Green Festival Speakers

Antonio Roman-Alcalá


Antonio Roman-Alcalá, having been irrationally dedicated to urban sustainability since he decided that there wasn’t enough “land” for all the dropouts to go “back to,” spends his time realizing his personal vision of sustainable hedonism. This includes teaching organic food-growing techniques to urban dwellers; organizing communities into more cohesive and politically active wholes; and bridging art and music with everyday life and participatory politics. Antonio plays guitar in the band People People, is editor of the San Francisco Art and Politics magazine, director of the In Search of Good Food movie project and shares skills around town at Alemany Farm, Hayes Valley Farm, the Free Farm Stand and with the SF Permaculture Guild. He is also co-founded and co-facilitates the San Francisco Urban Agriculture Alliance. Currently, Antonio attends U.C. Berkeley, pursuing a degree in “saving the world in style.”