Green Festival Speakers

Sarah Tripp Stephan



Sarah Tripp Stephan sets and leads strategy across a wide range of education, health and wellbeing, environmental and social justice projects. She specializes in helping private sector, government, and non-profit organizations develop strategies that attract funders, build coalitions, advance public policy and strengthen reach and impact across audiences that matter. This is often supported by integrated marketing and communications strategies to help organizations move their thinking from the abstract to the practical, changing the way people think, act, behave or vote.

Sarah is currently leading marketing and communications at Crowdfunder, a Los Angeles-based company that exists to put the ‘American Dream’ back within reach for people who historically have been shut out of the investment or funding process. Beginning this fall, Crowdfunder will open multiple pathways to crowdfunding through contribution, debt and securities so that everyone can participate in early stage investing and capital formation.

Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Carleton College, where former political science professor Paul Wellstone served as her advisor prior to his election to the U.S. Senate.