Green Festival Speakers

Tehri Parker


Tehri Parker is the executive director of the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA). The MREA is a nonprofit organization, established in 1990, with a mission to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency through education and demonstration.

MREA programs include: The Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair, handson and classroom workshops, certification programs for renewable energy site assessors, and a renewable energy demonstration site in central Wisconsin. Tehri is also a member of the Wisconsin Renewable Energy Network Board, a non profit group that provides leadership for Wisconsins statewide renewable energy program (Focus on Energy). In that capacity she develops and implements residential renewable energy workshops and training seminars, oversees financial incentive and scholarship programs, and develops programs and tools to reduce barriers to installing renewable energy systems.

Tehri is an Adjunct Faculty member and Honorary Associate at University of WisconsinStevens Point. She sits on the Advisory Board of the Wisconsin K12 Energy Education Program (KEEP). She is also certified by the Institute of Sustainable Power as a Renewable Energy Instructor. Tehri has a Ph.D in Education from the University of Minnesota.