Green Festival Speakers

Susan Rudnicki



Susan Rudnicki is the Education Team Leader for Backwards Beekeepers. Backwards Beekeepers is a collective of small-scale, organic, treatment-free beekeepers who save wild bees in the Los Angeles area and make new beekeepers through education and helpful guidance. They are "backwards" because they rely on observation and natural practices to keep their bees thriving rather than pesticides, chemicals, or treatments of any kind.

The Backwards Beekeepers BEE RESCUE HOTLINE connects L.A. residents with volunteers who will remove feral bees in carports, trees, roof eaves, fuse boxes, etc.

Susan Rudnicki is a member of the Southern California horticultural institute and considers herself an urban homesteader. She has chickens and bees, and even removed her backyard swimming pool and replaced it with an organic vegetable garden.