Green Festival Speakers

Favianna Rodriguez



Favianna Rodriguez is an artist-entrepreneur who has helped foster resurgence in political arts, both locally and internationally. Named by UTNE Magazine as a "leading visionary artist and changemaker,” Rodriguez is renown for her cultural media projects dealing with social issues such as war, immigration and globalization, as well as for her leadership in establishing innovative institutions that promote and engage new audiences in the arts.

In 2001, Rodriguez co-founded the EastSide Arts Cultural Center in Oakland, California.  In 2003, she helped established the Taller Tupac Amaru print studio to promote the historical practice of socially-engaged printmaking. Additionally, Rodriguez is co-founder and president of Tumis Inc., a bilingual design studio that serves nonprofits all over the United States consulting on using visual communications and new technologies to promote community building and social change.

In 2009, she co-founded Presente.org," target="_blank">http://www.presente.org">Presente.org, a nationwide organization dedicated to the political empowerment of Latinos via the internet and mobile messaging.

*Photo by Tragik.com