of CODEPINK and has been a peace, environmental, women’s rights and social justice activist for forty years. She has traveled extensively to war zones promoting and learning about peaceful resolution to conflict. She served in the administration of Governor Jerry Brown and ran his presidential campaign. She has published two books, Stop the Next War Now and Twilight of Empire, and has produced several documentary films, including the Oscar-nominated “The Most Dangerous Man in America” and Howard Zinn’s “The People Speak.”

Jodie is the board chair of Women’s Media Center and sits on many other boards, including Rainforest Action Network, Drug Policy Alliance, Institute of Policy Studies, Women Moving Millions and Sisterhood is Global Institute. She is the mother of three.


Nakysier Evans is a junior at CCA Academy. She has recently started working with aquaponics and is one of the main students involved in CCA's soap making endeavors.



Melissa Everett has made a career of helping people, organizations and communities figure out their futures. As a counselor, coach, facilitator, educator, and nonprofit manager, she has worked in parallel with individuals and large systems, always with a focus on sustainable solutions for people, communities and the planet. The author of three books and many articles, she has a PhD from Erasmus University in the Netherlands. She directs Sustainable Hudson Valley (www.sustainhv.org).



Since 1997, Malía Everette has been the Director of Global Exchange's popular and rapidly expanding Reality Tours program. During her tenure at Global Exchange's Reality Tours she has overseen the growth and development of alternative travel programs, study seminars and fact finding human rights delegations to 40 destinations around the world. From the US, to Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe and the Caribbean, Malía promotes in-depth experiential education and socially responsible travel as an alternative to the type of "sun and fun" tourism that often results in cultural homogenization and does little to benefit local communities and host economies. She has years of experience pioneering cultural and educational exchanges that truly build "people to people ties." Malía believes in the power of travel as a transformative tool for education and social change, and sees how the Reality Tours alumni pool of over 20,000 have become citizen diplomats as well as proponents for sane US foreign and economic policy. Malía has facilitated many tours around the world focusing on international relations, human rights, political economy, sustainable development, women's issues and the resilience of indigenous cultures.

Malía Everette has a Bachelors of Art in English Literature and a Masters of Arts in International Relations. She has written numerous articles about socially responsible travel and been a speaker on behalf of Global Exchange's programs and especially on US international relations with Cuba. Most recently she was a contributor to the The Blue Pages: A Directory of Companies Rated by Their Politics and Practices (2010) and the UNWTO’s “Religious Tourism in Asia and the Pacific” (2011). Malía is involved with many local environmental and human rights groups in the San Francisco Bay Area. She was a cofounder of the Richmond Progressive Alliance in Richmond, California. She also serves on the advisory boards of the Institute of Agriculture and Food Policy (Food First), the Ethical Traveler, and the Women’s Earth Alliance. Over the past two years she has spent a lot of time and energy building transformational advocacy delegations with the abolitionist organization, Not For Sale, on the issue of human trafficking. Malía also works as a consultant for established and emerging tourism companies. Perhaps most importantly, Malía is the proud mother of two intrepid, curious and well traveled sons.



Cicely’s adoration for holistic medicine & raw foods derived from an ironic situation, as do many great things. Although unfortunate, great change often is the result of an undesired circumstance that eventually propels one forward. After battling painful chronic eczema for over a decade, Cicely was determined to discover its root cause, as well as the origin of a host of other diseases she witnessed crippling others’ lives. She has spent the last 11 years researching the etiology of numerous chronic diseases and has helped people across the nation eliminate chronic conditions! Cicely founded Tao Holistics, whose in-house formulations range from organic beauty & wellness supplements to vegan desserts. With everyone looking to stay youthful, Cicely enjoys combining her talents to to educate people on holistic living and true anti-aging!


Agrippa O. Ezozo is the Founder and President of The African Diaspora Foundation, former Co-Chair of the California delegation to the National Summit on Africa (Washington, D.C.), a Benefits Analyst at the office of Benefits Services at Campus Human Resources at UCLA, publisher of the Black Church Review magazine; and Past Executive Director of the League of Patriotic Nigerians in Los Angeles, CA. He was born in Nigeria where he earned a degree in public education from Wudil Teacher's College in Kano State, Nigeria, and subsequently became a teacher at Kundila Primary School in Kano, Nigeria before moving to California in 1981. He is a graduate of California State University at Dominguez Hills with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems, and UCLA with a M.A. in African Areas Studies with a concentration in Public Policy..