Green Festival Speakers

Mary Kathryn Seipke


Growing up, MK had interesting choices on her dinner plate every night – Venison, Smelt, Head Cheese, Ring Baloney… maybe a little rabbit or pheasant if she was lucky.  MK’s parents grew up on farms in Michigan and her dad was an exceptional sportsman, who influenced every meal in her younger years.  MK learned  the importance of sustainable living and developed a unique palate for living off the land and lake.

Throughout the years the importance of food became ever more  personal.  MK produced television and media around the globe and with her  high metabolism, she was constantly hungry.  She learned to stuff drawers, pockets and  briefcases with “snacks” to keep her energy up.   As a busy mom she was always careful to feed her family fresh foods and became “queen of the casserole.”  MK’s food story became a bit more interesting in February of 2011, as she joined  378 Harpo staffers on The Oprah Winfrey Show to take the “One-week Vegan Challenge.” The challenge changed her life! Leaning into veganism, MK has never felt better physically and mentally - knowing that this small change positively effects the environment.

MK is currently the VP of Sponsorship & Integration at Harpo Studios in Chicago, Illinois.