Green Festival Speakers

Mitchell Slade



Mitchel was born in California, but he began his training in the building trades in Washington State in the early 90’s. There, he worked with builders that believed in true craftsmanship, and those that had a progressive eye on sustainable, building techniques.   Upon his return to California; Mitchel developed Ecostruction in 1996.  While attending school for Architecture; he built the company to its current status. To date, Ecostruction has continued to design, engineer, and construct sustainable structures using rammed earth, straw bale, RASTRA ICF, and FSC certified framing techniques.  The company prides itself on staying true to all the crucial past and present sustainable methods.  That is, significantly reducing construction waste, building with integrity and craftsmanship, reducing and/or eliminating toxic chemicals from our built and living environments, using sustainable and energy efficient materials, and developing strong, intelligent builders through our internship programs.