Green Festival Speakers

Mission: Sustainable Real People-Real Makeovers-Real Impact


Rose Thornton is the Producer and Creator of Mission: Sustainable and coowner of ReGeneration Productions. Through this project, Thornton marries her experience in art and science and fulfills her dream to communicate the ideals and practice of urban sustainability. Jon Sumple, director of Mission: Sustainable and coowner of ReGeneration Productions has written, directed and edited numerous corporate videos and several independent video projects during his 25+ years in the marketing industry. Cast members present will include cohosts Megan Hilfer of Parsons Public Relations and Nathan Friend of KUOW; Food Consultant and local chef and author Becky Selengut, Personal Care Consultant and internationally read ecoblogger Deanna Duke; Landscape Consultant and owner of In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes Ladd Smith; Transportation Consultant Eric Kocaja of Zipcar; and Outdoor Consultants Stephanie Toler of Sage Clean and buphalo (Mark Tomkiewicz) of Nature Consortium.