Green Festival Speakers

Rod Rotondi


Rotondi is a Green Entrepreneur and author of Raw Food for Real People. Changing the world one bite at a time has become Rotondi's approach to social activism and environmental entrepreneurism. Everyone has control over what they put in their mouth and these choices make a huge difference for our shared environment our biosphere, as well as our individual environments our bodies! Choosing organic, vegan raw foods is not only supporting our individual bodies with optimally nutritious foods, but supporting the growth of the whole organic and vegan industry basically, our health and the health of our planet.

Rotondi's book, Raw Food for Real People with forward by Michael Beckwith, is published by New World Library that also publishes Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and Joseph Campbell. His 3 DVD set, Raw Food for Real People is the first comprehensive and high production value raw food instructional DVD.

After years of working in the Third World as a Development Economist, Rotondi returned to the US to meld his business acumen, culinary gifts and his passion for optimally healthy foods. His dream was to create an inclusive eatery, one so affordable and delicious that people would eat there daily and make a positive change to their lives. Thus was born Leaf Organics, an organic, vegan and raw foods restaurant. He also packaged his foods and distributed them all over California. His food received rave reviews and a steady stream of celebrities including Andre 3000, Woody Harrelson, Ali Larter, Alicia Silverstone and Phil Jackson.

Rod is currently working on a new book and a TV show for kids.