Green Festival Speakers

Louis Rizzo


Louis Rizzo is the Lead Program Manager of the National Grid Energy Efficiency Heating Programs. In his current roll, he is responsible for managing National Grid’s Energy Efficiency residential New York City and Long Island heating programs as well as NYC commercial programs. These programs provide rebate incentives for residential and commercial gas heating and oil to gas conversion customers that upgrade or replacing their heating units to high efficiency heating systems. Prior to managing the energy efficiency programs he held various rolls within the market development, business strategies and marketing divisions of National Grid (formerly known as Keyspan). Over the last few years, Louis has been a guest speaker at various long island builder institute (LIBI), plumbing associations and other trade association events teaching about high efficiency heating equipment and associated benefits. Louis holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Adelphi University, Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree from St. John’s University and BPI Certification in Heating Hydroinc Professional.