James Faber has a B.A. in Journalism with a concentration in reporting on health, science and the environment from Columbia College Chicago. He began working at Conscious Choice magazine in Chicago as an editorial intern in 1997, and became full-time in October 1998 as the magazine transitioned from publishing bi-monthly to monthly. While progressing through four ownership changes from 1998-2009, he worked as associate editor, senior editor and managing editor, before taking on the role of production manager in early 2001. In this role, he was responsible for producing nearly 100 issues of the magazine before it's demise in April 2009. James is one of the original founders of Mindful Metropolis, responsible for producing the first issue in May 2009—just three weeks after the final issue of Conscious Choice went to press, along with every issue since. He is currently the magazine’s editorial and production director, celebrating two years of publishing in May 2011.


Years ago, Karen Fahey safely and gently transitioned to eating mostly fresh, living foods. Her health improved dramatically, her energy increased and she was graced with new ideas and insights. She’s now excited to help create such dramatic, tangible results for others in this inspiring demonstration.


Dr. Edward Fajardo is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice. Working primarily with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) adolescents and adults, he specializes in providing LGBT-affirmative individual and couples therapy. He is also a featured columnist for Windy City Times, writing on mental health issues of relevance to the gay community. During his free time, he likes to read, play Scrabble, and spend time with his partner and dog.



Founding Director of the Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Association, Falbos natural interests in creating a balanced world between human development, our respect for the environment and social responsibility have become her professional journey. Recipient of a 2007 echievement Award from etown, Falbo has been on the forefront of the sustainability movement in Colorado for the last decade.


Jeremy Faludi (LEED AP), is a sustainable design strategist and researcher. He teaches green design at Stanford University, where he created the graduate/undergraduate class ME221: Green Design Tools and Metrics, and at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He is also the sustainability expert and researcher for Project FROG, the leader in modular green buildings for schools and commercial applications. He has worked for Rocky Mountain Institute, The Biomimicry Institute, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, among others. A bicycle he helped design has appeared in the CooperHewitt National Design Museum, and he was a finalist in the 2007 California Cleantech Open competition. In 2008, he was a juror for Dell's ReGeneration green computing competition.In addition to his design work, he writes for Worldchanging.com and is one of the many authors of Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century. He also contributed to the books Packaging Sustainability by Wendy Jedlicka and Ecolabels: Concerns and Experiences by Asha B. Joshi; his ecolabel also appears in the book Green Graphic Design by Brian Dougherty. He has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle, BoingBoing.net, Treehugger, C|Net, Sustainable Industries Journal, Package Design Magazine, GreenBiz, Australian Broadcast Corporation radio, IT Conversations, and the Secretariat of the Commonwealth of Nations' newsletter Commonwealth Today.Jeremy has spoken on green design and biomimicry at conferences, schools, and businesses around the world. Originally trained as a physicist at Reed College, he spent some time in the semiconductor industry before getting his masters in product design at Stanford.Jeremy Faludi (LEED AP), is a sustainable design strategist and researcher. He teaches green design at Stanford University, where he created the graduate/undergraduate class ME221: Green Design Tools and Metrics, and at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He is also the sustainability expert and researcher for Project FROG, the leader in modular green buildings for schools and commercial applications. He has worked for Rocky Mountain Institute, The Biomimicry Institute, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, among others. A bicycle he helped design has appeared in the CooperHewitt National Design Museum, and he was a finalist in the 2007 California Cleantech Open competition. In 2008, he was a juror for Dell's ReGeneration green computing competition. In addition to his design work, he writes for Worldchanging.com and is one of the many authors of Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century. He also contributed to the books Packaging Sustainability by Wendy Jedlicka and Ecolabels: Concerns and Experiences by Asha B. Joshi; his ecolabel also appears in the book Green Graphic Design by Brian Dougherty. He has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the San Francis



Chair of the Board of Death Penalty Focus, Farrell is also spokesperson for Concern America, an international refugee aid and development organization, CoChair Emeritus of the California Committee of Human Rights Watch and, occasionally, a Good Will Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Known to millions as B.J. Hunnicutt of televisions historic M-A-S-H and from NBCTVs Providence, he is also the producer of Universal Pictures hit Patch Adams,

A refugee aid and human rights activist for 30 years, Farrell first traveled to the Thai/Cambodian border in 1980. In the following decade he took part in aid missions and human rights delegations to El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras; after one such trip he represented the delegation in testimony before the U.S. Congress. In the same period, delegations took him to the then U.S.S.R., Paraguay and Chile.

In 1988 he traveled to Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Israel, exploring opportunities for peace in the Middle East. Returning to the Middle East in 1990, he followed that visit with a stop in Prague as part of a team of election observers for the first free postCold War elections in Czechoslovakia. A third trip to the Middle East in 92 focused on medical programs for children. Later that year, on behalf of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, he went to Somalia and Bosnia. In 1995, again with the UNHCR, he returned to Africa, this time to Rwanda, Zaire and Tanzania.

In the late 90s, with Human Rights Watch, he took part in a mission to the U.S./Mexico border areas investigating claims of abuse against the undocumented by U.S. Border Patrol agents. In 1999, again with an HRW investigator, he toured and interviewed prisoners at McAlester State Prison in Oklahoma, with special attention to its segregation and death row facility, the infamous HUnit.

At the invitation of the Government of Mexico, in April of 2000 he testified as a representative of Death Penalty Focus before the InterAmerican Court on Human Rights in a case dealing with the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and its application to noncitizens on death row in the United States.

In 2002 and again in 2004 he was part of delegations from the Center for International Policy of which he is a board member supporting efforts to combat illegal logging in Central America, with a focus on Honduras and Nicaragua.

A lifelong opponent of the death penalty and an advocate of prison reform, Farrell has visited prisons and been involved in death cases across the U.S. for over a quarter of a century.

He is the author of two books: Just Call Me Mike; a Journey to Actor and Activist; and Of Mule and Man.


Margaret Farrow is one of the owner/operators of the Biofuel Oasis, a Biodiesel fueling station in Berkeley Ca. that specializes in selling fuel made from recycled vegetable oil.

Fashion Fights Poverty


Fashion Fights Poverty is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that raises awareness for initiatives that encourage and support creative, effective, and sustainable means of challenging poverty. FFP believes that the industries of fashion, textiles, and design offer unique and effective opportunities for designers, artisans, and consumers alike to contribute to the alleviation of poverty through trade, skill building, community empowerment and consumer awareness.


Faste began agitating for a better foreign policy during the Vietnam era, and slowly moved toward what could be done locally. Faste was drawn to Sustainable Ballard by intelligent discussion of peak oil, climate change, and local economy. While Fastenow focuses on growing food and energy efficiency, she is still agitating for better government choices.



Andrew Faust (B.A., Guilford College) has been a certified permaculture designer since 1996 and a certified alternative school teacher since 1993. He homesteaded off the grid in WV for ten years where he created the http://www.homebiome.com" target="_blank">Center for Bioregional Living. With 20 years of experience in bioregional education, Andrew has been in NYC for seven years thriving on permaculture design work, teaching, consulting, and gardening in New York City and the northeastern U.S. with nonprofits, businesses, schools, communities and homeowners.



Fawcett is a writer and independent scholar. He is founder and president of the Sustainable Health Institute (a newly formed organization dedicated to social change through health education), publisher of the Progressive Health Observer: A News Commentary Alternative to Big Box Medicine, and coproducer of the Your Own Health And Fitness radio show, to which he regularly contributes. His PhD in environmental economics and political economy is from UC Riverside.


Hans was the first licensed Illinois Realtor in Northeast Illinois to have earned the LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional) designation. He is a real estate design and development consultant with over 4 years experience in residential singlefamily and multifamily properties, including several current designs that utilize environmentally responsible and sustainable principles.

The range of projects has included everything from master subdivision design to condominium remodels and everything in between. He is active with the United States Green Building Council Chicago Chapter. Hans earned a Bachelors Degree at Boston University and a Master of Science degree in Historic Preservation Architecture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Currently Hans is part of Helios Sustainable Development, a Chicago based development and brokerage company focused on ecofriendly residential properties.


GroundUp is a teenbased wastewatersoil management training project that supports urban gardening in Seattle's Yesler neighborhood. FEEST (Food Education Empowerment and Sustainability Team) is a youthrun program out of Youngstown Cultural Arts Center. Both are engaging youth in the food system and creating livingwage green employment and educational opportunities for lowincome youth of color in urban centers. Find out how!



Jill Fehrenbacher is a LEED certified green designer and green design consultant, and the founder and editor of Inhabitat.com, the web's most popular site on green design.


Formerly an award-winning producer and executive in the motion picture and television industry, Phil has dedicated himself to fair trade as a sustainable solution to global poverty since participating in a church-sponsored immersion trip to Nicaragua in 2008. In 2009 he established Fair Trade Express, a small Long Beach-based importer and retailer of fair trade products, primarily from Latin America. As part of his fair trade commitment, he has helped establish an ongoing curriculum-based partnership between the Fashion Design Department at Long Beach City College and a Fair Trade, sweat-free, organic women’s sewing cooperative in Nicaragua. He also is working with Presbyterian Church/USA to support Bridge of Hope, a Peru-based program that provides economic and technical support to fair trade artisans in one of the most remote and poverty-stricken regions of the Andes. He is currently the coordinator for the effort to establish Long Beach as a Fair Trade Town. A native of Oklahoma, Mr. Fehrle graduated from Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. He began his career in California as a news reporter. He has taught film and television producing at both Chapman and Azusa Pacific Universities. He is a member of the Producer's Guild, The Directors Guild and the Writers Guild. The proud father of two grown children, he lives in Long Beach, California with his Peruvian wife, Luz Elena.



Sharon Feigon is the CEO of IGO Car Sharing, an affiliate organization of the Center for Neighborhood Technology. Since taking the helm two years ago, she has tripled the size of this innovative company and brought in many new partnerships and resources. IGO is on track to continue its record growth this year, providing access to lowemission cars in Chicago area neighborhoods. IGO currently has 51 cars and over 2000 members.

Nearly half the members have sold a car since joining the program and each car share car replaces 610 cars on the road resulting in multiple environmental benefits to the region. Sharon works in close cooperation with the other car share companies and programs throughout the United States and Canada. Sharon works in close cooperation with the other car share companies and programs throughout the United States and Canada.

Previously, Sharon Feigon was CNTs Manager of Research and Development where she specialized in innovative marketbased solutions to the problems of urban sprawl. She was the Principal Investigator for a threeyear project with the Transportation Research Board. Combating Global Warming Through Sustainable Surface Transportation Policy, which included development of an emissions calculator and policies for use of local transportation and other governmental agencies. She was the lead author of the TCRP Report 93: Travel Matters: Mitigating Climate Change with Sustainable Surface Transportation.

Before that, Ms. Feigon coordinated the Center's TransitOriented Development (TOD) Program in conjunction with the Great American Station Foundation and was an author of a book on the barriers to transitoriented development, The New Transit Town published by Island Press in December 2003. She has also managed the start up of a variety of new projects at the Center including working in Elgin, Illinois on a project to value the hidden assets of the community and the development of a project to build Wireless Community Networks.

Ms. Feigon managed CNT's Green Building Program which included planning and overseeing renovation of CNTs 14,000 square foot facility to attain Platinum, the highest environmental rating possible from the US Green Building Council.

Sharon managed the development of the Centers Location Efficient Mortgage product in Seattle, Washington. She managed a team that developed a methodology for analyzing hidden assets that led to a sustainable development project centered around public transit in South Florida.

She has an MBA from DePaul University and a B.A. in Economics from Antioch College. She is a member of the Congress for New Urbanism and has served on the Evanston Plan Commission and was Chair of that Commission's Transportation Committee. She was recently a member of the Citizen Advisory Board for the PACE Bus System North Shore Study. She is currently a member of the US Green Building Councils LEED ND Committee, developing LEED standards for neighborhood developments.



Feinstein had given little thought to climate change until he met a small town North Dakota farmer during a crosscountry bicycle trip in 2000. This farmer shared his deep concerns about the shifts he was seeing in weather and this conversation changed Feinstein's life. The following spring, Feinstein graduated from the University of Illinois in Chicago with a BA in Sociology and began teaching in his hometown of Evanston, IL at Rice Children's Center. More than 80% of all children attending this school were wards of the state and lived in a residential facility attached to the school. Despite the severe personal challenges these children faced, Feinstein could never shake the nagging feeling that these kids were learning little about the global challenges that would ultimately affect them in the future. After graduating from the Presidio School of Management with an MBA in Sustainable Management in 2007, he founded Climate Cycle.



Michael Feinstein is a former Santa Monica Mayor and City Councilmember and a writer, author and radio host. Feinstein made his mark in office working on affordable housing, tenant protection, environmental health and sustainability, parks and open space, human-scale development, civil liberties and living wages. A co-founder of the Green Party of California and a former national Green Party co-chair, currently he serves as spokesperson for the Green Party of California.



Dave Feldman is executive director of Bethesda Green, a dynamic community initiative that is home to the first green business incubator and education center in the region. He is CEO of Livability Project a consulting and education firm that helps community leaders build livable, sustainable communities.

Previously, Feldman was Consul, Trade & Investment at the British Embassy, leading a team that helped US companies establish operations in the UK and UK companies export to the US.

In 2009, Dave was named one of “The 25 CEOs You Need to Know” by The Gazette of Politics and Business and “Innovator of the Year” by The Daily Record. In 2010, the Montgomery County Council named him one of the ’40 Environmentalists in 40 Years.’



Paul Fenn is Chairman and CEO of Local Power Inc. (localpower.com), based in Oakland.

Over the past fourteen years, Paul Fenn has developed a matrix of market structures and strategies to make possible an exponential scaling up and accelerated development of renewable energy and demandside energy technology.

Fenn authored California's 2002 Community Choice law, Assembly Bill 117, allowing municipalities to choose alternative electricity providers for their communities.

Fenn also wrote San Francisco's 2001 solar bond or H Bond authority Proposition H and the 50 MW San Francisco Solar Power Facility proposal for which the revenue bond authority was written. Sponsored by San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano, the project calls for construction of the world's largest urban solar utility on San Francisco rooftops.

Shifting to implementation of these authorities, Fenn wrote San Francisco's May 11 2004 Energy Independence Ordinance, which combines California's Community Choice law with San Francisco's H Bond Authority to create a novel financing mechanism to build an historic $1.2 Billion public works project in San Francisco, installing 360 Megawatts of solar, wind, efficiency and conservation technologies and ultimately make the City 51% green powered by 2017.

Fenn coauthored the nation's original Community Choice law, Senate 447, in 1994, while serving as Director of the Massachusetts Senate Committee on Energy under the chairmanship of Senator Mark Montigny (DNew Bedford), who sponsored the legislation. Fenn helped Ohio and New Jersey in the drafting of their (1999, 2003) Community Choice laws, and has advised state, federal, and British policy and educational bodies on the opportunity to make major gains against the Climate Crisis.

Fenn is cochair of the California Sierra Club Energy Committee, faculty at Law Seminars International, and participates sporadically in American politics, writing the platform and editing a campaign newspaper for Jerry Brown's 1998 mayoral bid in Oakland, California, and helping coordinate Ralph Nader's 1992 run for in the New Hampshire Primary. He holds a Masters Degree from the University of Chicago, has taught undergraduate and graduate engineering students at San Francisco State University, and lectured at UC Berkeley, Sonoma State and other universities on the subject of energy. He is fortyone years old.


Tellur Fenner is a clinical herbalist/educator and has traveled the country extensively while studying, collecting, and using plant medicines from all the major U.S. bioregions. He has attended the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, the American School of Herbalism, and the California School of Herbal Studies. Tellur is an avid camper/hiker, a skilled and experienced outdoor trip leader, and is a certified Wilderness First Responder. As an herbalist of the generalist persuasion, he believes in the importance of an interdisciplinary practice which integrates botany, pharmacy, physiology, and other medical sciences. He has taught classes for the Regional Parks Botanic Garden in Berkeley, CA, San Francisco Botanical Garden, Gardens at Heather Farm, the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the California School of Herbal Studies, and a number of other venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Tellur is the owner/director of the Blue Wind Botanical Medicine Clinic located in Oakland, CA.

Check out his website!



A native New Yorker and quintessential "factory girl," Alexandra cut her teeth in the fashion industry managing sample rooms for top designers and working with local producers. She later spent gobs of time working out of southeast Asia with some of the largest (and smallest) factories and sub-tier suppliers developing accessories. Today, she runs her own company and specializes in home and personal accessories that feature sassy phrases. Everything is made from her 4,000 sq ft factory located in Brooklyn's Industry City, and uses 100% recycled felt from plastic bottles, organic cotton canvas, and domestically milled denim. Her products are sold in over 550 retailers around the world, and has been featured in dozens of publications and programs including Vanity Fair, The New York Times, the Today show, HBO Girls, Cosmo, Fitness, and Glamour.

Fernandez Rysavy


Tracy Fernandez Rysavy is Editor for Coop America, a national nonprofit helping people use their economic power for a more socially just and environmentally sustainable society. In addition to Coop America publications, her articles on various aspects of the progressive movement have appeared in Utne, Yes!, Satya, and Audubon. She also writes a regular column called Spirit of Money for Body + Soul magazine.



Fernandois specializing in developing open collaboration frameworks to assist organizations to use the principles of open collaboration more effectively. Fernando's focus is on both theenterprise space as well as the social service space. In addition to his work with Radical Inclusion, Fernando is cofounder ofOpenKollab, an open collaboration initiative that is developing a community of practice as well as tools and processes to foster collaboration amongst organizations with aligned missions. Previously Fernando built and managed a private client investment advisory business, managing $30 million in private client assets. Subsequent to this Fernando founded and ran his own corporate finance group which provided financing and strategic advisory support to early stage entrepreneurs.


Cassandra Ferrera is an owner and the Chief Community Officer of Green Key Real Estate, and a National Association of REALTORS® Green Designee. Cassandra is an active agent in Sonoma County, and Green Key’s North Bay sales office manager. She infuses her real estate practice with her passion for community and sustainable lifestyles. Her clients enjoy her systems approach to creating an integrated lifestyle and her extensive professional network of allies.

Cassandra has been actively exploring home and community since the early 90’s, with an interdisciplinary degree in Humane Structures. She has a Permaculture Design Certificate and is a fellow of the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy.

Cassandra believes that life is richer and more fulfilling when we become “of place” and feel connected to our local community.



Mark Fick is the Senior Loan / Program Officer with the Chicago" target="_blank">http://cclfchicago.org/">Chicago Community Loan Fund where he is responsible for bringing financing to affordable housing, cooperatives and social enterprise development throughout the greater Chicagoland area. He recently became a co-founder of the Center for Workplace Democracy which supports the development of worker owned and cooperative businesses in Chicago. PreviouslyMark worked as the Associate Director of the Chicago Mutual Housing Network and as Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator with the Statewide Housing Action Coalition (now Housing Action Illinois). He is a graduate of the Urban Developers Program at the University of Illinois - Chicago.

Mark's work with grassroots community economic development began in Wisconsin while spending time with small business cooperatives, developing local currencies and learning the basics of community organizing. Markalso serves on the credit committee of the Northside Community Federal Credit Union and as board treasurer of NASCO Development Services, a consultancy for development of affordable, student housing cooperatives in the United States and Canada.



Julia Field is Founder and Director of Undriving™, a non-profit organization that reduces car use by empowering people to make more conscious, active transportation choices. The innovative Undriver Licensing™ program sparks curiosity and effectively drives behavior change. Field’s own Undriving journey began unexpectedly in 2004, when she totaled her trusty 1987 Civic that would have been good for another 100K miles. Much to her surprise, she quickly discovered the many joys of living without a car - and her community involvement led to Undriving's launch in 2007. Since then Undriving has licensed over 5,000 Undrivers of all ages, and is replicating its successful program that changes the way people think about getting around.



Inspired by her experiences as a single working mother in a marginalized community Executive Director Tanya Fields created and founded the http://theblkprojek.wordpress.com/" target="_blank">BLK ProjeK in 2009.Tanya used her experiences as an underserved, low income woman and mother to inform and enrich the work of several high profile local environmental organizations such as Mothers on the Move, Sustainable South Bronx and the Majora Carter Group. Tanya utilized her network, resources and knowledge to create the BLK Projek.

The BLK ProjeK seeks to create economic development opportunities that address food justice, environmental justice and public and mental health issues. By empowering underserved women of color through political education, beautification of community spaces, urban farming and holistic health programming, and by creating equal access to these enriching experiences for under-served women of color, we strengthen and empower our entire society.The BLK ProjeK understandsthat sexist policies, cycles of poverty and lack of resources in the community directly result in far too many women being unable to rise out of poverty and sustain their families.

For the last year the BLK ProjeK has run quarterly Bronx Grub community meals. They recently brought the Bronx Grub series to the BMW Guggenheim Lab with over 125 visitors in an hour span. They are currently working with Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo to create an urban farm called the Libertad Urban Farm in the Longwood community in the Bronx and have foraged an formal relationship with Wassiac Community Farm in upstate New York. They nominated for a 2011 Union Square Award and are opening a year long community led farmers market in the Bronx— the Green BLK Market which has received funding to incubate site specific healthy food vendors.

She holds a Bachelor’s in Political Science with a concentration in Black and Hispanic Studies from Baruch College.

Fiesta Colorado Dance Company


Fiesta Colorado Dance Company is the premierHispanic Dance Company in Colorado. It has presented the highestquality performances of Mexican Folkloric, Flamenco and SpanishClassical Dance shown in Colorado for over 30 years. The Founder andArtistic Director is Jeanette TrujilloLucero.

Fiesta Colorado Dance Company is a nonprofit organization with amission to present and preserve the Hispanic dance arts. Since itsinception, every performance with its magnetic energy and vivaciouschoreography has been a demonstration of how these dances embody therichest artistic manifestations of culture and tradition.

Fiesta Colorado Dance Company is the proud recipient of the2006 Mayors Award for Excellence in the Arts, the highest award givento an arts organization in the City of Denver.

Jeanette TrujilloLucero was also a recipient as an individualof Mayors Award For Excellence in the Arts in 1997 for hercontributions to the Hispanic arts in Denver.


Rachelle Figueroa is the Clan Mother of the Yamassee Tribe. She is also founder of the Morning Star Foundation, which is committed to creating public awareness for the protection and preservation of Native and Indigenous Nations on Mother Earth. The Morning Star Foundation and the GrandMothers Council have been working together for eight years to support traditional elders, protect sacred sites & burial grounds, and preserve sacred teachings, sacred ceremony and our Mother Earth. The Morning Star Foundation is committed to bringing Native & Indigenous knowledge to the general public. Through education, knowledge can be turned into action. Through action, community and generosity will flourish. Compassion, Unity and Love are qualities of a true “human being” and this is the mission of the GrandMothers Council and Morning Star Foundation.



Sarah Filley, who hails from Ann Arbor, MI, is the Co-founder of popuphood (with Alfonso Dominguez.) After her studies at California College of Arts, she chose to stay in Oakland. She is an artist, designer, writer, curator and public speaker, and lover of big ideas. Her fine art practice began with sculpture and photography and expanded to installations and public art. This evolution continued to expand repositioning her role as an artist from the margins of cultural production to the center of urban design and social innovation. Her interdisciplinary background serves as a foundation to bring design thinking to city scale blending boosterism with positive deviance. She is an artist and urban designer, curator, speaker and writer. popuphood is a small business incubator revitalizing neighborhoods, block by block. They apply design thinking to define the problems, leverage creative and community capitol for positive social and economic impact.



After being raised in the East Coast suburbs on Dominoes Pizza and Brady Bunch reruns, Doug Fine's method of journalistic investigation was to strap on a backpack and travel to five continents; to the nooks where the world's monied media venues weren't sending their people. These venues tended to be delighted to have a whippersnapper beam back colorful dispatches for poorlyremunerated publication as long as he didn't identify himself as an employee of said venues. Complicated insurance ramifications for torture treatment might ensue.

As a young freelancer, Fine reported in this manner for the Washington Post, Salon, U.S. News and World Report, Sierra, Wired, Outside, National Public Radio, and other venues from littlevisited jungle war zones like Burma, Rwanda, Laos, Guatemala and Tajikistan. He became a worldclass adventure writer and investigative journalist, writing culturally insightful and funny dispatches. One of these, about democracy efforts in Burma, was read into the U.S. Congressional Record.

During this time, his 20s, Fine recognized that he lived on an actual planet, and that he felt most alive while living and loving in wild ecosystems. Following this impulse in contradiction to all the suburban values with which he was raised (which can be summarized as, if you're not going to be a doctor, you can at least be a lawyer), he moved to extreme rural Alaska to see if a former suburbanite could survive away from Costco. Happiness and selfawareness were the goals. This resulted in his awardnominated first book, Not Really An Alaskan Mountain Man, a wildly humorous and meaningful adventure narrative, which is now in its third printing.

Realizing that living in sync with his ecosystem is indeed where his own inspiration and personal happiness reside, Fine for his second book decided to embark on a Hypocrisy Reduction Project, to see if he could truly live a sustainable lifestyle, rather than borrowing from Babylon to live in an ecological Zion. He moved to an obscure valley in Southern New Mexico to write Farewell, My Subaru, to quite simply examine whether a Digital Age Human can live without Petroleum but without giving up any of his Digital Age Comforts. His conclusion? He can, once he figures out how to keep the coyotes from eating his chickens, his solar panels from electrocuting him, and his vegetable oil truck exhaust from giving him a bad case of the munchies (it smells like Kung Pao chicken).

Farewell, My Subaru has been translated into Chinese, Korean, and other languages, and garnered Fine his first appearance on The Tonight Show. It debuted on the Boston Globe Bestseller List in September, 2009. Fine now travels around the world speaking about his sustainability realizations and is a regular contributor of adventure and investigative features to National Public Radio. Despite all the accolades, he still milks his goats one teat a


Ashoka Finley is a worker member of The Energy Solidarity Cooperative (ESC), based in Oakland, CA. ESC democratizes financing and ownership of renewable energy through partnerships in traditionally disenfranchised communities. They do so through a localized approach in cooperative governance and community empowerment that combines member equity, community investment and knowledge transfer services to spread community-led clean power projects. ESC is committed to building a movement of energy resilience and economic justice. They envision a world where community energy planning, household energy efficiency and power production are a part of everyday life in neighborhoods. Ashoka also served as Project Facilitator at Ecocity Builders and Co-Project Manager at Urban Tilth. He offers dynamic and innovative technological approaches to community driven engagement, related to sustainability and implementation at the local level.


Maria Finn is a writer based in Sausalito. Her most recent book is “The Whole Fish, How Adventurous Eating of Seafood Will Make You Healthier, Sexier and Help Save the Ocean.” (TED Books 2012). She has written for Sunset Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Audubon and many others. She received a grant from the Society of Environmental Journalists to write about SF Bay herring and traveled to Costa Rica to write about hammerhead sharks for The Food & Environmental Reporting Network. She has recently given talks about sustainable seafood at the California Academy of the Sciences, SXSW-Eco & Seattle Chefs Collaborative. She is currently writing a novel based on her experiences working on an all female commercial fishing boat in Alaska, “Sea Legs & Fish Nets” as well as a non-fiction book about seafood and biodiversity with the working title “Eat Like An Animal.”



Jessica FinnCoven joined the Climate Solutions team in 2007 to serve as the policy specialist, working to ensure strong policies are passed and implemented to protect the climate. Prior to joining Climate Solutions, Jessica worked for several years at the U.S. Climate Action Network and was a global warming campaigner for Greenpeace in Washington DC, where her work focused on pressuring the U.S. to rejoin the international community in finding solutions to climate change.

Jessica received her MA in economics and energy policy from the Johns Hopkins University and her BA from Barnard College, Columbia University. Jessica speaks Mandarin Chinese and worked on global warming policy for Greenpeace China in Beijing.



Ann Finneran has been a volunteer for Share International Foundation for over thirty years, and adheres to the organization’s view of distributive justice via sharing as paramount. In 2004, she was one of the charter founders of Sullivan Alliance for Sustainable Development, an upstate New York concern whose mission is “to foster economic development that is environmentally and economically sustainable as well as socially responsible”. She has spoken for Share International on numerous occasions, most recently on a panel at Barnard College where her focus was the environment. She is a member of New York Water Action Group whose concern is to limit the use of New York State’s fresh water by heavy industry. She embraces the ideas of the commons and transition towns, is an outspoken “fractivist” and thinks all of these concerns support Share International’s priority to redistribute the world’s resources and curtail commercialization. “People over Profit.”

Michael Finney has worked for the Oneida Tribe since 1990 in the Environmental and Environmental Planning Areas. In the 1980's he worked with Solar Energy companies and with on Passive solar and superinsulated homes. He spent a little time with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources along the way.
He believes sustainabilty will be the greatest challenge of thiscentury but as we come together around this challenge it can lead toa world in which all our lives are better. And there is no betterplace to start then in our communities.



Greg Fischer has been a winemaker and brewer for over 30 years, and a meadmaker for over 20 years. He is the owner of Wild Blossom Meadery & Winery, and Beverage Art Brewer & Winemaker Supply in Chicago. He has been a beekeeper for as long as he has been making wine, since 1966. Educated with a BA degree in Agriculture-Business at Universities in New York and Kentucky, he later worked for large producers of honey in Florida, North Dakota and Washington State. His travels, including Europe, brought an understanding of bee keeping and organic produce. He further developed his knowledge of wine by working in retail wine sales in the Manhattan’s renown Cork & Bottle. Wild Blossom Meadery & Winery proudly produces the finest honey wines (Meads) in the Midwest. It is Chicago's first winery and Illinois’ only meadery on the Northern Illinois Wine Trail.



nycbeekeeping.org is an all-volunteer group for beekeepers and beelovers. We provide a comprehensive infrastructure for Responsible Urban Beekeeping citywide.

Jim Fischer teaches a free, in-depth course in beekeeping, the group offers expert and peer mentoring, and community service & outreach activities throughout the year open to all. Members volunteer with urban farms, community gardens, the NYC Parks Dept., schools and other organizations to foster a strong community of responsible urban beekeepers, to bring training & economic opportunity through beekeeping to underserved areas, to conserve and protect honeybees and other pollinators.


Allison Fisher is the Organizer for Public Citizen's Energy Program. She works on issues associated with nuclear power and promotes renewable energy and energy efficiency as a means to displace the need for dirty energy sources. Allison earned her master's degree in social workcommunity organizing from the University of Connecticut.


Great design is at the heart of EILEEN FISHER. It is an idea brought into life through clean lines, simple shapes, and sensual fabrics. It strives to balance the timeless with the modern, function with beauty. It is clothing in context, made to fit both our bodies and our lives.


Born in Milford On-Sea, England, Frances Fisher’s itinerant childhood in Columbia, Canada, France, Brazil, Turkey, Italy and in various locations around the U.S. undoubtedly provided fodder for her thespian career. After graduating from high school in Orange, Texas, Frances cut her teeth acting on Tennessee Williams and Robert Bolt in Orange Community Theater. She also apprenticed at the Barter Theatre in Virginia before moving to New York City where her career quickly blossomed.

Ms. Fisher has starred in over 30 theatrical productions including Fool For Love, Desire Under the Elms, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Orpheus Descending, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Three More Sleepless Nights. Her latest theatre was at The Taper in The Cherry Orchard and a two-hander opposite Paul Ben Victor in Sexy Laundry. Fisher's latest staged reading was the 9/11/11 reading of My Child - Mothers of War. She is currently co-producing with Zane Buzby, a fundraiser/reading entitled In Their Own Words, a selected reading of letters written by 1,500 Holocaust survivors in their 80's and 90's struggling to stay alive in Eastern Europe.

How you can help: www.survivormitzvah.org

Ms. Fisher's diverse film career boasts roles in Tough Guys Don’t Dance, Can She Bake A Cherry Pie?, Babyfever, Patty Hearst, Female Perversions, Oscar winning Unforgiven, True Crime, The Big Tease, The Rising Place, Blue Car, Mrs. Harris, Sand & Fog, Laws of Attraction, The Kingdom, In The Valley Of Elah, Jolene, The Perfect Game and Golf in the Kingdom. The versatile actress is perhaps best known for her memorable performance as Kate Winslet’s mother in Titanic, which garnered her a Screen Actors Guild nomination as part of Best Ensemble Cast, while the film went on to receive 11 Academy Awards. In addition to her thriving theater and movie career, Fisher has had many notable television roles such as Lucille Ball in Lucy & Desi: Before the Laughter, Audrey Hepburn's mother in The Audrey Hepburn Story, and Janet Bouvier in Jackie O: A Life Story, and recurring roles on Becker, Lyons Den, Titus, The Shield, Eureka and Torchwood. Other most recent guest spots include The Mentalist, ER, 2.5 Men, Sons of Anarchy, Private Practice, and CSI. Ms. Fisher was seen in the #1 Box office hit, The Roommate, playing Leighton Meester's mother, and she played Ryan Philippe's mother in the critically acclaimed Lakeshore feature Lincoln Lawyer, opposite Matthew McConaughey. Now you will see her play Alessandro Nivola's mother in David Rosenthal's Janie Jones, with Abigail Breslin. Currently, Ms. Fisher stars in SEDONA, the Motion Picture, with Beth Grant, in competition at the Hollywood Film Festival 2011. Her upcoming films include Any Day Now, The Silent Thief, Franny, Blind Pass, The "M" Word (her 4th film with Henry Jaglom), and Bad Hurt, starring opposite Bryan Cranston.



Great design is at the heart of EILEEN FISHER. It is an idea brought into life through clean lines, simple shapes, and sensual fabrics. It strives to balance the timeless with the modern, function with beauty. It is clothing in context, made to fit both our bodies and our lives.



Ian Fisk has led the William James Foundation since 2005. He has also served as the CEO of ITF Consulting, Inc. and Director of Projects for Wall Street Without Walls. Ian helped launch the AmeriCorps*VISTA Entrepreneur Corps and design the federal database of AmeriCorps members. Ian has helped to found more than a dozen ventures. He worked with Public Allies, City Year, ServeNet , KaBOOM!, CitySoft and many other social enterprises, and was the internet coordinator for the Paul Tsongas Presidential Campaign in 1991. An active champion of Net Impact, he has been recognized as a success story and a distinguished member. His community service work includes serving on several boards, founding The Community Tool Chest, Washington DC’s largest tool loaning library and being a charter organizer of Hands On DC, an annual volunteer work-a-thon for the D.C. public schools. Ian holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management.



As Global Exchange's Fair Trade campaign director, Adrienne reaches out to chocolate lovers and chocolate makers alike to help create a world in which we are all free to enjoy guilt-free chocolate. Adrienne also campaigns for conflict-free diamonds, and was part of the Global Exchange coordinated coalition for sweat-free legislation in San Francisco. Adrienne has engaged in advocacy toward both corporations and government to create a flourishing international economy at home and abroad that is truly the catalyst for promoting democracy and human rights, protecting the environment, securing peace and ending poverty. Adrienne has worked for diverse human rights and environmental advocacy organizations, as well as leaders in the field of green business such as Green America and Calvert Group. Her area of expertise is the impact of commodities, both extractive and agricultural, on local communities, particularly indigenous people. Adrienne has studied at Oxford University's Refugee Studies Programme, UC Davis Martin Luther King Hall School of Law and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, where she studied development economics and environmental policy. Adrienne is also the cohost of Terra Verde, the weekly environmental radio program on KPFA in northern California.



Paul Fitzgerald is a Mechanic at Working Bikes, where he teaches classes, coordinates the volunteer program,and assists cyclists through storefront’s Service & Repair Shop.Born on the South side of Chicago, he has been an educator for many years.His ability to use common-place analogy combined with his simple to perform bicycle repairsteps, equip students with confidence to take the tools into their own hands.His days as a youth coordinator for Chicago Freedom School, After School Mattersand as Social-Emotional Learning Coordinator for Children’s Home + Aid at Lowell Elementary inHumboldt Park have provided him with methods of adapting materials to his audience that encourage learning.



Melissa Fitzgerald is a dynamic actress producer and social activist. Her acting career has included film, theater and television in New York and Los Angeles. She is best known for playing the role of Carol on NBC’s award-winning political drama The West Wing. Her film roles include, This is Not a Test, Simple Things, Monument Avenue, Frequency, and Love and Sex. She is currently starring in the web series Chasing The Hill.

Earlier in her theatrical career, Melissa attended the prestigious Neighborhood Playhouse School of The Theatre, where she studied with Sanford Meisner. Melissa worked closely with Israel Horovitz on his plays North Shore Fish and Stage Directions, and also starred in the Los Angeles premiere of Graham Reid’s modern Irish classic, Remembrance, with James Gandolfini, produced by Sean Penn.

Throughout her life Melissa has been dedicated to community service and outreach. In 1995 she co-founded Voices in Harmony, a non-profit youth arts organization committed to empowering at-risk teens by cultivating personal, academic, and artistic excellence.

Melissa served as Goodwill Ambassador and Board Member for the International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care (IAPAC), and traveled to South Africa as an IAPAC volunteer working with those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Melissa is currently involved in advocating for peace in northern Uganda and Central Africa. In addition to speaking to groups all over the United States as part of an advocacy campaign to end the violence in Central Africa, Melissa has spoken several times on Capitol Hill. In the summer of 2006 she traveled with International Medical Corps as a volunteer to war-torn northern Uganda to work with IMC’s gender based violence program and with malnourished children and their mothers. giving birth to Hope Not Lost, an award winning short film she produced documenting her experience, narrated by Martin Sheen. In 2007, she traveled back to northern Uganda as the producer of the award winning feature film, After Kony-Staging Hope, a documentary that follows Voices in Harmony as they take their unique theater program to northern Uganda. The result is a compelling film illuminating the situation facing teenagers in northern Uganda. Melissa has partnered on this project with two respected Humanitarian Organizations The International Rescue Committee (IRC) and International Medical Corps (IMC). www.afterkonythemovie.com

" target="_blank">http://www.afterkonythemovie.com">www.afterkonythemovie.com

Melissa is co-executive producer of Halfway Home, a documentary that weaves the personal stories of warriors’ life altering accounts from the battlefield with their often painful efforts to reintegrate back home. Halfway Home features Senator Max Cleland and is narrated by Martin Sheen.

In addition to her own organizations and projects, she is passionate about lending her support to others. She was a spokesperson for Environmental Alliance, a political organization designed to educate voters about environmental issues. In 2004 she traveled to battleground states carrying the organization’s message to prospective voters as part of the Women’s Tour for The Environment.

Melissa represented the International Medical Corps at the Live 8 Concert and the G8 Summit as part of the ONE Campaign to end poverty. Major media coverage of Melissa’s work with the ONE Campaign included CNN, BBC Radio, NBC, CNBC, People Magazine, Philadelphia Inquirer and others.

Melissa performed with Martin Sheen, Bradley Whitford, Aaron Sorkin, Janel Moloney, America Ferrara and Alfre Woodard to benefit Kerry Kennedy’s Speak Truth to Power, dedicated to the promotion of human rights awareness through engaging the public in issues-related programs and events.

In 2012 and 2008, Melissa campaigned for President Barak Obama including appearances at fundraisers and rallies in CA, CO, PA, VA, NH, FL and DC. In 2004, Melissa served as a spokesperson for Environment 2004 (E04), traveling to the Democratic National Convention and battleground states to educate voters on environmental issues and the impact of their votes. Melissa participated in the 12 Days To Change bus tour on behalf of the Kerry campaign. In 2004 and 2006, Melissa traveled her home state of Pennsylvania as a surrogate speaker with Governor Edward G. Rendell, sharing the podium with President Barack Obama, Vice President Al Gore, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Robert P. Casey, Congressman Patrick Murphy as well as other notable political voices.

She has served as a guest teacher for Teach For America.

Last year, Melissa joined fellow artists Martin Sheen, Matthew Perry, Harry Lennix and Trey Anastasio on Capitol Hill to advocate for Drug Courts and Veterans Courts as part of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals Conference.

In 2007 Melissa won a New York Times writing contest, Your Turn To Tell the Story sponsored by Nicholas Kristof. She has written pieces that can be found in the New York Times, Huffington Post, and the book, The Enough Moment by John Prendergast and Don Cheadle.

Chestnut Hill College awarded Melissa with the Gold Medal when she gave the commencement address in 2008. The Girl Scouts of southeastern Pennsylvania gave her the “Take The Lead” award.

Melissa received her BA in English from the University of Pennsylvania and currently resides in Los Angeles.



Music is supposed to inspire, but in a time when radio stations play songs that are all but inspiring, what do we do? We turn within to find that inspiration, and that is just whatFIYAWATA members, Ambessa the Articulate and Zakiya Harris do, and it shows through their audible delights. Hailing from two coasts, Ambessa from Brooklyn, NYC and Zakiya from Oakland, CA, these two have brought their talents together to the Bay Area and with their team of spectacular musicians they've formed the super power force called FIYAWATA.

Their sound consists of harmonious blends of hiphop, reggae, soul and afrolatin music, and their message is a fine concoction of spiritual enlightenment, activism and daytoday street life. Amazing every crowd they've rocked, FIYAWATA has shared stages with DEAD PREZ, KILLA MIKE, Bay Area superstars ZIONI, PROPHETS OF RAGE, and CROWN CITY ROCKERS. They have also performed at San Francisco's STUDIO Z, LAST DAY SALOON, NEW COLLEGE OF CALIFORNIA, THE OAKLAND BOX THEATER, THE JAVA HOUSE, BLAKE'S OF BERKELEY and New York City's CB'S GALLERY, WETLANDS, AND NKIRU BOOKS.

Guaranteed to be icons in HipHop and the entire field of music, FIYAWATA is the inspiration we've been seeking for a very long time and at last they're finally here to turn the party out!



An author and broadcaster for more than 20 years, Flanders is the host of GRIT TV, the new news and culture discussion program online, on satellite and on cable TV. GRIT TV can also be seen on theNation.org.

Flanders is the author of Blue Grit: True Democrats Take Back Politics Back from the Politicians (The Penguin Press, 2007) and The New York Times bestseller BUSHWOMEN: Tales of a Cynical Species (Verso, 2004), an expose of women in George W. Bush's cabinet.

As part of the original lineup on Air America Radio, Flanders hosted The Laura Flanders Show and RadioNation. She also launched the awardwinning YOUR CALL on public radio KALW in San Francisco, and was founding director of the Women's Desk at the media watch group, FAIR, where she hosted CounterSpin, FAIR's syndicated radio show.

Flanders is a regular contributor to The Nation, Ms. Magazine, The Huffington Post, Alternet, and CNN. Publisher's Weekly calls her fierce, funny, and intelligent, and she has been hailed as a Media Hero by the Institute for Alternative Media. She lives in New York.


Flax has focused her energy on working with the community to foster open communication and environmental education since leaving academia and moving to Whidbey Island in 2006. Flax is currently the main Transition Whidbey Coordinator and is helping the organization grow and refine its commitment to the community and resiliency of Whidbey Island.



Fletcher managed a 1000 acre Organic farm in Virginia with 800 Laying hens. He now owns Countryside Organic, one of Americas largest Organic mail order feed company. They sell Organic Farm and Garden Products.


Manny Flores is the new chairman of the Illinois Commerce Commission whose focus is on green initiatives and expanding broadband Internet access. Flores was elected to the Chicago City Council from the city's 1st Ward in 2003. He is an attorney and a member of the council's committee for Energy, Environmental Protection and Public Utilities.

Flores Quin

Antonio Flores Quin is originally from Quinceo Michoac



Sandra Fluke is an American women's rights activist. In February 2012, she came to attention in the United States when Republicans refused to allow her to testify to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on the importance of requiring insurance plans to cover birth control during a discussion on whether insurance should have a contraception mandate. She later spoke to only House Democratic members. Commenting on her testimony, Rush Limbaugh, a talk show host, made inflammatory comments about Fluke on his talk show, consisting of speculation and slurs regarding her sex life. Fluke has supported President Barack Obama's re-election campaign and was a featured speaker at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Fluke is a native of Saxton, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Cornell University's Program in Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies in 2003. She co-founded the New York Statewide Coalition for Fair Access to Family Court, which successfully advocated for legislation granting access to civil orders of protection for unmarried victims of domestic violence, including LGBTQ victims and teens. She was also a member of the Manhattan Borough President's Taskforce on Domestic Violence and numerous other New York City and New York State coalitions that successfully advocated for policy improvements impacting victims of domestic violence. She worked in New York City for Sanctuary for Families, which aids victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.

At Georgetown University Law Center, she was the 2011 recipient of the Women Lawyers of Los Angeles' Fran Kandel Public Interest Grant. She served as president of Georgetown Law Students for Reproductive Justice, and graduated cum laude in 2012.



Emma Fofanah, Senior Social Investment Research Analyst, from Institutional Shareholder Services. Ms. Fofanah conducts social screening of major corporations in areas such as labor relations and diversity, consumer product safety, and animal welfare issues. She will provide an overview of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), discuss key SRI topics, and highlight some of the latest trends in corporate policies affecting workers and consumers.

For Creative Reuse


Located in Oakland, CA, the non-profit East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse is an ecological treasure trove of art and craft materials, educational supplies, vintage furniture, home décor, paper goods, fabric and much more. Founded in 1979 by two Oakland public school teachers, the Depot promotes solid waste diversion and resource conservation through the Depot Store and environmental education programs.

The mission of the East Bay Depot is to divert waste materials from landfills by collecting and redistributing discarded goods as low-cost supplies for art, education and social services in theDepot" target="_blank">http://creativereuse.org/mainstore.html">Depot Store. The educational mission is to increase the awareness of school children and the general public regarding the green benefits of reusing materials.



Erin Ford is the Special Projects Coordinator at CROPP Cooperative/Organic Valley, working on various initiatives both nationwide and local; from Domestic Fair Trade to sustainability and green business practices. She is a member of the Domestic Fair Trade Steering Committee, Secretary on the Board of Directors for the Vernon County Economic Development Association, and an environmental activist in many facets of her personal life. She currently resides on her 20 acre homestead in Wisconsin with herpartner Eric, where they grow their own food, produce maple syrup,raise pigs, bees and 2 little girls, all organically.



A personal chef in Los Angeles, Monica Ford caters to celebrities seeking a healthy life and vibrant appearance in the midst of fast-paced careers, and with health practitioners who believe Real Food is an important building block for lasting health in their patients. Raised in a family whose love of food infused every meal, Monica brings this same love, excitement and appreciation to her cheffing and teaches classes on traditional foods like Yogurt, Kombucha, Lacto-Fermented Sodas, Sauerkraut, Kimchee, Sourcing Food Locally, Home Cooking and more. Monica's Mantra? Get Real. Be Well.



Seamus Ford is the Co-Founder of Root-Riot Urban Garden Network. Root-Riot focuses on strengthening community while raising food consciousness and facilitating the development of sustainable micro-enterprises. In 2010 Root-Riot won Mayor Daley's Green Works Community Leadership Award. Seamus lives on the West Side of Chicago and is passionate about connecting people with opportunities and making sustainability a central community value.



Stacie Ford-Bonnelle has worked as a volunteer coordinator for nine years, since her arrival to Seattle from Los Angeles. In 2007, she began to work for Ten Thousand Villages of Seattle, a fair trade retailer. Stacie also heads up the Seattle Fair Trade Towns campaign.


Patricia Foreman is cohost of the Chicken Whisperer Backyard Poultry and Sustainable Lifestyles. She is also talk show author of Chicken Tractor, City Chicks, Day Range Poultry and Backyard Market Gardening. For more information visit: www.GoodEarthPublications.com

Forest Service


The Colorado State Forest Service is a division of Colorado StateUniversity and only one of five state forest services from across thenation that is managed by a public university.

The mission of the Colorado State Forest Service is to provide for thestewardship of forest resources and to reduce related risks to life,property and the environment for the benefit of present and futuregenerations.

Together with other natural resource organizations, CSFS strives toprovide comprehensive support for the care of the natural environment.This exchange of technical assistance and information among cooperatingorganizations ensures our commitment to a common goal future forestsproviding benefits to future generations.


Alex Forsythe has been a demo chef for the Culinary Institute of America. Currently, Chef Forsythe is re-creating the world-famous “Joy of Cooking” author Irma Rombauer’s 1939 cookbook, Streamlined Cooking. He offers innovative healthy cookery demos that recognize the foods from the past, are in the present, and continue toward the future.


Marueen Forte is the Executive Director at The National Action Network Chicago Chapter.


Russell’s focuses on the intersection of people, architecture, and technology. His built and written work explores urban microclimates, human comfort, sustainable architecture, passive design, urban informatics, and engineering design culture. His forthcoming book, Kinetic Architecture, explores recent developments in dynamic and thermally active facades. Russell directs sustainable design projects for Arup and is an applied studies faculty member at the Southern California Institute of Architecture. His key projects include the Seattle Public Library and the COFCO Beijing Agricultural Eco-Valley, among many others.



Dr. Ariele Foster, DPT, E-RYT is one of 20 athletes sponsored by Athleta in 2012, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and an earth-loving, bike riding, veggie-chowing redheaded sunbeam who has been teaching Kripalu-based vinyasa flow since 2001. She grew up practicing yoga with her grandma (Lilo) and recently stepped down as a full-time eco-justice activist to be a steward of the wild ecosystem of the human body.



The Morning Star Foundation andthe GrandMothers Council have been working together forseven years to support Traditional Elders, protectSacred Sites & Burial Grounds and preserve Sacred Teachings,Sacred Ceremonyand our Mother Earth. The Morning Star Foundation is committed to bringing Native & Indigenous knowledge to the general public. Through education, knowledge can be turned into action. Through action, community andgenerosity will flourish. Compassion, Unity and Love arequalitiesof a true“human being”andthis is the mission of the GrandMothers Council and Morning Star Foundation.


Rev. Fowler is a speaker in demand in Michigan. The Detroit organization she leads



Phil Fox leads our culinary team in coaxing out the most flavor with our nutritionally relevant ingredients. With a background in developing products for Fortune 500 companies, Phil brings extensive background in product development, menu creation, and R&D.

After receiving a culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu, Phil finished a bachelor's degree at Dominican University in Food and Nutrition. Since then he was worked in restaurants, research kitchens, and the hallways of some of the most respected food brands.

Constantly curious about healthy eating, maximum flavor, and introducing new ingredients to a wider audience, Phil is the perfect for PROTEIN BAR as we bring exciting new developments in healthy eating to the masses.



Liana Foxvog is the National Organizer of SweatFree Communities, a network of grassroots campaigns that organize for a just global economy by using institutional purchasing as a lever for worker justice. A social change activist since high school, she also serves on smartMeme's Strategy Training and Organizing Resources for Youth (STORY) board.



Phil Fram, VP Sales and Marketing, at http://www.quadlogic.com" target="_blank">Quadlogic, has over 30 years of experience in B2B. Prior to Quadlogic, Phil was VP Marketing at Marinco Corp., an international manufacturer of industrial and marine components. Phil has successful experience in the technical product development process, and in marketing. Phil holds an AAS EE and BSBA from RIT and an MBA from Babson.



John Francis, Ph.D., is known the world over as the Planetwalker. In 1971, John witnessed an oil spill in the San Francisco Bay. The effects of the spill compelled John to stop using motorized vehicles. Several months later, to stop the arguments about the power of one persons actions, he took a vow of silence.


Susan joined The Better World Group – a firm recognized for its background and expertise in policy and communications strategy – in January 2008 as Executive Vice President, and is based in the company’s Silicon Valley office. She is known statewide for her expertise in public policy development, coalition management and nonprofit lobbying/advocacy, having served as CEO and in several senior-level roles in nonprofit organizations over the last 20-plus years. Previously, Susan served as the President & CEO of the Bay Area-based Steven and Michele Kirsch Foundation and, before that, President & CEO of the Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce. A graduate of Stanford University, she has been a member of the Board of Directors for the California League of Conservation Voters since November 2005, and previously served on the Board of Directors for the Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research and Coalition for Clean Air.

Frank Jr


A Nisqually Tribal member and chairman of the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, Frank has spent much of his life advocating for human rights for all.



Frankel is the Founder and CEO of The Greener Cleaner Chicago.

Frankel is an American pioneer in professional wetcleaning technology, the only method endorsed by the E.P.A., the Union of Concerned Scientists and Green Peace. Frankel shares how his company, The Greener Cleaner, has met the challenges of misinformation in the drycleaning business. Says Frankel, What you don't know about drycleaning chemicals can hurt you, our environment... and also your garments. Prior to founding The Greener Cleaner in 1995, Frankel served as COO and CEO in the industries of freight, and in medical care. Frankel earned his MBA from The University of Chicago, and a BA in Economics from The University of Pennsylvania. Frankel lives in Chicago with his three children, and wife who is a business partner. Frankel is a three time national champion in the sport of Ultimate Frisbee and enjoys mountain biking whenever possible.


Heather Franzese has been working for over 12 years to improve the lives of vulnerable farmers and workers in global supply chains. In 2010, she launched Fair Trade USA’s Fair Trade Certified™ Apparel & Linens program in the US, a new way for consumers to vote with their dollars for an alternative to sweatshops.

She currently leads Good World Solutions, a social enterprise that uses mobile technology to improve the lives of workers, farmers, and artisans. Heather brings together industry experience managing CSR for Columbia Sportswear Company’s licensed and collegiate categories, a fundraising track record of channeling $4 million in social impact philanthropy to Fair Trade certification, and field experience working with small-scale farmers in Peace Corps Mali. She sits on the Technical Working Group for the Council of Responsible Sport, a green certification for sporting events, and the City of San Francisco’s Sweatfree Procurement Advisory Group. She holds an MPP in Political and Economic Development from Harvard Kennedy School.


Philip Fraser is an international Art of Living instructor who has taught yoga and mediation for the past 22 years. Philip first learned the art of meditation when he was seven years old and has been practicing ever since. He studied music and composition in New York City, plays several instruments and has mastered a bamboo flute.


Eric Corey Freed, LEED AP, Hon. FIGP, is Principal of organicARCHITECT, an architecture and consulting firm in California, with nearly 20 years of experience in green building. Eric codeveloped the Sustainable Design programs at the Academy of Art University and University of California Berkeley Extension. He is on the boards of Architects, Designers ; Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR), Green Home Guide and West Coast Green, as well as the advisory boards of nearly a dozen other organizations. He was the founding Chair of Architecture for The San Francisco Design Museum and one of the founders of ecoTECTURE: The Online Journal of Ecological Design. He is a regular contributor for Sustainable Industries Journal, Luxe, Natural Home, Metropolitan Home and dozens of other publications. Eric lectures around the country at 40+ conferences a year, and his work has been featured in Dwell, Metropolis, Town ; Country, Natural Home and Newsweek. He has been seen on television on Fox News, HGTV, The Sundance Channel and PBS. When Eric was just 25 years old, noted architect and critic Philip Johnson described him as one of the real brains of his generation. Today, Eric continues the tradition of Organic Architecture, first developed by Frank Lloyd Wright. He is a founding board member and current Chair of the Coachella Valley branch of the US Green Building Council, and sits on the Sustainability Commission of the City of Palm Desert. He has received awards from several Mayors, and worked with dozens of municipalities around the country. Eric is the author of four books, including Green Building ; Remodeling for Dummies, a best seller with over 100,000 copies in print. His latest books, Sustainable School Architecture and Green$ense for your Home were just released in 2010. Eric is considered a leader in the field; named by San Francisco Magazine Best Green Architect in 2005 and Best Visionary in 2007; and Green Visionary by 7x7 Magazine in 2008.



Mr. Freeman leads Calvert's Sustainability Research Department and oversees its company research and analysis as well as its policy and advocacy work.

From 2003 until early 2006, he led Burson-Marsteller's Global Corporate Responsibility practice advising multinationals on policy development, stakeholder engagement and communications strategies related to human rights, labor rights and sustainable development. During the Clinton Administration he served in three positions as a presidential appointee in the State Department, most recently as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor from 1999 to early 2001. In that capacity, he led the development of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, the first human rights standard forged by governments, companies and NGOs for the extractive sectors. Earlier in his career he was Manager-Corporate Affairs for General Electric and a presidential campaign aide to former Vice President Walter Mondale. Mr. Freeman serves on the Boards of Oxfam America, the Institute for Business and Human Rights, the Revenue Watch Institute, the Global Network Initiative (GNI), the Genocide Intervention Network and EG Justice. From 2006-09 he served on the Board of the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) representing Oxfam.

He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations as well as a frequent speaker and media commentator on sustainable investment, corporate responsibility, human rights and U.S. foreign policy. Mr. Freeman received an MA in Modern History from the University of Oxford, where he studied as an English Speaking Union Churchill Scholar at Balliol College, and an AB in History from the University of California at Berkeley.


Freeman is the executive director of the New Organizing Institute, a training, research and development organization for technologyenabled organizers, activists, staff and leaders.

Freeman Gleason


FreemanGleason founded Environmental Home Center in 1991 and served as CEO until June 2000. He opened the business (originally called EnviResource) in Bainbridge Island, Washington, in 1991, and moved it to Seattle three years later when it outgrew its tiny quarters. While building the core of business that has grown to become ecohaus, FreemanGleason had responsibility for every aspect of the operation, including planning, retailstore management, purchasing, logistics, merchandising, personal, customer service, and financial control. In 2000 FreemanGleason took the company thru its first round of outside investment and recruited an expanded management team to grow the company forward.

As founder, FreemanGleason continues to provide vision his expansive background and industry experience as part of ecohaus senior management team and on its board . As Chief Knowledge Officer of ecohaus, he works to develop the companys knowledge base and context, other areas of focus include training, product development, and identification and monitoring of sustainability issues related to ecohaus. With his extensive knowledge of the industry, he keeps the company focused on its core mission of providing topquality, truly green products along with candid, credible information.

Prior to founding the company, FreemanGleason worked professionally as a carpenter and builder on both houses and wooden boats. His lifelong avocation has been the natural environment

FreemanGleason is a frequent speaker at architectural and design seminars and conferences, as well as government and educational forums, where he shares his vision passion and expertise on green building, and sustainability
He has also been active on various nonprofit boards. He is past president of Northwest Natural Resource Group, and a cofounder and past board member of Northwest Eco Building Guild. He currently serves as an advisor for the Northwest Natural Resource Group and as a steering committee member for FSCs regional initiative.

FreemanGleason earned his BS in geography from State University of New York at Buffalo.



Omar Freilla is an environmental justice activist, cooperative developer, and founder and coordinator of Green Worker Cooperatives in the Bronx. Raised in the South Bronx, where he continues to live, Omar Freilla is passionate about creating a green and democratic economy. He is nationally recognized as a leading voice for worker ownership, green jobs, and environmental justice and is founder and coordinator of Green Worker Cooperatives, an organization dedicated to incubating green and worker-owned businesses in the Bronx.

Freilla brings to his work years of experience challenging environmental injustices, and supporting the development of worker-owned businesses. His writings have appeared in numerous books, blogs, and articles, and he has been featured in several documentaries, including Leonardo DiCaprio’s environmental documentary The 11th Hour. Additionally, he has received numerous awards for his work, including the Rockefeller Foundation’s Jane Jacobs Medal for New Ideas and Activism and was listed in Ebony Magazine's "Power 100" list for 2011.

He holds a master’s degree in environmental science from Miami University of Ohio and a B.S. from Morehouse College.


Julie Freitas has been a doula and childbirth educator for the past 37 years.She teaches private childbirth education classes, and also works at the Westside Family Clinic, where she educates parents-to-be planning to deliver at UCLA and utilize Certified Nurse Midwives. Julie Freitas is the mother of three grown children, Terence, Kian, and Jennifer, and carries with her thewisdom derivedfrom her own home births withbothdoctors and midwives. Her child-raising experiences include being an active part of the Waldorf School Community and later transitioning her children into public schools. She and her son Terrence have been activeinmanypolitical and environmentalactions and have appeared on bothKPFK'sThe Lawyers Guild and Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman. She has also appeared on numerous television programs, discussing parenting and birth-related topics.



Devorah Freudiger got a job as a barista in a downtown coffee shop because she thought it would be a fun way to spend her first summer in San Francisco before moving on to bigger and better things. Seven years and six summers later, nothing has been bigger or better to Devorah than the specialty coffee industry. In this time she has had the chance to work with more amazing people than she can count and has tasted coffees that changed her life. Devorah helped to open Ritual Coffee roasters as their first employee where she learned about coffee, barista craft and roasting. It was there that she cupped coffee for the first time and realized all the many flavors possible in a simple cup. Then she spent time in the frozen northeast as the Retail Trainer for Gimme Coffee, there she led weekly public cuppings and created a brew to order coffee program. She finally returned to California to make her home at Equator Coffees, where she is learning about the wholesale coffee world. Here she is surrounded by some of the most amazing coffees she has ever tasted and is fortunate enough to work with the smartest team she has ever met. Devorah thinks being a barista is the best job in the world, and warns all the new baristas she works with that once you get a taste of how superb coffee and coffee culture can be, you might never set down the cup.



Freundlich is Director of Strategic Initiatives with Calvert and has been with Calvert Foundation since 1997. Tim conceived of and launched Calvert Giving Fund, the socially responsible donor advised fund.

He continues to lead development of the Calvert Giving Fund, and works on special projects such as capitalization, the social enterprise portfolio and large custom investor relationships. Tim helped to prototype Community Investment Partners, an analysis and asset administration group for community development and social enterprise investment. He has also been instrumental in building Calvert Community Investment Notes.

Outside of Calvert Foundation, Tim spends much of his time developing social capital markets as an author and as an advisor to various nonprofits, with a concentration in alternative/independent media (including www.ChannelG.tv). He is a member of the www.xigi.net Steering Committee and a Founding Principal of Good Capital, LLC (www.goodcap.net). Tim has served on the board of Social Venture Partners International and was a Founding Partner in SVPBay Area.

Tim received a BA in Film from Wesleyan University (CT) and an MBA from the University of San Francisco. Previously, Tim was a documentary video editor, a wine buyer and a manager/partner of restaurants in New York City and on the coast of Maine. He lives in San Francisco with his wife Julie and son Milo.
Freundlich is Director of Strategic Initiatives with Calvert and has been with Calvert Foundation since 1997. Tim conceived of and launched Calvert Giving Fund, the socially responsible donor advised fund. He continues to lead development of the Calvert Giving Fund, and works on special projects such as capitalization, the social enterprise portfolio and large custom investor relationships. Tim helped to prototype Community Investment Partners, an analysis and asset administration group for community development and social enterprise investment. He has also been instrumental in building Calvert Community Investment Notes.

Outside of Calvert Foundation, Tim spends much of his time developing social capital markets as an author and as an advisor to various nonprofits, with a concentration in alternative/independent media (including www.ChannelG.tv). He is a member of the www.xigi.net Steering Committee and a Founding Principal of Good Capital, LLC (www.goodcap.net). Tim has served on the board of Social Venture Partners International and was a Founding Partner in SVPBay Area.

Tim received a BA in Film from Wesleyan University (CT) and an MBA from the University of San Francisco. Previously, Tim was a documentary video editor, a wine buyer and a manager/partner of restaurants in New York City and on the coast of Maine. He lives in San Francisco with his wife Julie and son Milo.

Joan Friedlander, owner of Lifework Business Partners, is a published author, professional coach, and skilled facilitator. Joan specializes in working closely with selfemployed parent entrepreneurs working from a homebased office through her BPod program. Working with six business owners at a time, she helps them to scale up to the next phase of growth using a 3pronged approach: improve market positioning, address competing priorities associated with being a parent and business owner, and with building a virtual business team to reduce their personal workload. In all her work Joan champions a workstyle approach towards business success: productive, sustainable and humanfriendly. She lives in northern Virginia, where she works with clients from all over the United States and Canada.

Joan has been a sustaining supporter of Green America since 2003. Since early 2009, after moving to Virginia, she has been volunteering regularly at the D.C. headquarters in the Green Business Network department. In early 2010 she worked closely with one of the staff members to develop a pilot mentoring program for members of the Green Business Network.

Joan is coauthor of Women, Work and Autoimmune Disease: Keep Working Girlfriend, and of two business workbooks: Grow Up Your Business: Stop Flying by the Seat of Your Pants, and The Master Calendar Solution: Focus on What's Most Important, Profit from What You Do Best. For more information about Joan's work, visit www.lifeworkpartners.com.



Gil Friend is President and CEO of Natural Logic, Inc., helping companies design, implement and measure profitable sustainability strategies. Recent clients have included such companies as Arizona Public Service, Coca Cola, eBay, Hewlett Packard, Levi Straus & Co, Steelcase, SunPower, US General Services Administration and many others.Friend is widely considered one of the founders of the sustainable business movement, and was named an inaugural member of the Sustainability Hall of Fame. He served in the California Governor’s Office, developing early sustainability policies and programs; was a founding director of Internet pioneer Institute for Global Communications, and was cofounder and codirector of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.



Fristad survived fifteen years as a deckhand on a wide array of vessels and adventures. Fristad chased herring near Togiak, Alaska; crab off the Columbia River; salmon more places than she can remember; and for five years pursued fish in the name of science. Eventually, the tide brought her to Port Townsend, Washington where she continues to write, teach and work as Campus Director of Goddard College. Fristad was a subject in the documentary film, FISHER POETS. Fristad's poems have been published in anthologies and journals including: Rosebud, Americas Review, The Blue Collar Review, Hanging Loose, The Seattle Review, Working the Woods, Working the Sea: An Anthology of Northwest Writing and Poets of the American West. Her Poem, Advice to Female Deckhands was included on a CD produced by the Salmon Nation Artists Project. Fristad's newest work is memoir, thinly disguised as fiction.


Carin Froehlich is the author of Laundry Wisdom: Instructions for a Greener ; Cleaner Life and believes that our environment will suffer thanks in part to some of the new, stateoftheart, overpriced appliances and thoughtless, damaging products that are being marketed. The first book of its kind, Laundry Wisdom offers fascinating information as well as helpful tips, including how to make costsaving laundry products at home that can do the same job as what the expensive store brands do.

Froehlich has added laundry to the American experience thanks to her slim volume that tackles many facets of one of the most hated but necessary household chores, which includes rich stories about generations of doing laundry. Readers may be surprised to discover that there are places in America where it is illegal to hang wet laundry out to dry. They will also yield the rewards from the author's research for a greener way of life so that they can make their own decisions about how they want to do their laundry.

Carin Froehlich is an accomplished entrepreneur known for introducing the first hospital gown with a closed back in 1982, patent pending. Carin also reestablished her family's business, Ingleby Farms, a specialty food company. Now retired, she resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with her family while tending to her grandchildren and her awardwinning gardens. Find out more about the author at www.laundrywisdom.com.

FrontRange Earth Force


Earth Force engages young people as active citizens who improve the environment and their communities now and in the future.

In this era of rapid global change, we face what may be humanitysgreatest challenge. The rate at which humans are changing theenvironment dwarfs all previous experiences in terms of its speed, thescale of its consequences and in the numbers of people who will beaffected.

Alarmingly, the generation of Americans that will soon be called uponto address these challengesthose currently in our schoolshave alimited understanding of environmental issues, our civic system and/orhow to develop and implement balanced solutions to natural resourcechallenges.

The problem is not a shortage of environmental information. There isplenty of information with media saturation of environmental stories atan all time high. The problem is that we have not fostered youngpeoples ability to critically assess that information and use it tomake sound choices.

National Science Foundations Advisory Committee for EnvironmentalResearch and Education points to the center of issue when they said inthe coming decades, the public will more frequently be called upon tounderstand complex environmental issues, assess risk, evaluate proposedenvironmental plans and understand how individual decisions affect theenvironment at the local and global scale.

Our Response
Now is the time to foster a scientifically capable and civicallyengaged populace. Through Earth Force young people get handson,realworld opportunities to practice civic skills, acquire andunderstand environmental knowledge, and develop the skills andmotivation to become lifelong leaders in addressing environmentalissues.

Earth Force achieves these results by training and supporting educatorsas they implement our unique sixstep model for engaging young people.Thanks to 10 years of rigorous evaluation, we know that our modelpositions young people to use their creativity and passion to play ameaningful role in environmental decisionmaking.

Earth Force knows that little can be accomplished by working alone. Tomeet our goals, Earth Force partners with businesses, schools,communitybased organizations and civic leaders nationwide.



Aisha Fukushima is a singer, educator, writer and self-proclaimed 'RAPtivist' (rap activist). She has lived and engaged in hip hop communities in France, Japan, Morocco, England, South Africa, Senegal, India and Denmark. Leader of the 'RAPtivism' (rap activism) project, Aisha works to raise awareness around global intersections between hip hop and social justice. Her RAPtivism work has been featured in publications such as Oprah Magazine, The Bangalore Mirror and HYPE : South Africa's#1 Hip Hop Magazine. Aisha has also graced stages from Seattle's historic Paramount Theater to Pirineos Sur in the mountains of Spain and Mawazine Festival hosted by King Mohammed VI in Rabat, Morocco.



David enjoyed two decades as an entrepreneur in the services and technology sectors before cofounding Our Future Now. Inspired by long journeys at sea on Americas Tall Ship the Coast Guard Barque Eagle, he spent seven years as a business coach and motivational counselor. As a natural implementor, he draws on his deep experience in team building, training and technology.

He is accomplished as a project manager with an emphasis on business development, marketing and promotion. Believing that, it takes a village, he has invested his life in service to the community as a builder and guide. David has donated his services building homes, classrooms, missions and large scale art installations.

In his role with Our Future Now, he and Michael Kang (The String Cheese Incident) are working with events ranging from small gatherings to largescale music festivals to promote Green practices and use art in those venues to teach the principles and techniques of sustainable living. This years undertakings will include Green Apple Festival (San Francisco), Rothbury Music Festival, Lollapalooza, and Burning Man.



Kari Fulton is an award winning environmental justice advocate and new media journalist. Recently, Fulton was appointed as the Interim Director of the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative. In her previous position as the National Youth Campaign Coordinator for the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative (EJCC) Fulton led EJCC’s partnership with the Energy Action Coalition helping to coordinate national campus campaigns and youth summits such as Power Shift 2009; the largest lobby day and youth summit on Climate Change in United States history. The EJCC youth program supports a new generation of change agents through workshops, leadership development and assistance in building campus and community initiatives.

In April of 2009, Fulton co-founded Checktheweather.TV (formerly Checktheweather.net) a national online community and web platform to amplify the voices of young people of color advocating for environmental justice. Fulton has traveled across the United States, Europe and Latin America reporting on international Climate Change conferences and negotiations. Fulton’s work has been featured in various media including Black Entertainment Television (BET), The Sundance Channel, MSNBC and Glamour Magazine. Most recently, Ebony Magazine listed Fulton in their 2010 Power 100 list. Fulton is a native of Denver, Colorado, a proud alumna of the Howard University John H. Johnson School of Communications and a current resident of Washington, DC.