Green Festival Speakers

Dave Room



Dave Room co-founded Bay Localize, a for-impact organization that inspires and supports Bay Area residents in building equitable, resilient communities. Dave's most important identifier is Melia's Papa. On stage, Melia's Papa uses storytelling and solo performance theater to awaken and activate mainstream audiences, people of color and youth. Melia's Papa founded the Collective Liberation Tour which hosts ecologically-themed story slams internationally.

Pacha's" target="_blank">http://www.pachaspajamas.com/">Pacha's Pajamas, teaches pre-teens and families about humanity’s relationship with the natural world. Pacha's Pajamas is a children’s book, game-App, acclaimed Live Show and Audiobook featuring Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Cheech Marin, Majora Carter, and rising youth stars. Nature" target="_blank">http://balanceedutainment.com/introducing-nature-superhero/">Nature Superhero, the forthcoming companion game-App, will reward kids for taking actions to improve their communities and the environment. The Pacha's Pajamas project has been featured on MTV, CNN, numerous radio programs/media and has been nominated for the renowned global entrepreneurship competition, Common" target="_blank">http://www.commonpitchsa.com/">Common Pitch.