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Green Festival Speakers

Sara Snow



Sara Snow has been called first generation organic, and green livings real deal and its easy to see why. Raised in the countryside outside Ann Arbor, Mich., surrounded by organic gardens, solar panels and compost heaps, Sara enjoyed the benefits of one of the most freshoriented areas in the country and a family with a propensity toward and infectious passion for eco living.

Sara's parents were pioneers as the natural foods movement was just beginning. They studied macrobiotics, started a natural foods deli and made the decision to move their family from the city to live off the land in a cleaner environment. While other youngsters were chasing down their Sugar Smacks with cow's milk, Sara was sipping soymilk, munching on carob bars and dining on brown rice balls with nori (seaweed). Sara played in organic cotton tshirts, washed her hair with natural jojoba shampoos and at first sign of a rash or a sniffle was treated with herbs and natural medicine. From her first years, Sara was schooled in the way of organic foods and natural living and her dad, Tim Redmond, lead by example, cofounding some of the heaviest hitters in the world of organics; Eden Foods, American Soy Products, and Blue Horizon Organic Seafood Co.

Snow continued to study natural living as an adult and was fortunate to see health as a constant companion. She began work in television and quickly gained some success, earning two national Emmy Awards as a producer for national cable documentaries; then going on to become an award winning news reporter and anchor. But after three years of working on an early morning news program, Snows health began to take a swift nosedive. With stress and lack of sleep playing such a prominent role, her natural foods and healthy home environment werent enough. So Snow stepped back, spent some meditative time with her husband, Ryan, and their dog Makana, and went back to her roots, creating the concept for a TV series with practical advice on living green.

Since then Sara has been traveling the country talking to everyday folks and shooting segments for her green living primetime series for the Discovery Networks: Living Fresh, initially for Discovery Home and Get Fresh with Sara Snow, with initial runs on Discovery Health. Nearly 68 million people, mostly women, were able to watch Get Fresh with Sara Snow on Discovery Health. Today the programs are airing six times a week for 50 million viewers on Discovery Home and nearly 43 million on Discoverys FitTV. And Snow is the green lifestyle expert for Discoverys new 24/7 ecolifestyle network, Planet Green. Over the last year Sara has made appearances at events from green festivals to natural product expos to home shows and corporate conferences. A record attendance of 47,000 people were at Natural Products Expo West, the worlds largest natural, organic and healthy products trade show, where Snow spoke at a dinner and performed a healthful cooking and green living demonstration. At the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) conference in Marina Del Rey, CA Sara spoke on the science behind organics, and in San Francisco she lectured on the science behind and messaging of organics and naturals to business leaders at the Green Business Conference. Sara has spoken on national television and radio tours with a message of simple steps toward a greener life. She has served as spokesperson for the Organic Centers Mission Organic program and is engaged to do the same for CoOp Americas Green Festivals. She has been highlighted in publications including The New York Times, Chicago Sun Times, FoxNews.com, TreeHugger.com, Better Homes and Gardens, Lucky Magazine, Experience Life Magazine, Body + Soul, Utne Magazine, and Food and Nutrition.

Today Sara is living proof that green has gone mainstream. In the last four years, sales of natural and organic products increased 56 percent, becoming a $56 billion industry. Today more than half of all U.S. consumers say they buy organic products at least occasionally. The demand for organic products is expected to continue to grow at doubledigit rates.

Snow was and still is its cheerleader, still a wearer of organic cotton tshirts and an avid fan of composting.