Green Festival Speakers

Autumn Rooney


Autumn Rooney is the co-founder and director of the Echo Park Time Bank, formed in 2008. TimeBanking involves an exchange of services without using the cash economy. For every hour spent doing something for someone else, you earn a TimeDollar that can be used for having someone do something for you. Autumn is helping coordinate the Time Bank Neighborhood Resiliency Project, a series of workshops facilitated through the Arroyo Time Bank, NELA Transition and the Echo Park Time Bank. Designed to nurture a more self-reliant community, the classes focus on the skills and practices - such as conflict resolution and urban food foraging - that make Los Angeles safer, healthier and more sustainable. With the help of the Arroyo Time Bank and the Metabolic Studio (a direct charitable activity of the Annenberg Foundation), Autumn is now creating the California Federation of Time Banks to nurture the growth of the Time Bank movement.