Green Festival Speakers

Namonyah Soipan



Namonyah Soipan, Ph.D., trained in western psychology and integrative medicine, is a shamanistic psychologist, who has facilitated workshops in Japan, the United Kingdom, Amsterdam, Belgium, Africa, India, Thailand, Virgin Islands and the United States. Namonyah began her shamanic journey over twenty-five years ago when she was afforded an invaluable opportunity to live with the Maasai for a year in the deep interior of Kenya. Her rite of passage was an exciting, painful, transformative and amazing unfolding. She utilizes sacred ceremony and holistic therapy to assist people healing from the aftermath of trauma, and other imbalances relating to mind, body and soul. Integrating the ancient shamanic traditions of the Maasai, Taslagi people, Ifa, and Peruvian shamanism, Namonyah's eclectic modalities have assisted men and women in their search for deep spiritual union with the Soul of Earth. She is in the process of publishing her second book: Activating Thunder.