Green Festival Speakers

Sarah Shanley-Hope



Sarah Shanley Hope is a leader in the movement for thriving, sustainable, and sovereign communities. As the Executive Director of Alliance for Climate Education (ACE), Shanley Hope leads a growing, national organization that works with high school students to understand, take action on and become leaders in local and community solutions to climate change. ACE has reached over 1.3 million students in mostly public schools across 23 US states since 2009. She also sits on the board of People’s Grocery, an organization reinventing the future of West Oakland through a combined program of urban agriculture, nutrition and enterprise development. She pulls from her diverse career experience – including driving growth at Green For All as Chief Development Officer, managing corporate brands and working for the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. She grew up in Buffalo, New York and now lives with her husband Rob, three-year-old daughter Althea in Oakland, California.