Green Festival Speakers

Shawn Rosenmoss


Shawn Rosenmoss is a Senior Environmental Specialist with the City's Department of the Environment, where she oversees Grants, Fundraising, and Community Partnerships. In addition to helping to grant $1M annually to Zero Waste and Environmental Justice projects, she coordinates securing funds for many SF Environment projects and programs. She is responsible for developing environmental partnerships with myriad nonenvironmentally focussed entities such as the Greenstacks partnership with SF Public Library, a collaboration that weaves sustainability through programming, collections, branch renovations, and daily operations and maintenance, and has the potential to reach as many as 50% of the City's residents through the 28 SFPL branches. Rosenmoss also manages programming and exhibits for SF Environment's newly renovated EcoCenter at 11 Grove. A native of South Louisiana, Rosenmoss was in New Orleans a few weeks after Katrina to help open a school for some of those first American Global Warming refugees and is driven by the need for accelerated mobilization. She feels fortunate that her job with SF Environment allows her to focus so much of her work on getting a bigger boat. (Jaws) As a renter in the City, she fully understands and has been able to circumvent some the limitations to greening associated with not being the owner of her living space.