Green Festival Speakers

Christopher Anthony Pine



Chris Pine is a founding member and current Business Manager of the Biodiesel Cooperative of Los Angeles, Inc. He also served on its Board of Directors for five years. Mr. Pine is a retired Urban and Regional Planner, and resident of Torrance California, with 20 years experience in California communities, principally in Beverly Hills. Prior to coming to California, Mr. Pine spent 18 years in the study of environmental design and urban planning, with a Bachelor of Design (architecture) from the University of Florida, Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Virginia Tech, matriculation in the PhD program for City and Regional Planning at Cornell University, interspersed with work in Orlando Florida, Washington (DC), Alexandria Virginia, New York City, and communities in Upstate New York, near his birthplace, Auburn, New York.

Founded in October 2005, incorporated in March 2006, the Biodeisel Co-op’s mission is to promote sustainable biodiesel through education, outreach, and advocacy while providing members with access to quality biodiesel fuel. B99 biodiesel is purchased in bulk through subscription by the members. The fuel is kept in portable storage facilities, i.e. “fuel jobber” trailers, currently based in Torrance and East Los Angeles. The Co-op has displayed at numerous environmental fairs and symposiums in Greater Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange Counties, advocated for biodiesel fleet fueling in Torrance, Gardena, Long Beach and other communities, which resulted in fueling their diesel equipment fleets with B20 (20%) biodiesel blend fuel, helped teach high school students in demonstration labs, and provided production and logistical support for the award-winning documentary “Fuel.