Green Festival Speakers

Lauren Segal


Lauren Segal-Avenna is the Co-Founder and Director of NextAid, a Los Angeles-based organization supporting sustainable development projects that serve vulnerable youth and women in Africa. Once inspired by LiveAid (the first global concert for Africa), Lauren later found an ideal niche’ for NextAid by harnessing the power of electronic music and tapping the next generation of potential change-makers. During NextAid’s seven years, Lauren coordinated over 100 events, several benefit CD projects and dozens of fundraising campaigns, earning NextAid the role of the leading activist organization in the dance music industry. Lauren also oversees NextAid’s current international development projects that target unemployment in urban Nairobi, Kenya and maternal health in rural Sierra Leone. In addition to managing all sides of NextAid, Lauren is on the advisory board of the Foundation of Sustainability and Innovation and the Coalition for a Sustainable Africa. In 2009, she was honored by the African Goodwill Awards.