Maureen Wagener volunteers as a board member of African People’s Education & Defense Fund and as the director of Uhuru Pies, an economic development project of the African People’s Education & Defense Fund. She has built a successful campaign for social justice and economic self-reliance in the African community under the leadership of the African People’s Education & Defense Fund, through the Uhuru Pie Campaign. Thousands of people participate in selling, buying and eating Uhuru Pies each year in November. She has a strong background in non-profit fundraising and community organizing. She was part of the People’s Food System in the SF Bay Area in the late 1970s.


Evan Wagner is Sustainability Steward of" target="_blank"> At Occupy, he is on the committee creating a complementary currency system. This spring, he intends to launch a local organic food based banking and currency system, called Permabank. Berkeley educated, he has worked as a project manager and in real estate development.

Wald (Mr. Ellie Pooh)

Wild elephants in Sri Lanka are being killed at an alarming rate


Walker is CoFounder of Transition Whidbey and has remained an avid participant and supporter of the movement to relocalize Whidbey Island since 2007. Walker sits on several committees on Whidbey Island representing TW's efforts to move the island community toward food, energy, and economic self reliance.


Poet, short story writer, novelist, essayist, anthologist, teacher, editor, publisher, womanist,mother, activist, and dear friend, student and comrade of Howard Zinn, Walker is a prolific writer in multiple genres. Her fiction, in particular her novels, have established her as a canonical figure in American letters.Walker's novels include The Temple of My Familiar, Possessing the Secret of Joy, The Color Purple, In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens, and Anything We Love Can Be Saved. Walker's most recent collection of essays is We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For, wherein she pays tribute to such figures as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Fidel Castro, and also challenges us to find, in this dissolving world, a practice that will sustain and direct us. The Color Purple, now a classic of American literature, celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2007. The awardwinning novel served as the inspiration for Steven Spielberg's 1985 film and has been adapted for the stage by Scott Sanders. Walker's writings have been translated into more than two dozen languages, and her books have sold more than ten million copies. Along with the Pulitzer Prize and the American Book Award, Walker's awards and fellowships include a Guggenheim Fellowship and a residency at Yaddo.


Angela Walker is Global Exchange’s former Human Rights Associate and Media Director. While at Global Exchange, she worked with legislators, laborers, NGO leaders, academics, and journalists throughout North America on developing alternatives to the North American Free Trade Agreement. She traveled to Mexico to meet with farmers to research their local, fair trade initiatives. On behalf of Global Exchange, she co-publishedThe Right to Stay Home: Alternatives to Mass Displacement and Forced Migration in North America. Before arriving at Global Exchange, Angela worked as an organizer and researcher focusing on issues of economic development in Central America. Currently, she is pursuing a J.D./LL.M. in International Human Rights at Northwestern University School of Law where she is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of International Human Rights.


Allen graduated from the New School of Massage, Bodywork and Healing in 2006. Allen has had a successful practice as a massage therapist and has teamed up with acupuncturists to treat pathologies related to Chinese medicine. Having an interest in Asian philosophy and medicine, Allen began studying Asian bodywork and healing, which was inspired by his years of Buddhist training. Allen has also studied extensively with Tibetan Yogis, which has inspired the core of his bodywork practice and livelihood. Allen has furthered his bodywork studies at Zen Shiatsu and completed the Thai Bodywork program at Chicago School of Thai Massage. Allen has studied yoga, meditation, Tibetan and Tibetan Ayurvedic Medicine in India. While there, he designed and taught a blend of Western and Eastern bodywork to Tibetan refugees in Dharmamsala for low income Tibetans. Allen currently is both in the not-for-profit mental health field and in private bodywork practice incorporating lifestyle assessment, meditation, yoga and motivational interviewing.


Paul Walker is part of the JUST FOOD program and Oakland Food Connection. He manages a farm stand in East Oakland and provides educational trainings in elementary schools.


Ira Wallace serves on the board of the Organic Seed Alliance and is a worker/owner of the cooperatively managed Southern Exposure Seed Exchange where she coordinates variety selection and seed grower contracts. Southern Exposure offers over 700 varieties of openpollinated heirloom and organic seeds selected for flavor and regional adaptability. Southern Exposure helps people keep control of their food supply by supporting sustainable home and market gardening, seed saving, and preserving heirloom varieties.

In addition, Ira is a member of Acorn Community which farms over 60 acres of certified organic land in Central Virginia, growing seeds, alliums, hay, and conducting variety trials for Southern Exposure. She is also an organizer of the Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello, a fun, familyfriendly event featuring an oldtime seed swap, local food, handson workshops and demos, and more. The Festival is quickly growing to become an important regional gathering with over 2,700 attendees in 2009.

Ira was cooperator with the SAREsponsored Saving Our Seeds Project .She presents at events sponsored by the Virginia Association of Biological Farmers (VABF), Virginia Master Gardeners, Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (CFSA), and Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (SSAWG)


Stephanie Wang is the Program Director of the Clean Coalition, a non-profit organization focused on making clean, local energy accessible through policy innovation. She leads the organization's campaigns for CLEAN programs, both in California and nationwide. Stephanie is an attorney with expertise in energy policy, project development and project finance. Her opinions on clean energy policy have appeared in the San Jose Mercury News and Sustainable Industries. Before joining the Clean Coalition team, she advised Pacific Environment on energy policy, regulatory proceedings and strategic planning. For the previous six years, she was a real estate and clean energy attorney with both Cox Castle & Nicholson in San Francisco and Fried Frank in New York City. She earned her J.D. and B.A. from the University of Michigan.


Drew Wanke is part of Green Living Project’s Mobile Tour team, sharing personal experiences in wildlife research along with inspiring stories of global sustainability with schools and communities around the nation. Drew completed his B.S. in wildlife science from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry in 2007. He has worked extensively in wildlife research and regulatory processes associated with natural resource inventory and impact assessment. Drew has conducted field surveys to monitor rare and endangered species, with a large focus on bat populations. Drew and his partner Tanya sold their property in 2010 to join the Green Living Project Mobile Tour. The team has traveled the United States in their biodiesel RV, sharing local and global sustainability stories with audiences of all ages.


Pam Wanveer is a Level 3 Tellington TTouch Practitioner, one of 6 level 3's in the USA and has been a Practitioner for the last 18 years. Her background in Special Education, learning, behavior and history with and love of animals brought her to her present vocation. TTouch has been used internationally for the last 35 years. TTouch uses body work, wraps and movement exercises to help animals learn self and impulse control and improved ability to focus and learn. TTouch recognizes the links between posture, movement, stressors like fear or pain and behavior. It promotes calm and self-control to enable animals to move beyond instinctive fearful responses to its environment making learning easier and more fun while enhancing relationship. TTouch is very useful for dogs who show fear, noise sensitivity or aggressive behaviors.


Neil Ward is a fourth generation Androscoggin River Valley resident. He was a founding member of the Androscoggin River Alliance. In 2006, he became the Program Director of the Androscoggin River Alliance. Neil graduated from Unity College in Maine, with a B.S. in environmental policy.


Keith Ware is currently the VicePresident of Operations of Ecogreen living. Ecogreen living began as Future Green where Keith managed the build out and opening procedures of this firstofakind business. Future exhibited steady growth for eight months.


Matt Warning teaches economics at the University of Puget Sound. For more than 20 years, he has studied poverty in agrarian communities in developing countries. Most recently his research has concerned coffee communities in Latin America. He holds a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley.


Having spent her early childhood in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, and having returned twice to Iraq since the U.S.invasion, Dr. Wasfi has a firsthand understanding of the invasions devastating repercussions. In this insightful talk, you will learn more about the invasions negative impact on the people and land of Iraq. Wasfi will share a host of evidence for ending the U.S. occupation. Wasfi studied medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. She now give talks around the country about the devastation caused by the U.S. invasion of Iraq.


Mia Wasilevich is a self-taught chef and wild foodie in Los Angeles, California. By the age of 15 she had already traveled to more than 20 countries. A Southern California native, Mia’s cultural background is a mix of Russian, American Indian and South American and through the lens of such a diverse heritage, her culinary lexicon embraces both the simple, homespun foods of the countryside as well as modern urban gastronomy.

Her culinary passions include studying food anthropology and applying traditional, as well as molecular gastronomy to her culinary experiments. In addition, her interest in sustainable and local food sources led her to embrace learning about wild food foraging and her introduction to her Transitional Gastronomy partner Pascal Baudar was serendipitous.

Having always talked about living a truly sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle, Mia has contributed to some notable green blogs and books, only recently has she been able to put this lifestyle into practice on a daily basis by living off her urban garden and the wild foods in her terroire.

Mia is a writer, communications/marketing specialist and project manager. She used to enjoy archery, but now her free time is spent happily cooking, texting in the wilderness, photographing and learning to like practical shoes.


Carol Anne Wasserman is a certified holistic health practitioner with a private practice in Manhattan and Hawthorne, New York. She specializes in natural and permanent weight loss via the use of whole and organic foods, because diets just don’t work!

Carol graduated cum laude from New York University and trained at the Kushi Institute of Macrobiotics. Coupled with counseling sessions, Carol also gives private cooking lessons. She loves taking clients, new to healthy eating, through health food stores as she explains the basics.

Recently featured on news 12 as the Vegetarian Week expert, she was also on the covers Macrobiotics Today Magazine and Inside Chappaqua Magazine. Her cable TV show, Get Healthy With Carol, features quick and easy recipes that will get you started on the path to wellness.

"I have worked with numerous clients over the years. I have helped people who have struggled their entire lives with weight loss, who have tried every fad diet to ever hit the market, and who have lost and re-gained weight repeatedly. As I counsel and coach, my clients learn first-hand how making better choices becomes easier, habit forming, and even fulfilling. Permanent weight loss is not about starvation or deprivation. It is about learning to enjoy more whole, natural foods and making the right choices. You can eat to live but also live to eat and still be fabulously fit and healthy." - Carol Anne Wasserman

Wasserman Nieto

LVEJO's coordinator, Kimberly Wasserman Nieto, has worked at LVEJO since it was founded in 1998. She has participated and facilitated in National Trainings with National Council of La Raza, Community Toolbox and the USEPA. She also participated in the community development and popular education program in Chicago: once as a trainee and the second time as a facilitator. She previously worked at the Little Village Boys ; Girls Club as the Computer Coordinator.

Her work with LVEJO began when the Club was going to be closed and the staff and students rallied with the help of LVEJO to keep it open. Currently as Coordinator, she oversees the community projects, leadership development and inner workings of the organization. Her biggest accomplishment to date is raising two activists aged 8 and 2.

She has since been appointed by the governor to the Illinois Food, Farms and Jobs Task Force.


One of Americas most influential chefs, Waters created a revolution in 1971 when she introduced local, organic fare at her Berkeley, California restaurant Chez Panisse. Credited for helping change the food landscape in America, Chez Panisse was named best restaurant in the U.S. by Gourmet magazine in 2001.

Waters has championed sustainable farms and ranches for more than three decades, and brought her vision to public schools through the Chez Panisse Foundation ( The Foundation operates The Edible Schoolyard at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, where students plant, harvest and prepare fresh food as part of the academic curriculum.

Waters is the founder of the Yale Sustainable Food Project and vice president of Slow Food International. She is the recipient of the 2004 NRDC Force for Nature Award and the 2008 Harvard Global Environmental Citizen Award alongside Kofi Annan.

Waters is the author of 8 books, including The Art of Simple Food: Notes and Recipes from a Delicious Revolution and Edible Schoolyard: A Universal Idea.


Tom Watson manages the King County EcoConsumer public education program. As part of that work, he writes the EcoConsumer column for the Seattle Times; makes scheduled appearances on KOMO4 TV and KOMO radio; and does a variety of other outreach through the media. Tom has been with King County Recycling and Environmental Services for 19 years.


Geoff has spent the last 17 years in pursuit of better coffee as the chief buyer for" target="_blank">Intelligentsia. He’s served as an official judge in over 30 international coffee competitions and is a well-known and outspoken advocate for quality in coffee as a mechanism for advancing sustainability in coffee production systems and creating opportunity for farmers to escape the constraints of the commodity market. As a pioneer of the Direct Trade approach and consultant for several development organizations he has spent more than 50% of his time over the last decade working closely with coffee growers in East Africa and Central/South America to improve quality and build systems for ensuring traceability and transparency in the supply chain.


Laura Weathered is the Executive Director of the Near NorthWest Arts Council, an artist directed nonprofit organization. She is trained as a visual artist with MFA from University of Southern California. An artist/activist, she is dedicated to cooperative strategies that empower artistic activity as sustainable part of community development. Laura did post graduate work in Urban Development, at Spertus Institute concentrating on affordable housing. Laura participated in the Arts Entrepreneurs 2000 program with Bill Strickland of the Manchester Guild. Laura facilitates workshops in consensus decision making and cooperative organizing. A fine artist working in paint media, Laura applies creative skills to practical problems within a community context.

Under her direction, NNWAC initiated the $3.2m development of the Acme Artists Community, permanent affordable work/live space. It is Chicago's first artist housing, designed, developed and owned by professional artists, offering a significant hedge against gentrification. The project demonstrates affordable housing from a consumers perspective, eliminating middle men yet offering artists substantial input on design and development.

Laura is an active participant in research and cultural planning with the City of Chicago, Department of Cultural Affairs and Commissioner of the local special service area tax district serving Bucktown Wicker Park. She is a frequent guest lecturer at universities, colleges and neighborhood design centers including: School of the Art Institute, the Center for Arts Policy at Columbia College, DePaul University, Vanderbuilt University, Nashville Design Center, Toledo Art Space. Laura is a member of the Wicker Park Food Coop, advisor to the Dill Pickle Food Coop and she is an active consultant with new work/live projects.


Matthew is a renaissance man of the modern age and dedicated to finding Truth in all things claiming, "I can build anything out of anything." Matthew specializing in functional art and interior designs made from scrap and salvaged materials as well as theatrical and musical performance. He is the Program leader for the Safer Foundation deconstruction program, training ex-offenders in his craft of creating functional art, the designer for Einstein Moments interactive art installation for Electric Forest music festival, a certified yoga instructor, founder of the improv comedy troupe, Organic Monkey Improv, philosopher and poet. Matthew loves to create in all means possible and is always looking for the next big challenge. He thanks his friends and family for all the support and knowledge they have shared that have brought him to where here is now.

Weeks founded Boundless Yoga in 2002 to foster transformation. Weeks believes that yoga is evolving rapidly as we enter the 21st century fullswingand that it is a form of solace and inspiration in stressful times.


Zoe Weil is the president of the Institute for Humane Education (IHE), which is dedicated to educating people to becomechangemakers in creating a healthy, humane, and just world for all. With the goalto inspire a society of solutionaries, IHE offers graduate programs, online courses,workshops, and resources that advance comprehensive humane education worldwide.
Humane education addresses the interconnected issues of human rights, environmentalpreservation, and animal protection. IHE’s M.Ed., M.A. and graduate certificate inhumane education, offered through an affiliation with Valparaiso University, are the onlyprograms of their kind. Zoe is the author of Nautilus Silver Medal winner Most Good,Least Harm; Above All, Be Kind: Raising a Humane Child in Challenging Times; ThePower and Promise of Humane Education, and Moonbeam gold medal winner Claudeand Medea, about 12-year-old activists.


Al Weinrub is a member of the Sierra Club California Energy-Climate Committee and serves on the Steering Committee of the Bay Area's Local Clean Energy Alliance. He is author of the highly acclaimed COMMUNITY POWER: Decentralized Renewable Energy in California, and is a member and past Vice-President of the National Writers Union, UWW Local 1981 AFL/CIO.


Mark Weisbrot is co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, in Washington, D.C. He received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Michigan. He has written numerous research papers on economic policy, especially on Latin America and international economic policy. He is also co-author, with Dean Baker, of Social Security: The Phony Crisis (University of Chicago Press, 2000).

He writes a weekly column for The Guardian Unlimited (U.K.), and a regular column on economic and policy issues that is distributed to over 550 newspapers by McClatchy-Tribune Information Services. His opinion pieces have appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and almost every major U.S. newspaper, as well as for Brazil’s largest newspaper, Folha de Sao Paulo. He appears regularly on national and local television and radio programs. He is also president of Just Foreign Policy.


Weisman is an awardwinning journalist whose reports from around the world have appeared in Harper's, The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, Los Angeles Times Magazine, Orion, Wilson Quarterly, Vanity Fair, Mother Jones, Discover, Audubon, Conde Nast Traveler, and in many anthologies, including Best American Science Writing 2006.

His most recent book, The World Without Us, a bestseller translated into 30 languages, was named the Best Nonfiction Book of 2007 by both Time magazine and Entertainment Weekly, and was iTunes #1 Nonfiction Audiobook of 2007. The book was also a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award in Nonfiction and the Orion Prize, as well as being named a Book Sense 2008 Honor Book. His previous books include An Echo in My Blood; Gaviotas: A Village to Reinvent the World, the tenthanniversary edition of which will publish this year; and La Frontera: The United States Border with Mexico. Weisman has also written the foreword to The World We Have by Thich Nhat Han, which the Buddhist publishing house Parallex Press will publish this fall.

A senior producer for Homelands Productions, Weismans documentaries have aired on National Public Radio, Public Radio International, and American Public Media. Each spring, he leads an annual field program in international journalism at the University of Arizona, where he is laureate associate professor in journalism and Latin American studies. He and his wife, sculptor Beckie Kravetz, live in western Massachusetts.


Peter Weiss – The Singing Scientist is a research scientist at the University of California Santa Cruz, who performs music for children and their families with the aim of educating people about environmental issues. Dubbed “a Pete Seeger for the Environment”, Weiss encourages listeners to keep trash out of the oceans with the title track from his latest CD “Do As You Otter – Don’t Pollute the Water”. Guitar-pickin’ Dr. Weiss also sings songs about marine life, Earth Day, commuting by bike and using solar ovens.


PeaceKeeper™ Cause-Metics™ is an eco-green, sustainable cosmetics company which gives donations to urgent human rights issues for women and children. Nominated as a finalist for "Best Lip Product of the Year" by CEW, PeaceKeeper’s products are some of the most natural in the industry. PeaceKeeper sources certain raw ingredients from developing world farmers, who tend to be mostly women and gives micro-credit loans to their families. The line features products made without harmful ingredients or as they like to say, “No Nasty Anything”… and there is no animal testing! PeaceKeeper’s Founder, Jody R. Weiss is an activist who believes that just by chance of birth we were entrusted a duty and a privilege to have the resources to help the least among us. That is why PeaceKeeper’s slogan is “Transform You. Transform The World.


Stefanie Iris Weiss is the author of nine books, including her latest - "Eco-Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable" (Random House/Ten Speed Press, 2010). She keeps her carbon footprint small in New York City, where she writes about sustainability, sexuality, reproductive rights, dating and relationships, politics, fashion, beauty, and more. Stefanie’s "Sexual Healing" column posts weekly on She also has a monthly column in British ELLE, and has written for Above Magazine,, GOOD Magazine, The Daily Green, Marie Claire, and Teen Vogue, to name a few. Stefanie is also an on-and-off adjunct professor when not busy writing and teaching about sustainable love. A vegetarian and eco-activist since her teen years, Stefanie has made her passion into her work, and she wouldn't want it any other way. She believes that life is always better when there's more pleasure, and sustainable satisfaction is the best kind.


Robert Weissman is president of Public Citizen, and is an expert on corporate power, and the ways that corporations extend and reinforce their power in the economic, political, cultural, and legal spheres. He is the former editor of Multinational Monitor, a magazine that tracks corporate actions worldwide. Public Citizen has called for a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court's decision holding that corporations have a First Amendment right to spend whatever they like from the corporate treasury to influence election outcomes. Robert has appeared on CBS, CNN, PBS, CNBC, NPR and Marketplace, and has been published and quoted in publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Economist, The Financial Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Time Magazine, and other Associated Press publications.


Welch is one of DC's great serial entrepreneurs, doing it green. She currently owns Dogs by Day, GreenPets, Big Monkey Comics, and Elements, a community designed raw, vegan, cafe and bar to be opening soon on 14th street NW.


Welch is the publisher and editorial director of Ogden Publications and an expert of green media.

Welch grew up in rural New Mexico where he had his first experiences with sustainable living herding goats in the Chihuahuan Desert. Welch later worked as a journalist, editor and in other management roles for newspapers in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Washington and Connecticut. He holds a master's degree from Harvard University where he studied media policy and media management at the Kennedy School of Government and Harvard Business School.

Welch began Ogden Publications in 1996 based in Topeka, Kansas. Key brands include Mother Earth News, Natural Home, Utne Reader, The Herb Companion and Grit. Ogden Publications also serves niche markets with magazines and books targeting rural lifestyle, farm memorabilia and classic motorcycle communities, and provides insurance and financial services through its Capper's Insurance Service division. Ogden provides consulting services to companies focused on green markets. The company's Web sites include the carbonoffset shopping site,

Welch is a member of the Magazine Publishers of America board of directors, and the Down Home Ranch Foundation board of directors. He is a past chairman of the Independent Magazine Advisory Group within the Magazine Publishers of America. He serves on the board of directors for Social Venture Network.

Welch also writes a blog, Rancho Cappuccino: Philosophy and farming with publisher Bryan Welch, on the Mother Earth News Web site. Welch raises organic, grassfed cattle, sheep and goats on his 50acre farm near Lawrence, Kansas.


Certified nutritionist and holistic health expert, Ashley Welch, specializes in the importance of nourishing the body through a balanced combination of diet, physical fitness, and holistic lifestyle design. She is a key figure in Los Angeles’s health movement, and has played vital roles in multiple nutrition networks throughout the entire Southern California Region. Most recently she has created, a holistic nutrition and fitness website full of information, videos, corporate wellness programs, ActiveKids programs, and much more!

Today, ActiveAsh is speaking internationally, hosting educational seminars to inform the public of it’s current health state, and how we can counteract the damage that has been done through a balanced combination of proper nutrition, fitness, and well-being. Stop by today and stay up-to-date with Ashley's ActiveHealth monthly newsletter!


Wellknown as a lecturer, creativity consultant and strategic thinker, Brian has cofounded two international consulting firms specializing in brain/mind learning, mind mapping and spiritual development. Over the past 20 years, Brian has worked as an organizational learning specialist in a substantial number of Fortune 500 clients. He is a Vedic meditation teacher of 40 years, a team builder, facilitator and seminar presenter. Brian has contributed to 3 books on the themes of learning and critical social change including Waking up in Time by Peter Russell. Curing the 1980's Brian worked with 4 departments of the British civil service with the special focus on cultural change. He is a cofounder and spokesman for Willits Economic Localization, a leading edge community in Northern California dedicated to preparing for the imminent effects of climate change. In 2006 Brian was one of 112 invited specialists at the international forum Dropping Knowledge in Berlin.

Brian's current focus is to help fast tract sustainability. He is a visiting lecturer with 2 leading sustainability business institutions The Bainbridge Graduate Institute and the Dominican University Green MBA program in San Rafael, California. In 2006/7, Brian coproduced and presented at the Regional Localization Networking Conferences in Willits, California. These conferences, the first of their kind, were attended by representatives from 30 communities in California, Washington and Nevada. Brian has also been an advisor to the Solar Living Institute in Northern California where he has helped bring sustainable living education to the world through online courseware.

He is currently planning the Marin County Sustainable Leadership conference for the communities of Marin County, Northern California that are active in sustainability.


je & jo comestibles is a small artisanal ice cream company based in Hell's Kitchen, NY owned by Jonathan Baker & Jennifer Welser. All ice creams are paired with a complementing layer of all natural cookie dough and hand packed in a single-serve sugar cane based cup. While trying to build a profitable business Jonathan and Jennifer strive to source locally & seasonally, use fair trade goods, use organic ingredients whenever possible , use sustainable & recycled disposables and be conscientious in every step of the process. Everything is manufactured on site.


Welton is a seasoned community organizer, activist and author. Cofounder of both SCALLOPS and Sustainable Bainbridge, Neva holds a master's degree in counseling psychology and is coauthor of Global Uprising, Confronting the Tyrannies of the 21st Century: Stories from a New Generation of Activists and Speaking and Listening from the Heart: A Facilitators Handbook.

A Bainbridge Island island resident for 28 years, Welton has devoted much of her time to community work in various capacities. She was a member of the 2025 Growth Advisory Committee; cocoordinator of 2005 Bainbridge Island Earth Day events; lead precinct organizer for the 23rd Legislative District Democrats in 2004; executive producer, 20012004, of the Conscientious Projector: Films of Hope for the People and the Planet; and cofounder of the Bainbridge Island Bill of Rights Defense Committee, which helped pass a local resolution to protect the civil rights and liberties of island residents.

Welton also worked for the City of Bainbridge Island creating and implementing their 1999/2000 Emergency Preparedness Campaign and most recently served as director of communications for the PeopleCentered Development Forum.


Carl joined the award-winning architectural firm Claremont Environmental Design Group (CEDG) as a principal in 2008. CEDG was incorporated in 1982 and founded on design principles that are the basis of LEED; the firm has been a leader in Eco-Systematic Planning and Regenerative Design for 30 years. Carl has worked as an architect in the Los Angeles area since 1989, and from 1996 to 2008 had his own successful practice.Carl received his B.Arch. from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1984, and his M.Arch. from Yale University in 1988. At Yale, he studied the relation between Cubism and 20th Century architecture.Carl strives to create an architecture that embodies our time, ideals and best technologies. He lived in Turkey as a child, and from Turkey’s rich history he gained an understanding and respect for the impact on future generations of how we build today. As a partner at CEDG, Carl is committed to building a sustainable future.


Gregory Wendt is Vice President of Sustainable and Responsible Investing at EP Wealth Advisors, Inc.,, a well-established Registered Investment Advisory firm with over $1 billion under management as of 1/1/11. As a veteran financial advisor since 1991, Greg advises clients who want to align their wealth through investments that reflect their priorities and concerns for a better world. His clients want to generate healthy returns while cultivating opportunities to improve life for current and future generations.

Greg frequently writes articles, speaks at conferences and is often profiled in media: "Living with Ed" on Home and Garden Television, Air America Radio, Business Ethics magazine, Daily Variety, Financial Planning Magazine and Yogi Times Magazine.

Greg is Co-Founder of" target="_blank">Green Business Networking, a non-profit business community of over 3,500 business owners and professionals committed to greening the economy in Los Angeles. He is also founder of" target="_blank">Green Economy Think Tank which convenes sustainability leaders in cities around the country to evolve actions and solutions for the Green Economy.

Greg is a native of Southern California and has lived in Santa Monica since 1983. He enjoys gourmet organic cooking with friends, hiking, swimming, biking, reading, camping, amateur photography, meditation, yoga and surfing. He combines his financial industry experience with three decades of daily spiritual practice to bring the perspective of consciousness to the world of sustainability, economics and wealth.


Ruth Werstler isfounder of the New Life for Old Bags project. She has worked for 14 years in senior housing. Prior to this work, she spent 13 years with Urban Outreach at North Park University. She has a BA from North Park University. Ruth is alifelong volunteer.


Jessica Assaf and Carly Wertheim, high school students from Marin County, are active members in the Teens for Safe Cosmetics Campaign. With passion and wisdom, they frequently speak at schools, to groups, and at large public events to educate others about this important cause.


One of America's most provocative public intellectuals, Cornel West has been a champion for racial justice since childhood. His writing, speaking, and teaching weave together the traditions of the black Baptist Church, progressive politics, and jazz. The New York Times has praised his ferocious moral vision.

Currently the Class of 1943 Professor at Princeton University, West burst onto the national scene in 1993 with his bestselling book, Race Matters, a searing analysis of racism in American democracy. Race Matters has become a contemporary classic, selling more than a half a million copies to date. In addition, West has published 16 other books and has edited 13 texts.

West earned his bachelor's degree from Harvard in three years, magna cum laude. Martin Kilson, one of his professors there, describes West as the most intellectually aggressive and highly cerebral student I have taught. After earning his Ph.D. at Princeton, he became a professor of religion and director of the AfroAmerican Studies program there. West has also taught at Union Theological Seminary, Yale, Harvard, and the University of Paris.

In his last book Democracy Matters, West analyzes the arrested development of democracy both in America and in the crisisridden Middle East. He argues that if America is to become a better steward of democratization around the world, it must first recognize its own long history of imperialist corruption. His latest CD, Never Forget: A Journey of Revelations is a collection of socially conscious music featuring collaborations with Prince, Outkast, Jill Scott, Talib Kweli. West also offers commentary weekly on The Tavis Smiley Show from PRI.

West was an influential force in developing the storyline for the popular Matrix movie trilogy and has served as its official spokesperson, as well as playing a recurring role in the final two films.


Sandie West is the owner of Creative Chakra Spa in Marina Del Rey. Celebrating 14 years as California’s first holistic health and fitness spa, Creative Chakra Spa is often imitated but never duplicated and remains the most romantic beachside getaway for couples in Los Angeles. Sandie is an accomplished aroma therapist and developed her own green line of organic Aromatherapy & Ayurvedic skin, hair & body products. (175 original creations plus!)

Sandie’s credentials include SAG/AFTRA and BAFTA, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor and Pilates/Personal Trainer and performed stunts as the Pink Power Ranger on TV! Celebrity clients include Kevin Kline, Drew Carey, Sharon Stone, Angela Basset and has been featured on America’s Top Model, MTV, E! News, Millionaire Matchmaker, Discovery Channel and more


Worker-owner Esther West is a Community Sales Representative and Education Committee Co-Chair at Equal Exchange, a 100% Fair Trade worker-owned co-operative that was the first to bring fairly traded coffee to the United States in 1986. Esther uses her experience with co-operatives and social justice as she partners with faith groups, schools and more to create a more just global economy.


Edward West is an entrepreneur and educator. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Yale University, and an MBA from Presidio Graduate School.

In 2006, he co-founded Mission Motors, manufacturer of high performance electric motorcycles and advanced electric vehicle components.

Currently, he is the Founder and CEO of Hylo, a social software utility that connects people, ideas, and resources, in the creative clusters of the new entrepreneurial ecosystem. He is also Co-Founder of the Hub Oakland urban innovation cluster, coming to Uptown Oakland in 2013.

He believes the future of our resilient green economy will emerge from networks of entrepreneurs and creators, working in creative clusters, fueled by passion, and enabled by software tools and physical infrastructure that enhance collaboration and co-creation, across the entire global village.

He is an advisor to numerous startups, and teaches the Integrative Capstone class at Presidio Graduate School's MBA program in Sustainable Management.


Edward West builds infrastructure to allow people to realize their intentions. He is the Founder of Hylo, a social software utility designed to turn communities-of-purpose, like co-working spaces, accelerators, and makerspaces into vibrant resource-sharing networks. He is also Co-Founder of Impact Hub Oakland, a new coworking and community space in Oakland.

In 2006, he co-founded Mission Motors, manufacturer of high performance electric motorcycles and advanced electric vehicle components.

He believes the future of our resilient green economy will emerge from networks of entrepreneurs and creators, working in creative clusters, fueled by passion, and enabled by software tools and physical infrastructure that enhance collaboration and co-creation, across the entire global village.

He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Yale University, and an MBA from Presidio Graduate School.

He is an advisor to numerous startups, and has taught at entrepreneurship at the Presidio Graduate School and the CCA's Design MBA.


Wheeler is a lead organizer of the Campaign for a Sustainable America and CitNet's Call for a National Strategy for Sustainability. Wheeler has represented the Global Ecovillage Network, the US Citizens Network for Sustainable Development (CitNet), the International Institute for Sustainable Future, and other organizations at the UN for the past 12 years and is the Chair of the EcoEarth Alliance UN Partnership Initiative. Wheeler coordinated a Sustainable Community Campaign in Santa Cruz, CA during the 1990s and has been an environmental, peace and community activist/organizer for 40 years. Wheeler was a key organizer forcing the permanent closure of the Humboldt Bay Nuclear Plant in California and has taught environmental education in outdoor education schools, summer camp programs, and with the Youth Conservation Corps. Wheeler talks about how we can make a rapid transition to full sustainability and greatly increase the quality of life for all Americans.


Wheeler is the Program Supervisor for Environmental and Sustainability Education at the Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public instruction. Wheeler holds a BA in Geography and a MEd from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Wheeler serves on a number of state and national boards and committees including the national K12 Sector of the U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), EdSteps Global Competency work group and Statewide Science Collaborative. She is coauthor of Facing the Future's student textbook, It's All Connected: A Comprehensive Guide to Global issues and Sustainable Solutions.


After spending many years researching sustainable agricultural and agroforestry in the humid tropics, Whinney pioneered the organic cocoa and chocolate market into the U.S. in the early 90's. Many years later, Theo Chocolate is the culmination of Whinney's experiences working with cacao farmers and his expertise in navigating the economics of cocoa and chocolate manufacturing from beans to finished confections. Whinney's dedication to the fundamental principle that there is no luxury in products that benefit us today, while depleting the resources of future generations is at the core of Theo's mission and vision as a company.


Adia Tamar Whitaker is a professional dancer/choreographer from the BayArea. Her current artistic work focuses on NeoFolklore of the AfricanDiaspora. She is dedicated to preserving the past, present and futureof the African presence in the New World.
Since2000,Adia and her company Ase Dance Theatre Collective (Brooklyn, NY) havepresented work that links contemporary modern dance, originalvernacular movement, and traditional dance theater from the AfricanDiaspora toconceptual ideas in the human experience. Her belief that all forms ofAfrican drum and dance facilitate a process of spiritual awakeninginspire her to create rich and transformative art that uplifts thesoul.
Adia and her Bay Area dance family will perform Freedom an excerpt from her newest dance theater work Ampey!.

ADIA TAMAR WHITAKER,artistic director of Ase Dance Theatre Collective, graduated from SanFrancisco State University with a BA in Dance. Ms. Whitaker is a formermember of Group Petit La Croix and has performed AfroHaitian dance inthe U.S. and abroad for 13 years. She has been teaching master classesand workshops in AfroHaitian Dance since 2006. Adia completed theProfessional Division U.S. Independent Studies Program at the AileySchool (2001), was Choreoquest Resident Artist @ Restoration DanceTheater (2004), a Ford Foundation Special Initiative for Africa GrantRecipient (2004), an Urban Bush Women Apprentice (2005), and a MaggieAllesee National Center for Choreography @ FSU Creative Entry PointChoreographic Fellow (2006). She was also a choreographer and touringcast member of Scourge, a choreopoem written by Marc Bamuthi Joseph,featuring choreography by Rennie Harris and Stacey Printz. Scourgetoured in the U.S. and abroad for two years. In 2008, Adia performed inthe premier of Beauty the Beast(S.F.) written by Delina PatriceBrooks.

Adiahas received grants from the Jerome Foundation (2008), The PuffinFoundation (2008), the Hip Hop Theater Festival (2008) and BrooklynArts Council (2007). Most recently, she received a Theater Bay AreaCA$H Grant to premier her newest work, Ampey! in the counterPULSEPerforming Diaspora Festival (S.F. 2009).

Herwork has been featured (OffBroadway) in Oberons Macbeth (NYC 2008),the International Dance Festival (NYC 2002) and several other nationaland international dance festivals. These include Dance and the ChildInternational (Kingston, JA 2009),First Saturday's at the BrooklynMuseum of Art (NYC 2008), City Parks Foundation Summerstage at Von KingPark (NYC 2008), The African Caribbean Concert at FAMU and TCC,(Tallahassee, FLA 2008), The Living Word Festival at Dance Mission (SanFrancisco, CA 2007), Summer of Love at The Whitney (NYC 2007), VDay atthe BMA (NYC 2007),Spring Dance Festival @ Stadsschouwburg (Utrecht,Holland 2007) ; Lantern Venster (Rotterdam, Holland 2007), FestivalDe Liege (Liege, Belgium 2007), Festival De Les Pyrenees (France,Spain, ; Germany 2002), EMoves at Aaron Davis Hall and HarlemStage (NYC 2006, 2009), The Museum of Natural History (NYC 2006)and theIABD Dance Conference at Symphony Space (NYC 2006).

Adiahas also been presented by the Caribbean Cultural Center (NYC 2007,2009), Arts Connection (NYC 2006 ; 2007, 2008, 2009), Thelma HillPerforming Arts (NYC 2002, 2005, 2008), Dancing in the Streets (NYC20022007), NYC Hip Hop Theater Festival (NYC 20052007), CommunityWorks (NYC 20052008), The Kitchen (NYC 2004) and the Schomburg Center(NYC 20032005). Ms. Whitakers fulllength work includes;

Shugaculuwata (NYC 2004)
A 90minute multimedia dance theater piece that discovers the mirror between Hip Hop Culture and Vodou.

The Truth About Medusa (NYC 2008)
A 90minute multimedia dance theater piece that investigates the African origin and mythology of Medusa.


Amanda White currently serves as the Brand Manager at Divine Chocolate. Before joining Divine, Amanda worked with Shop for Change Fair Trade, a domestic certification and promotion organization in Mumbai, India. After being chosen as an Oxfam America CHANGE Leader in 2005, Amanda became deeply involved in student organizing around Fair Trade and responsible consumption, partnering with a number of socially responsible companies to build their market access and visibility. She has also conducted fieldwork on Fair Trade and sustainable agriculture in both Central America and India. Amanda holds a B.A. in Economics and International Relations from New York University.


Paul Steely White is the Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives, the leading local walking, bicycling and transit advocacy group in the United States. Mr. White is an internationally known author and lecturer on bicycling, walking and transportation reform. He is quoted regularly on these issues by the local and national news media and has appeared frequently in local, national and international media. He has also appeared in publications such as The New York Times, New York Daily News, New York Post and the New York Observer. Mr. White is often invited to speak on pedestrian safety, traffic calming and bicycling issues by transportation and community organizations, including the Transportation Research Board. Before joining Transportation Alternatives in April 2004, he served as Africa Regional Director for the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, a non-profit group based in New York City. In 2011, Mr. White was selected to receive the Rockefeller Foundation's Jane Jacobs Medal, which recognizes those whose creative uses of the urban environment build a more diverse, dynamic and equitable city.


Heather White is an award-winning non-profit executive and researcher with 25 years experience in international advocacy on labor and human rights issues. She is currently a Network Fellow at Harvard University’s Edmund Safra Center for Ethics. Her investigative work on transparency in global supply chains has led to improved industry standards in social auditing and verification practices. Heather is the founder and former Executive Director (1995-2005) of Verité, a non-profit organization that has won international recognition for its efforts to reduce labor violations in factories producing for American consumer brands.

Heather and Verite have received numerous awards, and she has been widely interviewed on the need for independent oversight of corporations’ global supplier networks. In 2012 her perspectives on Apple Computer’s labor challenges in its Chinese factories appeared in the U.S. and European media, including: The New York Times, Bloomberg, CNN, The Philadelphia Inquirer, NPR, and European newspapers.


Phyllis manages Public Information with community and government leaders and not for profit organizations for Con Edison in Brooklyn. She has also managed strategic partnerships at Con Edison’s Corporate Headquarters, creating strategy for the Company’s support of public education initiatives, as well as Corporate Volunteer Program. Fittingly, Phyllis has received Con Edison’s Living our Values award, which is the highest award given to employees, the Harlem Y’s Black Achievers in Industry award, and Channel Thirteen/WNET New York’s Community Leadership award, among others.


Whitefoot is a longtime leader in tribal and formal education in the state of Washington and beyond. Whitefoot currently serves as the President of the National Indian Education Association. Whitefoot was born and raised on the original homelands of the Confederated Tribal Lands of the Yakama Nation. Whitefoot understands that deep relationships Native people have with the Environment. Whitefoot has three children andten grandchildren. Whitefoot is also the Director of the Toppenish School District Indian Education Program. Whitefoot's been actively involved in the Affiliated Tribes of the Northwest Indians for over twenty years and serves as the chairman of the ATNI Education Committee, which is represented by the 52 tribes of southern Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, western Montana, and Northern California.

One of Whitefoot's greatest achievements is the creation of the Gathering of Native America, a curriculum team used widely in Indian country to address multigenerational trauma and healing. Whitefoot has a master's in education from the Fort Wright College in Spokane, Washington. Patsy has also served as the coChair of the E3 Washington Tribal Education steering committee and as the Program Supervisor for Indian Education in the Office of the Superintendent of Public Education.


Since 1996, Youth Speaks has made it their mission to shift the perception of youth by combating illiteracy, alienation and silence and by creating a global movement of young people brave enough to take their voices to the stage. As the leading nonprofit presenter of spoken word in the country, Youth Speaks offers youth the opportunity to speak their truths each year at Brave New Voices, Youth Speaks' international teen poetry slam competition. There, hundreds of young people gather to share with one another their personal stories of triumph, sadness, joy, pain, and also their distinct and individual visions of the future.

In 2006, Youth Speaks invited these participants to speak specifically to the issue of environmentalism. Ever since, droves of youth have been rising to the occasion, jumping at the opportunity to join the growing conversation on global warming, sustainability and ecoresponsibility. Brave New Voices Speak Green was born. James Kass, Founder and Executive Director of Youth Speaks, said it best when he quipped, often times, at huge conferences, all these adults are talking about what the future wants and needs, but the future is never in the room. Young people are never in the conversation. Since it's inception, Brave New Voices Speak Green has grown enormously. In 2006 there were 15 applicants; in 2008, that number exploded into over 100, and the potential is incalculable.


Whitfield, the Host of the Hallmark Channels New Morning Show will discuss how the media is handling environmental issues interspersed with stories of her childhood spent in Africa. She will share how growing up in Africa meant naturally living an environmentally conscious life due to the country's limited resources (ie., collected rainwater to use for cooking or bathing; ate foods fresh from the earth; always recycled and reused materials because they were hard to come by, etc.)


Whitman’s main concern is about the impact of racism and poverty on society. This is reflected in much of the social epidemiology he has been involved in for the past two decades, and in the way he tries to conduct his personal as well as professional life. He is dedicated to bringing health equity to all.

Whitman received his Master of Science in Biometrics from the University of Pittsburgh and his Master and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Biostatistics from Yale University. He has spent the last 30 years in the Chicago area doing epidemiological health research. From 1978-1991, he served as Senior Epidemiologist at the Center for Urban Affairs at Northwestern University.

In March 2000, Dr. Whitman was hired to create the Sinai Urban Health Institute (SUHI). The SUHI staff has grown to 35 employees and work has extended to include a major, first-of-its-kind health survey of the City of Chicago, and evaluations of the following Sinai health interventions: HIV counseling and testing; pediatric asthma intervention; obesity prevention; diabetes interventions; breast cancer programs and smoking cessation. In the 11 years since SUHI was initiated, Dr. Whitman and his staff have been awarded over $22 million in grant funding. He has authored over 100 publications and made over 400 presentations on public health related topics.


Judy Wicks is founder/owner of Philadelphias 24yearold White Dog Cafe and a national leader in the Local Living Economies movement. She is cofounder/cochair of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE), comprised of 50 local business networks in the US and Canada. She also founded the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia, and White Dog Community Enterprises, a nonprofit dedicated to building a local living economy in the Philadelphia region. Both an entreprenuer and activist, Judy tells her story of moving beyond responsible business practices within her company to working cooperatively with other entreprenurs and citizens to build whole economies based on love of nature and community a movement that has taken on greater urgency with the dual challenges of climate change and peak oil.,


Candice Wicks Bio: A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots, (Marcus Garvey) is a quote that Candice Wicks, Director of the Environmental Service Learning Initiative (ESLI), lives by. She firmly believes that in order to engage the next generation in environmental sustainability, it has to speak to their core values. It has to be relevant in the scope of their realities. That is what ESLI seeks to do: to reindigenize eco responsibility. Candice has been working in the field of education for 11 years. She received her Bachelors degree from UC Berkeley and is pursuing a Masters of Education Administration at San Francisco State University. She is also a group facilitator, leading professional development groups and artist development groups. She is also an artist: singer/songwriter, jewelry designer and poet. Her most recent work is investigating the correlation between the achievement gap in education and environmental health issues.


Dr. Widener lectures on gender, mental health and globalization at Georgetown University.


Doug Widener is the Executive Director of the U.S. Green Building Council – Chicago Chapter. In this role, he is responsible for the management of the affairs of the local chapter, including formulation of new policies in concert with the Board of Directors. He is responsible for daily implementation of Chapter programs, events and initiatives and oversight of financial planning and budgets.

Prior to coming to the USGBC – Chicago Chapter, Doug served as Vice President of Education at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum of the Chicago Academy of Sciences. In this role, Widener was responsible for the funding, administration, research, development and implementation of all museum-based and outreach-educational programming for the museum. Doug also served as the co-Chair of the Education Team of Chicago Wilderness - a regional coalition of nearly 200 institutions working together to preserve the biological diversity of the Chicago region. Doug holds a Master of Science degree in Environmental Studies from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. Outside of work, Doug enjoys writing fiction, reading, physical exercise, music, mountain biking, spending time in nature and spending time with family and friends.


Coauthor of The Clean Tech Revolution, Wilder is contributing editor for CleanEdge, helping companies, investors and governments understand and profit from clean technologies

Clint Wilder is contributing editor for CleanEdge, a leading research and publishing firm helping companies, investors, and governments understand and profit from clean technologies. He is a veteran awardwinning technology and business journalist and coauthor of the book, The Clean Tech Revolution (HarperCollins, June 2007).

Before joining Clean Edge in 2002, he was editoratlarge and columnist for Optimize magazine, CMP Media's monthly journal for highlevel business technology executives. As editoratlarge and columnist for Information Week magazine before that, he won the 2002 American Society of Business Publication Editors gold award for best feature series, as well as numerous CMP editorial awards. A frequent speaker and panelist at industry events, Wilder also worked as a writer and editor at Corporate Computing and Computerworld.


Founder of & author of Gardening for Geeks (Adams Media, 2013), Christy Wilhelmi empowers people to grow their own food, to be more self-reliant, and to reduce pollution and waste, one garden at a time.

Between 70-80 percent of her family’s produce comes from her garden of less than 200 square feet. She teaches people who to do the same through organic gardening classes, consulting and food garden design in Los Angeles, where she lives with her husband, 4 chickens and 70,000 bees.


Williams is CEO of ShoreBank Pacific, whose leadership in triplebottomline sustainable banking has stimulated the economy of rural communities in the Pacific Northwest.


Williams is a Commissioner in the Tulalip Tribes' Office of Treaty Rights. Williams has worked for more than thirty years on issues and conflicts in fisheries management from local to international levels of government including the Convention for Biological Diversity and the World Intellectual Property Organization, and the Pacific Salmon Commission. Williams established the American Indian Environmental Office with EPA and has been appointed to the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission since 1985. Williams has worked on every major environmental initiative in the Pacific Northwest including the USCanada Salmon Interception Treaty, the Timber Fish and Wildlife Agreement, the Chelan Agreement, and most recently, forging model relationships between tribes and local governments to work together on environmental issues.


Bring any instrument to join in an open living room jam of string band music. The Williams play the hoedowns, reels, waltzes, dance tunes and songs that came to the Pacific Northwest with the pioneers over the Oregon Trail and later immigrants. This dynamic, footstomping music is played on acoustic instruments fiddle, guitar, banjo and mandolin as it was in the old days.


Jesse Williams is an American actor and model, best known for his role as Dr. Jackson Avery on the ABC Television series Grey's Anatomy. He also appears in the hit film Lee Daniels' The Butler as real life civil rights leader Rev. James Lawson. Previous roles include Holden in The Cabin in the Woods, Officer Eddie Quinlan in Brooklyn's Finest and as Lena's boyfriend Leo in the film sequel The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.


Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed author and lecturer. Six of her ten published books have been New York Times Best Sellers. Four of these have been #1 New York Times Best Sellers. A Return to Love is considered a must-read of The New Spirituality, and her quote from that book beginning, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate; our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure" has become the spiritual anthem for a generation.

She founded Project Angel Food, a meals-on-wheels program that serves homebound people with AIDS in the Los Angeles area. Today, Project Angel Food serves over 1,000 people daily. She also founded the grass roots campaign to establish a United States Department of Peace.

On January 1, 2012, she launched her own Internet TV network, providing viewers with consistent support for an alternative, sustainable perspective on everything from relationships to politics.


Willis founded Michael Willis Architects in 1988. In the last 19 years his firm has gained a national reputation for integrating urban design and community participation in civic, affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization projects in Northern California, Oregon, Michigan, Washington and Missouri. He has also directed the design of major water treatment, laboratory, healthcare and university projects.

Willis is a registered architect in California, Oregon, Washington, Missouri, Michigan and Arizona. He was the 1995 President of the San Francisco Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA/SF), and served as a member on its Executive Committee. He is currently chair of the AIA Professional Interest Area (PIA) national committee and was past Northern California chair of the National Organization of Minority Architects.


Jonnequa Willis is a senior at CCA Academy. She enjoys drawing, painting, singing, and working with the animals in the science lab at CCA Academy.


Bryan Willson is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University. He is also founder and director of CSU´s Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory (EECL). He founded the Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory in 1992 and has guided its rise to one of the most prominent and influential engine research programs in the U.S. In the areas of large engines, natural gas engines, twostroke engines, and hazardous air pollutants; the EECL is widely acknowledged as a world leader in this field.

Dr. Willson is CoFounder and member of the Board of Directors of EnviroFit International, Ltd, a nonprofit corporation committed to improving global health through the development and dissemination of technology solutions to environmental problems in the developing world. EnviroFit is currently focused on the widespread dissemination of clean retrofit technology to reduce emissions from twostroke cycle engines. Dr. Willson and EnviroFit were awarded an international Tech Award in 2005 by the Tech Museum of Innovation for technology in service of humanity. Crown Princes of Denmark and Spain recognized Dr. Willsons laboratory with the 2008 Royal Award for Sustainable Technology Transfer for clean tech innovations in three different areas: an international clean cookstove project, twostroke engine conversion kit and the next generation of biofuels production from algae.

Dr. Willson serves as consultant and/or adviser to numerous US government agencies, international development and environmental agencies, industrial organizations, and private industries.


Communitarian and Permaculturist, Bill Wilson, is founder of Midwest Permaculture (.com) booth 2088. He has done much to heighten the awareness and understanding of permaculture and sustainable living through his coordination of workshops, permaculture design courses and other educational events. He is a 29 year resident of the unique and sustainablyoriented community of Stelle, IL.

David Suzuki, awardwinning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster, has been quoted as saying, What permaculturists are doing is the most important activity that any group is doing on the planet. Why? Permaculturists can grow food just about anywhere, repair environmentally damages lands, design lovely and long lasting greenbuildings, produce power, run successful peopleoriented businesses, and build authentic community all by using the same fundamental permaculture principles and applying a permaculture ethic: Care of People Care of the Earth Sharing all Surplus.

Permaculture (permanent + agriculture/culture) is a design system that integrates human existence into the natural environment so that everyone benefits humans, plants, wildlife and the planet. Permaculture is a tool, an approach, a design system, that encompasses all the components of living. It is a journey of the heart and mind into consciously designing sustainable living modalities.

Permaculture is a demonstrative way to provide for the human needs of everyone on the planet, while simultaneously retarding, or even possibly reversing, global warming.

Bill Wilson to speak on Sunday on the subject of Permaculture in Green Home/Building Design. Green Building Pavilion.


Diane Wilson, a fourthgeneration commercial fisherwoman and mother of five, has been an activist since 1989. Since the publication of her book, An Unreasonable Woman in 2005, her story has been featured in news media around the world, including The Washington Post, The Diane Rehm Show, PBS Now, Democracy Now! and The Bob Edwards Show. Her awards include: AlterNets Eco Hero Award, the National Fisherman Magazine Award, Mother Joness Hell Raiser of the Month, CodePink Woman of the Year, Louis Gibbs Environmental Lifetime Award, Louisiana Environmental Action (LEAN) Environmental Award, the Giraffe Projects Jenifer Altman Award, Ethecons Blue Planet Award, and the Bioneers Award.


Launched in 2002 with yoga pants and tees (that's where the name TranquiliT(ee) came from), Kimberly Wilson dreamed of a chic and comfy clothing line that aligned with her active lifestyle - quickly moving from yoga class to bookstore browsing to café dates. A lover of style since her early days hiking the hills of Oklahoma donning a bonnet and purse in tow, she became fascinated with Units and Multiples (mix and match clothing) in her teen years. In 2004 she took the tees and yoga pants a step further starting with yoga staples. She then began adding trendy tunics and dresses to wear alone or over yoga pants along with armwarmers, legwarmers, luxurious wraps, and flowy, flattering designs to fit many bodies.

Kimberly is an activist and artist, founder of Tranquil" target="_blank">">Tranquil Space – named among the top 25 yoga studios in the world by Travel + Leisure, author ofHip" target="_blank">">Hip Tranquil Chick and Tranquilista," target="_blank">">Tranquilista, and holds a Master’s in Women's Studies. With a passion for do-gooding, Kimberly co-launched Tranquil" target="_blank">">Tranquil Space Foundation and is pursing a Master's in Social Work. When not dreaming up new designs, you'll find her sipping heaps of tea, doodling in her art journal, and leading retreats around the globe. Indulge in musings on tranquilologie at Tranquility" target="_blank">">Tranquility du Jour.


Multi-talented singer, songwriter, actress and filmmaker Renée Wilson brings her entire heart and soul to her work and life. Over the past 15 years Renée has been seen on television, stage and film, most notably starring in Taylor Hackford's Academy Award - winning film Ray along side Jamie Foxx and Regina King. In 2005 Renée directed and produced Crepe Covered Sidewalks, a feature documentary about her home town of New Orleans and her family's experiences with hurricane Katrina. Completed in 2010, the film has played at many film festivals and Renée won the Best New Filmmaker award at the Peachtree Village international Film Festival in Atlanta. Currently Renée is in pre-production with her second feature film, is composing and performing music in and around the Bay area with Jazz favorites Marcus Shelby, Howard Wiley, Matt Clark and other talented musicians and is working on a tribute piece to one of her biggest influences Ms. Lena Horne. She lives in San Francisco with her husband Aaron. For more information on Ms. Wilson go to" target="_blank">"> and

" target="_blank">">


Markly Wilson, Director, International Marketing for New York State’s Division of Tourism, is responsible for generating increased international travel to New York State.

He was previously President of The Wilson Company, specializing in empowering communities to assess, plan, and market their tourism resources. Clients have ranged from the Lakota Sioux Reservation, Harlem, Government of Belize, among many others.

He was Director of Marketing for the Caribbean Tourism Organization for three years, after serving as US Manager for the Tourist Board of Barbados for nine years.

Wilson managed the NY Watchable Wildlife Program, a project between federal and state agencies, non-profit organizations and businesses. This group published the first Wildlife Viewing Guide of New York State in 1998.

Markly Wilson, a graduate of St. Claire College in Windsor, Ontario and Adelphi University in Long Island, was on the faculty of New York University for six years where he lectured on Ecotourism.


With an MBA in sustainability management and an MS in community development,Winn currently is a sustainability consultant for businesses and nonprofits.


One of the countrys leading environmentalists according to, Lisa Wise is executive director of the Center for a New American Dream, promoting sustainable consumer choices.


Todd Wiss loves the idea of a melting pot – that America is a place where a wealth of culinary traditions can be blended while reimagining classics with healthy, seasonal ingredients. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, he brings over 10 years of experience to Firefly, where he served as Chef de Cuisine before assuming the Executive Chef role in July 2013. A native of Washington DC, Wiss knew he belonged in the restaurant industry after spending summers at his grandparents’ landmark restaurant, the Green Leafe Café in Williamsburg, VA. He has worked in some of the most esteemed kitchens in the DC area, including Poste Moderne Brasserie, Ten Penh, Sulgrave Club and Black’s Bar and Kitchen. He also ran the popular Radius Pizza in DC’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood for several years. In his spare time, Wiss enjoys gardening and spending time with his wife and two dogs.

With Our Words Poetry Collective - We Rock Green Mics Crew

With Our Words (WOW) Poetry Collective promotes creative self-expression through educational, publishing and performance avenues on behalf of all community members throughout the San Joaquin Area, with special emphasis on minority communities. By providing classes, workshops, competitions, special events, and scholarship/internship opportunities, WOW establishes an ongoing and supportive environment for realizing creative potential.


Wittenborn has been a freelance landscape designer for the past 7 years and has owned EcoNative Landscape Designs since 2008. Wittenborn prides herself on giving her clients ecologically sound designs while educating people on the greenness of using native plants in her designs. Wittenborn has done designs fora library, a spa, a village for storm water management, as well as many small and large private residences throughout the western suburbs of Chicago. Wittenborn is passionate about her work and has been invited to do many talks about the value of using native plants in homes and businesses. Recently, Wittenborn has written a book about using nature in dealing with life's challenges, Going Green on Your SelfEsteem.


Wolf is a Permaculturist, gardener, and Transition Town organizer in Bellingham, WA. Wolf's mission is to transform monocultures like lawns into diverse, edible food forests; and brainwashed groups of citizens into powerful unified communities.


Morgen is a firm believer in the power of business to create positive social impact. As business development manager at brand innovation firm BBMG, Morgen translates her in-depth knowledge of CSR and social enterprise into actionable, purpose-driven projects for leading organizations across for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Prior to joining BBMG, she worked as marketing manager of environmental lifestyle magazine Plenty, where she connected business leaders nationally with the growing audience for green products and services. Morgen is a happy resident of Fort Greene, Brooklyn and proud StartingBloc social innovation fellow.


David Avocado Wolfe is considered by peers to be one of the worlds leading authorities on nutrition. David is the author of Naked Chocolate, Eating For Beauty and The Sunfood Diet Success System. David works, in conjunction with Sunfood Nutrition ( to develop, market and distribute some of the world's most wonderful and exotic organic food items. David and Sunfood Nutrition were the first to bring raw and organic: cacao beans/nibs (raw chocolate), goji berries, Incan berries, cacao butter, cacao powder, powdered encapsulated mangosteen, maca extract and coldpressed coconut oil into general distribution in North America. Known for extraordinary quality control and ethical production, these products and many others developed by David and Sunfood Nutrition lead the field. Since 1995, David Wolfe has given over 1,200 health lectures and seminars in the United States, Canada, Europe, the South Pacific, Central America and South America. He hosts at least six health, fitness and adventure retreats each year at various retreat centers around the world. You may view his current schedule at: David is the founder of the nonprofit Fruit Tree Planting Foundation ( whose goal is to plant 18 billion fruit trees on planet Earth. David is also the founder of and leading contributor to the internets only Peak Performance and Nutrition online magazine:


Dr. Wolfe is a career educator (English, ESL, French, ; Teacher Education) and established and directed The Language School of Spokane from 19851990 for secondlanguage education, language services, and cultural exchanges. Wolfe has a Ph. D. in Leadership, 1997, Gonzaga University. In addition to serving on the faculty of Western Washington University, Wolfe holds several volunteer positions in environmental work, education, and progressive politics. Currently Dr. Wolfe works on Defending Water for Life issues as a member of several coalitions at the local, regional, state, and national levels (The Sierra Club, The Alliance for Democracy, The United Nations Association, and the City of Edmonds in Washington State).


As a full-time food activist, Marisa Miller Wolfson has organized roughly 70 grassroots workshops and screenings of award-winning documentaries about healthy, humane, eco-friendly eating all across North America. Inspired by the stories of personal transformation she was witnessing, she decided to recreate this eye-opening journey on camera by taking three people from different backgrounds who agree to go vegan for six weeks and track their progress on tape. It became her first film, Vegucated, which world premiered at the Toronto Independent Film Festival last September and received the best documentary award. Marisa and her film team took Vegucated on a 12-city "Let's Get America Vegucated!" Fall Tour, where they also collected a Chris Award for best educational film at the Columbus International Film & Video Festival. It has also been selected for the Show Me Justice Film Festival, the Artivist Film Festival, and the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital.

As a founding member of the NYC FoodPrint Alliance, she co-drafted a city council resolution that would decrease NYC’s climate change “foodprint.” She is also the honored recipient of Farm Sanctuary’s Farm Animal Friend Award and is the tickled first ever recipient of the NYC Veggie Prom Queen sash & tiara.


Winnie is a film-maker and blogger; see her work at:" target="_blank">"> and" target="_blank">"> Seismologik has currently produced six short films on sustainability, and are preparing to shoot a short film which will profile three sustainable innovators and showcase the work that they are doing.

Winnie is also an urban gardener/designer and coordinator for Occupy Wall Street Sustainability.

In the upcoming spring, Winne plans to participate in starting a 16,000 sq foot Roof Farm in Bushwick.The farm project aims to achieve 3 goals : 1) address hunger in a food desert community by producing real, nutrition dense natural food for the community. 2) Re-skill members of the community by offering work/learn/volunteer days 3) Create sustainable green jobs.


Michael Woo – the director of Seattle startup “Got Green” – is well known for building multi-racial partnerships and mobilizing communities. His community organizing dates back to 1970 when he joined the United Construction Workers Association and fought for the racial integration of Seattle’s unionized construction industry. In 2008 – after hearing a speech by Van Jones – Woo launched a project to bring young people of color together to explore Green Jobs opportunities. “Got Green” went on to launch Washington State’s first union training program in home weatherization with LIUNA and is organizing to make the green economy work for greater Seattle’s low income communities of color.


Shadia is currently working for the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative as the youngest Campus Climate Challenge Coordinator in the Energy Action Coalition. She will be attending American University of Beirut next spring, studying Arabic and Photography.


Mary Wood is a professor of natural resources and wildlife law at the University of Oregon.


Catherine Woodman has been an environmentalist from a young age. Growing up in Iowa, she developed a deep attachment to the environment and witnessed firsthand the devastation of unsustainable agricultural practices. Her interests in sustainability grew into an interest in economics and the role that local and global economies play in environmental and social problems. She is now an independent financial advisor with Protected Investors ofAmerica committed to helping people create their vision for the futurethrough their investments. By using socially responsible investing andsustainable investment planning, her aim is to help clients create afinancial strategy that can sustain their retirement as well as aforest preserve. She is dedicated to finding ways for capital andbusiness to nurture people and the environment.


Emira Woods is codirector of Foreign Policy in Focus as the Institute for Policy Studies. She was born in Liberia, and is a nationallyrecognized authority on the country. Emira holds a BA in International Relations from Columbia, a certificate in Public Policy from the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton, a Master's in Government from Harvard, and is ABD in Political Economy and Government at Harvard. She recently was Program Manager for the Committee on Development Policy and Practice at InterAction, serving as a principal staff contact for advocacy at the UN, the international financial institutions, USAID and Treasury. She designed and implemented a strategic campaign around the Monterrey Financing for Development conference, working with both InterAction members and a broader coalition of Southern and Northern agencies. Prior to this position, she served as Program Officer of Oxfam America's Africa program, which involved outreach to the heads of major international institutions and grassroots groups in the most remote communities.


C3 leader, mother of 2 and yoga instructor, Tracy believes that in order to fulfill our obligation to help the environment, we must make small changes in our daily lives in order to create a big impact on global climate change. By teaching children the importance of sustainability and how we affect our world, we can expect a shift in consciousness that will produce a generation of socially responsible citizens. She is working on conservation efforts at her children's public school, Nettelhorst, by installing composters, recycling bins in each classroom, an edible garden, helping the funding efforts for the approved solar panels to be installed on the roof of the school and has initiated a program called Waste Not Wednesday, where the school was able to reduce the amount of waste produced at lunch by half. She is also working with CPS to promote signage for school zones to be idlefree. Her goal is to show how simple modifications in our actions can produce a positive outcome in our world.


Recognized nationally for her ecochic strategies, Wright is regularly featured by VA Home Grown, WCVE Richmond PBS TV, Birds ; Blooms, and Washington Gardener Magazine.


Steve Wright has worked more than 20 years at the intersection of technology and education. At Grameen Foundation, Steve Wright is the VP of Poverty Tools and Insights which includes two teams: the Social Performance Management Center which builds and supports the Progress out of Poverty Index® and Inclusive Business Tools which builds and supports TaroWorks©. Prior to joining Grameen Foundation, Steve was the Director of Innovation and Technology at the Salesforce Foundation. His foundation work with social investors and social enterprises established him as a thought leader in the social metrics space. Steve is a contributing author of the practical handbook “Nonprofit Management 101,” and is a frequent speaker and blogger on social enterprise, social investment, and social sector Steve has also been a high school administrator and teacher as well as being a Peace Corps volunteer in Micronesia. He is based in Oakland, CA.