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POWER’s work is guided by our theory of social change which sees that those people who are most affected by the problems of society - low-income and working class people, people of color, women, queer and transgender people - must lead a movement of millions to eradicate those problems. By building power from the bottom up with a commitment to solidarity, POWER is able to ensure that public policy and public institutions serve the interests of everyone. Our work resolves around three core components: *Base-Building: The Women Workers’ Project, The Bayview Organizing Project, Youth in Powerp; *Movement Building; and *Leadership Development.

POWER is a membership organization made up of low-income African American and Latino workers and tenants in San Francisco. Through community and electoral organizing, leadership development and movement building, POWER brings a human face to important policy debates, transforms individual lives and brings about broad-based policy change at the city, state and national levels.