Green Festival Speakers

J. Phoenix Smith

J. Phoenix Smith, MSW is an Ecotherapist, Clinical Social Worker, and initiated Orisha Priest in the Indigenous Yoruba Tradition. Ms. Smith has 20 years experience working in community health and public health organizations and presents on Ecotherapy as a wellness intervention at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and Edgewood Center for Children and Families. Phoenix is known as the "Black Green Therapist”, and Founder of EcoSoul http://www.ecosoulwisdom.org" target="_blank">www.ecosoulwisdom.org and the new Director with the outdoors company Back to Earth http://www.backtoearth.org" target="_blank">www.backtoearth.org. As one of the Bay Area’s innovative ecotherapists, she has been awarded a grant for a class on the spirit of place and ancestor reverence called Fertile Ground: An EcoSoul Journey with the Ancestors. She is also the spiritual leader of a local Orisha community called Ile Oloosa Okegiga de Marun: The House Belonging to the Bay of the Mountains where she provides mentorship and leads regular ceremonies in nature.