Jason oversees 350.org's" target="_blank">http://350.org/">350.org's political and legislative efforts in the US. With climate action stalled in Washington DC, Jason helps lead grassroots campaigns that raise the profile of climate change in politics. From stopping the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline to ending fossil fuel subsidies Jason helps give climate activists a voice in Washington.

Kasper Kozcab is a workerowner and corporate secretary at Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco and is a staff representative at the Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives.

Kozeny Geoph

Geoph Kozeny passed away on October 22, 2007. He was a Communities magazine columnist and cofounder of the Purple Rose Collective. He also created the Visions of Utopia video series.



Melinda Kramer is the director of Womens Earth Alliance, an international organization that works at the dynamic intersection of womens empowerment and environmental sustainability. WEA grew out of Women's Global Green Action Network (WGGAN), a global network Melinda coorganized in 2005. WEA, which coordinates the efforts of women environmental advocates and entrepreneurs on six continents, provides both facetoface and virtual mechanisms for women to collaborate, exchange best practices, and build alliances.

Melinda is also the communications and marketing director at the Natural Capital Institute. She works with the NCI team on creating WiserEarth, a collaborative tool and a comprehensive directory to link and empower the largest and fastest growing movement in the world: the hundreds of thousands of organizations within civil society that address social justice, poverty, and the environment.

Prior to her work with WEA and the Natural Capital Institute, Melinda worked around the world with grassroots NGOs pursuing environmental justice, sustainable local economies and indigenous rights. She worked for CARE Kenya in East Africa on sustainable agriculture and health projects and traveled throughout the North Pacific Rim nurturing the emergence of grassroots environmental movements with environmental organization, Pacific Environment. As the Program director of Pacific Environments China and Marine programs, Melinda conducted trainings in media, organizational development, and campaign strategy for NGOs and universities throughout China. She worked with Chinese government, industry, scientists, and media to convene multistakeholder dialogue with citizen groups. Melinda also worked on sustainable fisheries issues in Alaska and the Russian Far East, facilitating a longterm collaborative initiative that involved Russian and Alaskan scientists, policy makers, fisherman, NGOs, and indigenous leaders.

Melinda has also worked with U.S. based environmental organizations as a media and marketing coordinator, including Colorado Public Interest Research Group, and the Sierra Club. Melinda worked with dozens of local groups to build capacity through campaign strategy, coalitionbuilding, media training, market strategy, and legal support.

Melinda has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, Grist Magazine, Worldchanging.com, Blogher, WorldPulse Magazine, the Global Dialogue Center, Womens Radio, and Lilith Magazine. She has published in the Economist, Earth Island Journal, and Feminist.com and has written a chapter for The Politics of the Environment in China, which will be released by the Woodrow Wilson Center Press in late 2007.



Rob Kramer has been a successful entrepreneur and executive in the media, technology, environmental, and non-profit sectors. He is the CEO and co-creator of HipSwap" target="_blank">http://www.hipswap.com">HipSwap – a fast growing peer-to-peer marketplace for mobile and web. Kramer is also co-founder of PopRule" target="_blank">http://www.poprule.com">PopRule and Campaign" target="_blank">http://www.gocampaignlive.com">Campaign Live. PopRule is a technology company that creates mobile / web applications and platforms for consumer, political and non-profit brands.

He has consulted for various companies in the sustainable business and water sectors including Johnson Diversey, Cydcor and Product Partners. Previously, he was CEO of Uprizer, Inc., an Intel-funded peer-to-peer enterprise software company that sold in 2005. From 1993 to 1999, Kramer was co-Founder and CEO of Moving Pixels (now Public VFX) www.publicvfx.com, an independent computer animation studio in Los Angeles. Since 2003, he has been Chairman of Global" target="_blank">http://www.globalwatertrust.org">Global Water Trust, a Santa Monica based non-profit that provides clean safe water to school children throughout the developing world. GWT has provided clean safe water to over 10,000 people in Bangladesh, Nepal and Kenya.

He serves on the Board of Directors of Sustainable Business Council www.sustainblebc.org and on the Los Angeles Committee for Global" target="_blank">http://www.globalgreen.org">Global Green USA. He has been a featured speaker on water-related issues at numerous universities including MIT, Stanford, UCLA, and Brown. In 2006, he wrote and produced the documentary film, “ARSENIC:" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3Hvexu5SqM">ARSENIC: The Largest Mass Poisoning in History,” which premiered at 20th Century Fox Studios in 2006. He has attended the Aspen Institute Socrates Program as a sponsored participant with an expertise in global water issues.


David Krantz is the Program Director at the Center for Responsible Tourism (CREST) and facilitates a variety of the center’s projects. David’s background includes work as an international trade paralegal, in hospitality management at a DC hotel, and over two years of experience in adventure and ecotourism in the developing world as he backpacked through South America, Eastern Europe, and Southern Africa. Prior to joining CREST, David coordinated environmental conservation initiatives in the tourism industry with Conservation International’s Center for Environmental Leadership in Business. He holds a Masters of Tourism Administration from the George Washington University, where he focused on sustainable destination development.



Victoria Kreha came to Coop America as the responsible shopper coordinator in April of 2007. Before joining Coop America, she worked as a researcher and writer on two award winning projects for the Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit investigative journalism organization. In the fall of 2008, Victoria took a leave of absence from Green America to work as a field organizer for the Obama Presidential Campaign in Pennsylvania. She holds a bachelor's degree in international studies from American University in Washington, D.C. In the spring of 2010, Victoria also joined Green America's publications team as associate editor.
Victoria Kreha came to Coop America as the responsible shopper coordinator in April of 2007. Before joining Coop America, she worked as a researcher and writer on two award winning projects for the Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit investigative journalism organization. In the fall of 2008, Victoria took a leave of absence from Green America to work as a field organizer for the Obama Presidential Campaign in Pennsylvania. She holds a bachelor's degree in international studies from American University in Washington, D.C. In the spring of 2010, Victoria also joined Green America's publications team as associate editor.


Roni Krouzman is an author, speaker, consultant and organizer with close to 15 years experience building nonprofits and working for peace, economic justice and the environment. In 2002, he founded Next Generation, a NorthBay organization that empowers young people to connect with nature and take action for the earth. Roni is a gifted speaker who has spoken at more than one hundred events, conferences, demonstrations and workshops. His talks are deeply personal and profoundly universal. His audiences have ranged from elementary school assemblies and high school classrooms to dozens of rallies and a college commencement. Roni has been a featured speaker on stage with Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Cindy Sheehan, Ralph Nader, Medea Benjamin, and other wellknown activists. His actions have been covered by numerous local and regional media, as well as national media including CNN, NPR and USA Today. Roni's writings have been published by hundreds of websites, newspapers, and magazines, as well as five anthologies, including Voices of Protest and The Radical Reader, which feature essays by Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Henry David Thoreau, and many others.



Krueger is currently the Outreach ; Marketing Manager for The RE Store, a nonprofit building material salvage operation. Krueger has spent over a decade conducting public outreach for a variety of green causes from endangered wolf reintroduction to recreational shoreline access for nonmotorized boaters. Krueger enthusiastically envisions a world where all sectors of the economy will consider sustainability the bottom line.



Altfrid learned to farm in the 1970s, through universitywhere he earned a graduate degree in Animal Sciencesand several internships. As an environmentalist, Altfrids goal was to pursue a healthy alternative to chemicalintensive, large scale agriculture. Agriculture as a business desperately needs a change, he says. I aimed to create a viable alternative that others could follow. And thats exactly what the Krusenbaums have done. Altfrid, along with his wife Sue and their three children, have been farming organically since 1990. They have 115 dairy cows, plus 80 head of young stock, on 320 acres. All but 100 acres, which are planted with various crops, are utilized for a pasturing system called intensive or rotational grazing. The Krusenbaums have also diversified their herd to include chickens and beef cows. Every year the Krusenbaums host interns, so that young people can share in this new vision of the family farm.

The Krusenbaums are one of over 900 family farmers in the Organic Valley cooperative. Organic Valley is the largest organic farmerowned cooperative in the nation. Organic Valley farm families can be found in 27 states from California to Maine. Please visit our website for more information.



Mary Krystinak is an avid cook, teacher, gardener and outdoors woman. As Chapter Leader of Green Drinks Wheaton/DuPage, Mary is committed to building connections and networking within the green community. With 30 years of experience, she also enjoys contributing to environmental awareness and leading conservation initiatives in the workplace. Mary teaches sustainable living and traditional homemaking skills thru her business Mary’s Wholesome Living, Ltd located in West Chicago. Classes are currently being offered at Whole Foods Naperville and Two Mothers Foods. She can be reached ather website, http://www.maryswholesomeliving.com/" target="_blank">Mary’s Wholesome Living.



Kuapa Kokoo was set up with the help of UK NGO Twin Trading, starting with 22 villages and 200 farmers.

Its mission is to empower its members, increase their income level and raise their standard of living. Central to achieving this goal is Kuapa Kokoo's belief in democracy, advocacy, transparency, selfreliance and essentially a cooperative model. Pa pa paa! is their slogan. In Twi, the local language, it means 'best of the best' and can be heard in growers' songs and as a greeting between them. Kuapa Kokoo is made up of a Union to which all the growers, who now number 48,854, belong, each with their own passports to record their membership and the amount of cocoa they deliver.

There are then four other sections to Kuapa Kokoo under the Union's umbrella:

• Kuapa Kokoo Limited the cocoa buying company
• Kuapa Kokoo Farmers' Trust which manages Fairtrade funds and projects for the village societies
• Kuapa Kokoo Credit Union which offers growers much needed and previously unobtainable credit facilities
• The unique UK arm The Day Chocolate Company of which Kuapa owns a third and which produces Divine and Dubble
chocolate, as well as the Coop range of Fairtrade chocolate.

According to a recent report from AntiSlavery International: 'Without giving an absolute guarantee that slavery could never occur, it is very unlikely that someone could be a member of a cooperative such as Kuapa Kokoo and be able to consistently use forced labour on the farm. The democratic structure of the organization should ensure that other members locally all live up to the centrallyagreed standards, because they can see the benefits.

The benefits of Fairtrade to Kuapa Kokoo and its 48,854 grower members are significant; from the secure and guaranteed fair price they receive for their cocoa beans to the knowledge they have gained of the international chocolate market. The extra money earned from Fairtrade sales is invested back into the community, into projects such as water supplies, latrines, crop improvement, gender relations and education.



Dennis, known as the People’s Congressman, tirelessly challenges illegal and unnecessary wars and US militarism, promoting instead honest diplomacy and a focus on domestic priorities such as monetary reform, single-payer healthcare, education, jobs, (truly) green energy and a cabinet-level Department of Peace. Dennis recently founded www.KucinichAction.com.

" target="_blank">http://www.KucinichAction.com">www.KucinichAction.com.



Elizabeth is Director of Government Affairs for PCRM. Her legislative work focuses on disease prevention and reversal through vegan nutrition, and the use of animals in medical research and training. She serves on the board of the Rodale Institute and Sean Penn’s, J/P HRO. She is co-producing www.GMOfilm.com.

" target="_blank">http://www.GMOfilm.com">www.GMOfilm.com.


Christopher Hawley makes music in ski towns, artist communities, and beach and college towns all over the world, solo acoustic and with his band, the Rollers. Warming hearts in even the coldest of places, Hawley has a gift of making people feel good with his music. The Los Angeles-based artist and avid skier, surfer, yogi, and environmentalist has mastered this with a perfect combination of genuinely positive vibes, inspiring lyrics, transcendent guitar work, and danceable grooves within well crafted songs. Elements of Little Feat, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Duane Allman, and Andres Segovia abound.

The fifth album, Rise and Shine, showcases unique songwriting, groovy finger picking, and a delicious blend of percussion and acoustic guitar and vocals. The Christopher Hawley Rollers have played everywhere from LA’s Greek Theatre to the local dive bar in your hometown, having toured internationally for the last ten years.

"There's no path to Love, Love is the path"


Elena Kulakovska is a certified holistic health coach and educator of plant-based nutrition lifestyle. She is passionate about helping people reach optimal performance not just in day-to-day life but in top-level athletics. Her approach is not to dwell on calories, cabrs, fats, and proteins. Instead, Elena works with clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and rewarding. She also runs workshops on nutrition for runners, showing them how to fuel their way to uber athleticism. Check out her website http://www.kulhealthyyou.com" target="_blank">www.kulhealthyyou.com for upcoming workshops as well as her virtual health coaching programs.



A senior at Ingraham High School, Kulmiye is an active member of Seattle Young Peoples Project.



From August 2008, Ellie Kumayama has been a Natural Foods Chef at Things That Matter,teaching people how to look and feel amazing with natural diet and lifestyle. She conducts private and small group cooking classes, meal preparation, provides health guidance, organizes kitchens, creates menu plans and hosts guided shopping trips.

Prior to being a Natural Foods Chef, Ellie was Summer Conference Manager at theKushi Institute fromFebruary 2006 to November 2007.She hired, supervised and coordinated the needs of staff, presenters, team leaders, volunteers and entertainment for the Kushi Institute International Macrobiotic Summer Conferences in 2006 and 2007. She also came up with the creative theme and concept for the conference, selected lectures, planned social events and created the conference schedule.

Ellie wrote and processed all new applications and paperwork, help to create and accomplished advertising and marketing strategies and promotional material, and negotiated sponsorship with VegNews and Alternative Medicine Magazine in 2007.


Madeleine M. Kunin was the first woman governor of Vermont, and served as the Deputy Secretary of Education and Ambassador to Switzerland under President Bill Clinton. She is the author of Living a Political Life and Pearls, Politics and Power, and is currently a Marsh Scholar ProfessoratLarge at the University of Vermont. She lectures on history and women's studies. She also serves as president of the board of the Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC), a nongovernmental organization that she founded in 1991. Ms. Kunin lives in Burlington, Vermont.


Emanuel Kuntzelman promotes personal and social transformation through public speaking events, workshops, retreats and social and environmental initiatives. In 1985, Emanuel founded the Center for Cultural Interchange, and in 1995, the Fundacion por el Futuro in Spain, both of which support the worldwide Greenheart initiative.



Ever since she can remember, Jodi has been building things out of found objects. Creating pieces out of stuff other people call junk. Jodi grew up on a small farm in North Dakota, and always had access to wood, metal, and found objects. She loves building things out of bits and pieces others have thrown or given away. Jodi lived in Minneapolis for over a decade and never ran out of sources of inspiration for great projects. She moved to Gaithersburg, MD in December 2012 and began volunteering with Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland ReStore. It didn’t take long for Jodi to join the staff and use her talents to help a greater cause. Jodi also loves to cook. There is a good chance if she is not working on a DIY project she is in the kitchen cooking, roasting coffee, or making Greek yogurt.



Naru (AKA Dr. Science) has also performed at Chabot Space and Science center, Oakland's Arts and Soul Festival, the Temescal street fair, and various other schools, festivals, and recreational centers through out the San Francisco Bay Area.


Barbara Kyle serves as the National Coordinator of the Electronics TakeBack Coalition, which promotes green design and responsible recycling in the electronics industry with the goal of protecting the health and well being of electronics users, workers, and communities.