Green Festival Speakers

Gabriel Scheer


Scheer is foremost a connector. With broad experience in the private, public and nonprofit sectors, he loves to think strategically about how to create the spaces where communities grow and thrive. Scheer excels at building, extending and utilizing networks by utilizing social marketing, creating buzz and working to identify and build upon areas of shared interest across diverse groups of people.

Scheer is founder and managing director of ReVision Labs, a Seattlebased consultancy working to harness the power of business to build a vibrant and sustainable world. He is also founder and executive director of Seattle Greendrinks, a nonprofit working to connect people around environmental issues.

Previously Scheer worked in operations at Zipcar (formerly Flexcar), where he was particularly proud of his successful work serving lowincome populations, and his accomplishments as general manager for Zipcar in the Southern California market. In his college studies, he maintained a consistent bridge focus with music and political science, environmental studies and public policy. He has worked, traveled and studied in New Zealand, Japan, England and Brazil.