Green Festival Speakers

Renee Powers



Renée Powers is founder of True Green Pro Building Consultants and Monarch Tiny Dwellings, green building and tiny home consulting through the lens of regenerative design. She began educating clients about the benefits of building green in 2004. In 2010 she added permaculture principles to her work in green building. She received her permaculture training with Regenerative Design Institute and is presently involved in creating a permaculture and tiny dwelling demonstration garden on land in West Marin County. Renée received Sierra Deep Ecology Institute’s “Green Builder of the Year Award” for 2008. Renée’s years of experience in construction management combined with her extensive training in advanced and sustainable construction methods and her passion for permaculture and regenerative design, give her a very practical understanding of all facets of the built environment and the challenges and opportunities of building green and living simply. Renée is passionate about sharing her experience of building as seen through the lens of permaculture.