Green Festival Speakers

Hayden Sims



Hayden Sims is the Founder of BoobyLove, a non-profit community breast milk exchange located in the SF Bay Area. Hayden also Co-founded Mothership HackerMoms, the first women’s hacker space dedicated to giving mothers the time and space to explore DIY craft and design, hacker/ maker culture, and all manner of creative expression. She has a talent for teaching people how to cut through all the noise and just do the things that matter.

As a mother/hacker/ entrepreneur, Hayden believes the world needs more people ardently pursuing their passions and credits the success of her ventures to the fact that she understands the pressures and demands parents face. She often says, “I’m not trying to be the perfect mother, I’m trying to be the best mom for MY son.”

Born and raised in SF Bay Area, Hayden resides in Oakland with her partner Cale, rambunctious son Breccan, and is expecting their 2nd child later this year.