Green Festival Speakers

Craig Russel


The Society for the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities was established in 1967to protect and preserve, for historic, educational, recreational, and agricultural purposes pure breddomestic poultry including chickens, waterfowl, turkeys, and guinea fowl in the public interest. Craig Russell, the foremost living authority on poultry in North America, has been the president since 1996.

Mr. Russell has a BA in biology and history from Lycoming College. He spent 12 years as a lecturer and zoo worker at Clyde Peeling's Reptileland. He has been a line construction worker, a truck farmer, and spent 1971 to 1973 in the US Army Military Police Corps. He has done field research on cottontail rabbits and timber rattlesnakes. He has written and lectured on poultry history and livestock conservation as well as foraging, wild and domestic plants, medicinal herbs, and wilderness survival. Hobbies include bird and other wildlife watching, and caving and rock climbing.

He was employed by Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection for over 29 years, working with the safe drinking water act.

He has traveled in Europe and Asia where he studied local poultry populations and met with poultry conservationists and livestock farmers.