Green Festival Speakers

Kisha Michelle Richardson



Kisha Michelle Richardson is an inner-city kid turned investment banker, turned entrepreneur and hacker. She quit her cushy corporate job and moved across the country from New York City to the Bay Area to fully devote time to sharpening her coding skills and “becoming her own technical co-founder” for her projects. In June 2012 she launched The Seed It Project to provide a way for talented BootStrappers to earn seed money to fund the "zero-to-traction" phase of projects without giving up equity or incurring debt. The platform, developed by her as way to learn Ruby on Rails and JavaScript, uses collective marketplace anf sales tactics that are anchored in game theory.

Kisha is currently developing the alpha version of Fizzburg Mobile marketing platform that pairs consumers with local shops and services that suit their unique and personal tastes. The platform uses individualized decision science and the alpha version will be launched in Jan'13.