Green Festival Speakers

Marianne Schnall



Marianne Schnall is a widely published writer and interviewer. She is also the founder and Executive Director of Feminist.com," target="_blank">http://feminist.com/">Feminist.com, a leading women’s website and nonprofit organization. For over fifteen years, Feminist.com has been fostering awareness, education, and activism for people all across the world. Marianne is also the cofounder of EcoMall.com," target="_blank">http://ecomall.com/">EcoMall.com, one of the oldest environmental websites promoting earth-friendly living.

Marianne has worked for many media outlets and publications. Her interviews with well-known individuals appear at Feminist.com as well as in publications such as O, The Oprah Magazine, Glamour, In Style, The Huffington Post, the Women's Media Center, and many others. Marianne does a monthly radio commentary for WAMC's nationally syndicated show "51% The Women’s Perspective," which is carried nationally on NPR, ABC and Armed Forces Radio stations. Marianne graduated from Cornell University in 1989 with a BA in English and is also a graduate of the Women's Media Center's 2011 Progressive Women's Voices media and leadership training. She also consults regularly with non-profits and activists on optimizing their online presence.

Marianne was a contributor to Robin Morgan’s anthology Sisterhood is Forever: The Women’s Anthology for a New Millennium, co-writing (with Amy Richards) the chapter titled "Cyberfeminism: Networking on the Net." Her new book, based on her interviews with a variety of well-known women, is titled "Daring to Be Ourselves: Influential Women Share Insights on Courage, Happiness and Finding Your Own Voice". Through her writings, interviews and websites, Marianne strives to raise awareness and inspire activism around important issues and causes.