Green Festival Speakers

William Spear


A life-long teacher whose clarity, humor and insight inspire thousands of families facing traumatic events, William Spear draws from four decades of experience including training with the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Center and Sogyal Rinpoche and teaching natural approaches to health and sustainable design. In immediate response to disasters in southeast Asia; central Java, Indonesia; Samoa; Japan and the Northeast US, William and his team trained hundreds of mental health professionals, medical students, doctors, clergy, parents, volunteers and caregivers to mitigate the effects of PTSD in orphaned and traumatized children.

He is the best-selling author of Feng Shui Made Easy, a featured contributor to Be The Change: How Meditation Can Transform You and The World and the upcoming Recovering Original Ability. He is the father of three sons (also actively involved in disaster relief work) and lives in Connecticut where his non-profit, Fortunate Blessings Foundation, sets itself apart as “Second Responders” to address the long-term emotional and psychological well- being of children.