Green Festival Speakers

Peter Realmuto


Peter Realmuto started his company in 1997 as furniture repair service for several Merchandise Mart showrooms, highend furniture stores and interior design firms. He is the second generation in his family in this type of work.

The company began expanding offerings to include major repair work and antique restoration. Much of this time was spent working out of a shop in my garage. In 2000 things grew to the point that real shop space was needed.

In 2001 the company incorporated as Realmuto Furniture Works, Inc. with the offering of commissioned furniture making services in addition to the repair and restoration work. In furniture making, he is self taught (and a voracious reader/student!).

In the summer of 2005 he decided to go green with the company and to change the mix by adding more furniture making and cutting back on service in the field. He wanted the company to reflect his values. He spent the rest of the year planning, designing and implementing the changes.

In January 2006 he started marketing his own designs as well as some reproduction pieces. And finally January 2007 the name of the company was changed to to Pacific Furniture Company to complete the transformation.